Attn: Struggling Coaches, Consultants & Speakers, I'm here to tell you to:
Finally, There’s A Way to Ethically & Legally ‘Steal’ The Secrets of 7- and 8-Figure Coaching Businesses 
- For Less Than $2 Per Day!
Warning: If you can afford my $30,000/year elite consulting fee, stop reading now. Send an email to instead.

Still here? Ask yourself:

- Do I need clients NOW to pay the bills?
- Do I need to 'get on my feet' first, before I risk investing big fees in a mentor?
- Do I prefer predictable & consistent monthly income, rather than going 'balls deep' into debt?

And are you sick & tired of business mentors trying to convince you that you "Have to" invest huge sums of money to get their help?


I’m not one of those coaches who has a ‘ninja objection-handling’ technique for every prospect that says “no”...

I’m not one of those coaches who’ll come up with an ‘NLP’ trick to make you question your self-worth, or argue why you could get the money ‘from your brother’ if you “really wanted success badly enough”. 


I already know you want it badly. 

I know because I was in your shoes once. 

I started from nothing.

All I wanted was a secure income (maybe a few thousand dollars each month), so I could taste that financial freedom…. But I just didn’t have the money to invest in a high—ticket coach. 

So I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and say you should ‘find the money’. I don’t expect you to ‘manifest’ $30k out of nowhere! Like I said, thats bull.
But here’s how this problem for struggling coaches and entrepreneurs just became an incredible opportunity for you.
I decided to create an Inner Circle - an online academy where I could teach coaches, trainers, authors and speaker - from any niche - exactly how I achieved success, and how my 7- and 8-figure clients do the same. 

And I figured out a way I could give that to you - at 1/100th of the investment compared to working with me 1-1!

If this sounds like what you need, read this page carefully to see if its for you…

So, what does my Inner Circle do exactly? In a nutshell, 
My Inner Circle Helps You Enrol More Clients Quickly
Apart from that obvious reason to join us, here are 7 more:

First of all, what’s different about our inner circle compared to other ‘membership sites’ out there? 

Great question. The reason this is different is because I give you:
1) Rare & Unique Strategies for Branding Yourself & Getting Clients - That You Can Model & Deploy Immediately 
The Expert Authority Academy is not just another ‘membership site’ with bland content you can find anywhere else easily. 

Our inner circle is packed with original lessons, strategies, swipe files and proven methods to quickly brand yourself as an authority and attract high-paying clients. 

You’ll discover detailed methods and systems that I’m using every day across my expert-service businesses. 

You’re about to discover:
  • How to brand yourself as the go-to obvious choice in your customers’ eyes (even if you’re new to your industry)… 
  • How to attract and close clients (without ‘hard-selling')… 
  • The viral content marketing plan (that transforms casual readers into loyal tribe members)…
  • What you should know about sales funnels (and how most 'internet marketers' are feeding you DEAD wrong information...)
  • How to dominate Facebook and other social media based on investing $70,000 of my own money - to get a monstrous ROI. (So unlike most ‘pretenders’, I actually know what works)… 
My teachings are rare and unique. 

I’ve used them to catapult to success in a very short time. When you swipe and deploy the same strategies, your bank account can’t help but bulge.

If you’re like most coaches and consultants I meet, then you’re exhausted from spending hours scouring dozens of free Facebook groups, hoping to get the “Next step” information you need to breakthrough that sticking point in your business?

Coaches tell me it infuriates them when they ask a question in free Facebook groups - only to get a barrage of responses from people who’ve never achieved anything! Or worse, they just get sarcastic answers or a negative reaction. 

Or, maybe you get some information…but its so vague and general, you’re left with the agonising thought of, “Yes, but how do I actually DO this? What is the next step? What are the specifics?!”

If you know what I’m talking about, then you’ll love the Expert Authority Academy. That’s because
2) You Get The SPECIFIC Steps & Details You Need to Take Profitable Action - All Collected & Organised in One Place
Recently I asked my inner circle clients, “Whats the number 1 reason you love being here?”. One of the highest responses was that the everything they needed was in one place. And that its easy to understand & implement. 

You see unlike other groups - that bury you with new tactics every single week - we keep things focused. 

Here’s a secret that other mentors are afraid to tell you: 
You don’t need new, shiny tactics and methods every single month. 
The number 1 reason you’re likely struggling to break past 6-figures right now is a lack of focus. 

Tell me I’m wrong?

And it’s not your fault. 

Information is everywhere. People are always selling you on ‘more and more’ information. As if you didn’t have enough to implement already!

But you have to ask…if those mentors’ tactics worked in the beginning, why would they need to keep coming up with new ones every couple of weeks? 

I'm certain you'll agree that
You're already working hard enough.
You just need to work on the right things. 

I have a very clear, and very strict set of methods that I’ve used over, and over, and over again to grow coaching /consulting businesses to over 6-figures. 

