Your 10-Step Game-Plan to a 6-Figure Coaching Business


There’s a lot of noise out there. A lot of great people teaching you great tactics.

You may have collected plenty of ‘ingredients’. . . yet have no ‘recipe’ to follow. This post is your step-by-step GAME PLAN to grow your business. Complete the steps in the order provided to get faster growth, more momentum and a business you love again.

Step #1: Be AWARE of Your Identity

There are four identities when it comes to making money. Each ‘identity’ has a driving emotion behind it, that determines ALL the decisions you make.

That means, your success, failure and fulfilment is completely based on this.

The four identities are:

Employee Mindset – driven by fear
Solopreneur Mindset – driven by ego
Entrepreneur Mindset – driven by impact
Investor Mindset – driven by numbers (no emotion)

I took Kiyosaki’s “Cashflow Quadrant” model and expanded on it significantly.

I saw there were driving emotions and factors behind each identity. And since I’ve been ALL of these – from employee to now investor in companies, I can 100% say that you’re stuck because of a lack of awareness here.

In fact, when I work with a high 6 or 7-figure+ company, we spend our first DAY working on my model above.

They experience MASSIVE clarity, breakthroughs – and finally understand WHY their ideas haven’t been working.

Its quite simple.

The REASON most coaches / experts fail is because they are trying to create an entrepreneurial business – BUT they have a solopreneur identity.

Overcome that, and you’ll BLAST towards 6-figures.

Step #2: Know Your Customer

Inside my mentoring program, I teach my clients to identify their ideal prospect.

This is so that they can create offers and content that’s laser-targeted and highly relevant to that market. However, this isn’t your typical ‘Avatar’ exercise. I used my background in behaviour-change psychology, as well as the latest retargeting & tracking tools online, to create a 3-step Ideal Client Profiling system.

Let me share it with you: Its based on uncovering 3 layers of your prospect’s data:

  • Demographics (so you know where they are and what they do)
  • Behavioral Indicators (their level of awareness & readiness to buy)
  • Buying Triggers (what human needs & primal desires are driving them)

To go even deeper into knowing who your customer is, what they are doing and why they buy, I teach my clients about The Buyers’ Journey. Its worth studying the infographic below. Do you have content that assists your prospects at EACH stage of the process?

Once you understand exactly what’s influencing your ideal prospect… and you can lead them through the Buyer’s Journey, its time for the next step:

Step #3: Create the ‘Ultimate Expert-Business Model’ – I call it the Product Pyramid

Its the KEY to escaping the time for money trap. Realize you’re in the INFORMATION PUBLISHING business.

There’s no ‘coaching business’

No ‘retreats’ business

These are only FORMS of information that you produce.

If you base your financial decisions around these, you’re stuck in the “time for money trap”

And guess which ‘type’ of person does this? Yep – the ‘Solopreneur Identity’

For ultimate leverage create 3 levels of service:

  1. Do It Yourself (digital courses, products)
  2. Do it Together (events, consulting, mentoring etc.)
  3. Done For You, or Customization (DFY funnels, meal plans, custom designed t-shirts etc)

Check out the Product Pyramid model below…

BONUS: Inside my free Group for expert-entrepreneurs, I’m giving you my ENTIRE breakdown on structuring your Product Pyramid right. Get the free training guide by joining my free group HERE <=

Step #4: Build a Tribe of Followers

Being an influencer in your market is the key to making more impact AND making more money.

You already know that.

But you might be concerned that you need a HUUUGE following to make this work?

You don’t.

Even if you’re speaking to only 100 people, you’re still an influencer.

Its about DEPTH of relationship, NOT size of list.

(Hey! Size doesn’t matter for once!!)

To start this, you gotta be list-building.

Don’t stress over HOW you collect a list, just start collecting people that share a desire into one place you can communicate with them.

Could be,

– An email list
– FB group
– Messenger Bot subscribers – Youtube subscribers
– LinkedIn contacts
– Instagram followers

The sooner you have a small – and growing – list of people you will start making more impact and income.

Every day you should be growing this list, and analyzing its growth.

Step #5: Turn Followers into FANS

You gotta build a list.

But a list isn’t enough.

Not any more.

You need tribe- members.

What’s the difference?
Here’s the best example I can think of:

Do you get emails from a marketer or business person – that you can’t even remember who they are, or why you’re on their list?

If so, you’re a subscriber. On the other hand,

Do you get a small number of emails from people that you’re EAGER and EXCITED to hear from? You open their emails immediately because you know it’ll be great info-tainment?