My methods are not complicated. They’re not expensive to do (90% of them don’t cost you anything). But most importantly, they are proven to work.

I teach these methods to 7-figure confidence coaches… 

8-figure business consultants… 

6-figure fitness pros… 

leading sex and relationship coaches… 

best-selling authors… 

radio and TV personalities…

And I use them myself. 

I used these strategies when I was starting out. 

And I use them now, when I launch a new income stream (which I do a few times per year).

Your success is NOT due to learning more and more and more. 

Its about learning the necessary strategies that work - and doing them. With consistency and focus. 

That’s all. 

Now look, I’m not “supposed” to tell you that. 

Most ‘business coaches’ make their money by selling you on new, shiny tactics that keep changing. Like fairy dust! As soon as you start doing their ‘tactic’, they tell you its outdated and now there’s a ‘new way’ of doing things!
Let's cut the nonsense.
If you teach clients how to lose weight…. or revive their marriage… or get laid… or to handle their finances… you know that there are a set of PRINCIPLE tactics that work - and always have worked. 

The exact same thing works in growing a coaching, consulting, or expert-service based business. 

And you have it all - in one place, waiting for you, as we speak. 

That begs the question… when you know what to do to be successful, why don’t you do it?

Its because nobody has given you
3) Ruthless, Honest And No B.S Accountability to Get Stuff Done
If there’s any chance me and you will work together, then we need to get one thing straight:

I am not your ‘life coach’. 

I am not here to make you ‘feel good’.

I am not going to pump you up, pat your back and patronise you with lines like, “Aww, no worries, maybe next month will be better! Chin up!”, when you fail to meet your targets.

Nothing against the mollycoddling style… but I’m just not that guy.

I’m not here for you to like me.

I care about your success too much to let your opinion of me get in the way. 

What am I talking about? 

Some coaches care so much about what you think of them (yep, even the ones who are brilliant at acting ‘confident’) that they will bend-over and tell you what you want to hear. 

I won’t. 

You already have enough friends, family, and other ‘guru’s telling you what you want to hear.  

And that's why
I’m only going to tell you what you need to hear.
Maybe this is why my clients change their circumstances so quickly with my help.

Because I tell them as it is. If you’re being lazy, I’ll tell you.

If you’re “overthinking” something, I’ll tell you.

If you’re chasing a ‘shiny-object’ to avoid doing the work you know you should be doing to bring home hard cash… I will tell you. To your face. In front of the group.

(You’re welcome to attempt to prove me wrong, of course ;-) )
4) You Get Personal Feedback & Daily Guidance From A World-Leading Expert in Marketing & Business for Coaches
Ever joined one of those groups that the ‘leader’ was boasting about? 

Then, when you're in, you never hear from that person again? Instead, you get his ‘lackeys’ answering your questions.

You didn’t sign up for that. You want the real deal.

What makes the EAA inner circle unique & highly-valuable is that  
We get intimate, raw and personal
You can ask the current members. They’ll tell you. I’m harsh on them, but we still have a good laugh, and a few in-jokes. 

But on a more serious note… 

You get to ask me questions in the group. I read your questions. And I give you personalised answers.

I don’t take your membership lightly, and you shouldn’t take my commitment to you lightly either. 

Because there are entrepreneurs right now happily paying me thousands of dollars each month to pick my brain and get specific, fast, and actionable solutions from me. 

But you get this just by being a member. You get daily access & mentoring from me, for less than the price of a Starbucks each day. 

Hey, I love Starbucks. But if its a toss-up between paying for a coffee each day… or instead investing in rapid income-growth strategies, accountability and daily access to an international leading expert in helping entrepreneurs… I know what I’d be choosing.

But hey, its all down to your priorities in life.

You’ll invest your money into whatever is your priority. 
5) A WEEKLY Livestream Where I’ll Reveal Behind-The-Scenes, Ultra-Exclusive Income-Growth Methods That I’m Using RIGHT NOW With My Clients
The weekly livestream is one of the best parts of your membership. 

Every Monday, I go live with a broadcast, exclusively for students in the group. I share what I’ve been implementing in my own businesses and with my high-level clients across the world.

So if you ever want to see how eight-figure coaching businesses work, you can see it.

If you want me to explain a principle or strategy there on the livestream in full depth, just ask me.

Every week the livestream is recorded and dropped into the group for you to watch at your own leisure
But you’re busy, so I won’t overwhelm you.
I’m not gonna drop a 3-4 hour barrage of video files on you, because I know you won’t watch them.

Instead, my weekly livestream round up is 20 - 30 minutes in length.

And its not fluff. Just highly actionable steps you can take right now that will make an impact in your business. 

I also understand that you might not be a ‘video’ person.

Maybe you’re like me, and you prefer to read documents instead of watching video or listening to audios? 