If so, you’re a fan. There’s the difference. The question is,
Which way do your followers see YOU?

To make sure its more of the latter, and they’re excited to open your messages, you need to do two things:

  1. Share specific information with them that brings them closer to know, like and trust you

They already see you as somewhat of an authority, since they’re on your list / in your group receiving information.

But you want to be more than that in their eyes.

If you can show that not ONLY do you understand the logical solution…

…but that you ALSO

Understand their emotional needs,

Relate with them because you’ve overcome similar struggles,

Share your personal values, lifestyle, wins AND challenges…

You’ll start creating Fans.
Even more important,
You start creating TRUST.

Once you’ve created content that gives such information, the second thing you must to is DELIVER it. Do this by using:

2. Multiple Communication Channels

If you’re relying on email alone to follow up with the leads on your list you’re missing out.

Email open rates are declining as people spend less time checking email. On top of that, most inboxes are saturated with marketing emails. Have you seen your own inbox recently?

Instead, you can become a trusted authority and influencer to a small, targeted list by reaching them on different channels.

On top of email follow ups, I also deploy:

  • Messenger Bots
  • A free Facebook group with regular posts
  • Facebook retargeting
  • And I’m adding more and more channels all the time

You see the difference here?

The struggling coaches are more focused on getting MORE leads onto a list.

Whereas as we are focusing on creating valuable content and getting it seen in multiple ways by our EXISTING list.

Its always about quality over quantity.

This is exactly how I’m able to generate an average of $7/month (minimum) from every lead I capture onto my list. I have a TINY email list and FB group compared to some people in my industry. Yet I know for a fact my small list generates far more sales and revenue, because of my relationship with it.

Relationship-based marketing is the future . . . and the future is here!

Once your list get to know, like and trust you, its far easier to convert them into buyers. This is the next step:

Step #6: Enrolling Fans into CLIENTS

Ever wondered why struggle with selling so much?

There’s the mindset aspect, sure. (that’s a topic for a different post…) but more likely, its down to the fact that you’re pitching your services to people that don’t trust you enough. And you’re asking way too much.

Because you’re a solopreneur, with one price point That most people say they can’t afford

Sound familiar?

(It goes back to the FOUNDING problem being that ‘solopreneur identity’ again – and NOT having a Product Pyramid in place…)

So when you build your Product Pyramid, you’ll now have multiple price points people can work with you.

This instantly increases your sales, and your number of customers. The KEY is to NOT try making money on the front-end.
In fact, I never care about profit made on a front-end transaction. Because the fortune is in the Lifetime Client Value.

Here’s a great example:

To join my mentoring program – the Expert Authority Academy – is only $799 for a 12-month program.

EVEN IF I invested $800 in advertising to sell only ONE place, I still make money.


Because my stats show that 1/5 Academy students will upgrade to a Consulting program, Live event or even DFY Funnel Build at a minimum investment of $3000.

And they’ll do so within 30 days of joining.

So do I care about the $799?


I don’t care about ‘closing a sale’.

I’m focused on ‘OPENING a relationship’.

That’s why and how I can grow and scale an online funnel without any risk.

Because I play the long-game.
Here’s the best tip on sales I can give you:


Its scary how most coaches don’t do that.

Step #7: The Fortune is in The Follow Up

What happens if a lead goes through your funnel… They opted in for your lead magnet. . .

They read your email sequences. . .

They watched your webinar, or had a Strategy Call with you…

But they didn’t buy?

Don’t sweat it.

In fact, don’t even bother trying to improve your webinar or consult (yet).

Because 2/3 of your sales (or 66% of your revenue) will come from the FOLLOW UP.

What’s more powerful at making a sale? A: A webinar presentation


B: A webinar presentation, followed by a replay, followed by email, Messenger Bot and FB AD retargeting reminding that lead of the deadline of your offer and the bonuses they’re about to get?

You know the follow up is where the money is.

So why haven’t you created a follow up sequence?

(Probably because you’re NOT inside my Expert Authority Academy, where I GIVE YOU my sequences to model & deploy within minutes..)

Step #8: Be Seen Everywhere (Traffic Generation)

Here’s where most online marketers START ^^^

❌ No clearly defined target prospect
❌ No product pyramid for scalability and freedom ❌ No list-building lead magnet
❌ No sales mechanism or follow up sequence

They just want “traffic”.

This is what I hear most days from struggling coaches in this position:

“When I have the right Facebook ad my problems are solved!”

– BS.

“If I just had more traffic I’d make it work”


“My content isn’t good enough…”

– You don’t know that, because only 5 people have seen it!!

You shouldn’t worry about traffic UNTIL you’ve got all the steps above in place, meaning:

1. A near Jedi-like understanding of your ideal client
2. A product suite that incorporates low, middle and high-tier offers to appeal to more prospects instantly
3. An automated sales funnel that Captures, Nurtures and Converts leads (then follows up with those that don’t buy first time)

NOW you’re ready for traffic generation.

There are three ways to get the distribution of your content you need:

  1. Paid traffic

Benefits? Automated, largely scalable. Ultra targeted. You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using paid traffic.

But Justin, I’ve built a following ORGANICALLY and didn’t pay for it, so I won’t pay for ads!

Well, I would have built your tribe to 5X MORE with paid traffic. So you look like a dumbass making that excuse.

…and you CAN afford ads. You only need $5 per day. If you can’t afford that you shouldn’t be self-employed. Get a job for everyones sake.

This is how you BUY a list.

2. Endorsed traffic

Benefits? Leverage other people’s lists and borrow their authority to get decent conversion rates.

Find people who DO have the audience you want, and get them to promote your content.

This is how you BORROW a list.

3. Organic traffic


To be honest, if you’re doing it all yourself, not a lot. Just the fact that you can invest time rather than money (which I do NOT see as a benefit, but actually a drawback)

Here’s how I suggest you do content marketing organically:


Don’t spend 80% of your time creating content, and only 20% distributing it. Do the other way around.

Make ONE solid piece of content per week. Then leverage that – copy and paste parts of it,

  • Transcribe a video into text
  • Strip out the audio
  • Add quotes to sharable images
  • Make an infographic out of the content

Repurposing allows you to not only save time,

…but also helps more people consume your content because it now comes in different formats.

(btw – you think this post was written just now? Nope. Repurposing in action)

So when you have the FOUNDATIONS of your expert-business set up (Steps 1 thru 7)

NOW start going out for all the traffic you can get!

Step #9: Track your numbers

If you don’t know your numbers, you’re screwed.

If you “Hate doing numbers” you’re screwed.

You better do it, or get someone you trust to do it for you.

Otherwise you’ll keep running a job, not a business.

KEY metrics you need include:

Lifetime Client Value (LTV): How much does an average client give you over time? If you don’t know, estimate.

Profit Margin: How much money do you want to / expect to make after all your costs? Including marketing, rent, softwares and team members?

Customer Acquisition Cost: How much does it cost you to ‘buy’ a customer?

Here’s where organic marketing starts falling on its face once again.

PAID advertising gives you a CLEAR amount of what you pay to make a sale.

ENDORSED traffic sales costs can be quantified by how much commission you’re paying the affiliate to send traffic your way.

You gotta know – on average – how much traffic (how many leads) do you need to make X number of sales and revenue?

And therefore what does it cost you to get that amount of traffic?

If you don’t know this number, DO NOT ask me “How much should I spend on FB ads?”

Because I don’t know.

Nobody knows, until you figure out what you’re going to EARN from that spend.

Step #10: Get Help to BLAST Through Your Sticking Points

Mentoring and support is clearly the fastest way to the top.

Free information will only get you so far.

If you want rapid results, you need IMPLEMENTATION. Here are two tips about mentoring:

Tip 1- Get a mentor
Tip 2 – Don’t get 6 mentors.

Quit the ‘mentor-hopping’ and stick to who resonates with you the most, has done what you want to do, and is preferably still doing it.

Then go all in.

Quit all other programs, subscriptions and mentors.

The number 1 reason you’re overwhelmed is because you’re trying to take some of MY recipe, piece of another person’s recipes, and parts of yet another recipe.

Individually, each of our recipes taste GREAT.

…but combined in your twisted, frankenstein way, it makes a giant mess.

They all likely ‘work’.

But the only one that will work for you is the one you FOCUS on.

So EITHER go all in on what I’ve shown above, or stick with whatever you’re doing and ride it out.

Where Do You Go From Here?

I know some coaches will take these principles, and implement immediately. Those coaches always let me know how much this new way of doing business transforms their life.

Other people may understand these principles, yet also want guidance, support, and feedback every step of the way, to ensure the best results in the fastest time.

If that’s the case for you, I would like to invite you to discover my Implementation & Mentoring program. This program is where my students are led through the entire Expert Business Blueprint, and given tools, support, and personal assistance to implement it.

Access to the mentoring program is by application only. To discover how it works, what you’re getting, and how to apply, click the link below for a free video outlining the next steps. . .

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