That’s why, as an exclusive member of the inner circle you’re also getting:
6) My Most Exclusive & Closely-Guarded Secrets Ready For You To Take Advantage Of - All Inside The Expert Authority Monthly Newsletter
Everyone knows I write epic amounts of content for free on Facebook, and in my daily emails… but I refuse to share the most powerful money-making secrets for the world to see.


Because 99% of people that get ‘free’ information never value it. 

I only want to reveal my most in-depth strategies to coaches, consultants and experts who “get it”, who understand the true value and take action with it. 

Just like a proud father only passes-down his gold-plated watch within the family, from generation to generation. He doesn’t pawn it off to anyone in the street, just because they beg him for it.

So all my deepest, substantial strategies, case studies, and mindset-advice are reserved exclusively for students of my Inner Circle. 

Each edition takes one aspect of your coaching / expert-business and breaks it down to the specifics and nitty-gritty. 

For example, the August 2015 edition is 69-pages explaining to you - in full-depth and transparency - how I’ve filled over 200 seminars in multiple niches, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling from the stage.

A more recent issue (that our clients voted as their favourite of the year) takes you in-depth on my entire automated sales funnel process - and how to put it together in simple terms. I’ve seen people charging $8,000 for a course that gives the same information. And you get it RIGHT NOW in your membership. Crazy. 

Another edition of the newsletter - that you have immediate and unlimited access to the minute you join - unveils the secrets of high-ticket selling

Again, the gurus sell you this information for no less than $3000. But you’ll never have to pay that to learn these secret. Its yours - all inclusive.

But the newsletter has a special place in my heart. 

Because its also the place I come away from the business-side and I also explore the mindset behind success… as well as sharing everything I’ve learned about 

How to achieve entrepreneurial success whilst keeping a balanced, healthy and happy life at the same time
Just one edition of my newsletter can help you grow your business.

And you’re getting 12 editions, every year 

(PLUS for an extremely limited time, I’m giving new students unlimited access to BACK editions. So when you join today you can go into the archives and collect and download over 12 editions published over the last couple of years - at NO extra investment!).
7) Member’s-Only Discounts, Opportunities & Bonuses
I travel around the world each year, and invest tens of thousands of dollars into my own education. I attend and speak at events such as Biz ’N’ Brews, The Ultimate Wealth Camp, and some ultra-exclusive masterminds (that are private invite only - you can’t even BUY a ticket).

I bring what I learn from these events back to the Expert Authority Academy and share it with you.

At this point, you may be wondering, “Whats this gonna cost me?”

You can give it all a try… with full access to the Expert Authority Academy..
…for less than $2 per day.
That’s right. 

When you enrol today you’ll invest just $59 for a full month membership. From the first day, you’ll have access to me, my team, and all of the valuable resources listed above.

Your membership continues as long as you like. 

NO contract.

NO hidden payments. 

Cancel anytime.

As long as you’re making a great ROI and growing your revenue month after month after month, feel free to continue your membership with us.

You can cancel your membership at any time, and never owe us another cent (not that you’ll cancel anytime soon. Statistically, you’re going to stay a customer with us for well over 12 months, based on the retention rate we’ve tracked). We just want you to know its super-easy to cancel. Just shoot me and email or a private message, and we’ll get it handled within a day.

Are you ready to leave behind the struggle, the stress and the frustration of ‘just getting by’ each month? 
...And are you now ready to step inside the private & extremely lucrative world that coaches, consultants and speakers like you are creating every day - and let me guide you to success?
Then just click the button below. I’ll send your account info right away. Which means you can be taking advantage of your membership in just a few minutes.

Are you ready to change more lives than ever… and have your life changed in the process?

The world needs you, coach.

See you on the inside, I’m waiting to get started…

Justin Devonshire
Enrol For The Expert Authority Academy NOW
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You will get immediate access to the clients'-only Facebook Group and this month's edition of the newsletter. Each new monthly newsletter will be delivered to you via email on the 1st of each month.
Your monthly newsletter is delivered in PDF format, and will require Adobe Acrobat to read it.
P.S. - I charge (and get) $30,000 for my personal elite mentoring program. But now, for less than $2 a day, you can ask me any question you have about branding yourself, how to get coaching clients from online, from Facebook or from your local area, and how to grow a scalable income from your knowledge.

If this is not the most profitable decision you ever make for your business - and your life - you’re protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

What are you waiting for?
If you join the Expert Authority Academy today, your rate of just $59/month is guaranteed forever as long as you remain a member. 
And for that ridiculously low investment you get all the benefits of membership, including:

1 - A monthly PDF newsletter PACKED with the latest news, updates and insights on what we're doing to grow our coaching business right now... full of profitable, actionable steps for you to implement with FOCUS.

2. Access to the Academy Vault - with a back-log of videos, reports, swipe files and training calls to help you grow your business.

3 - Private Facebook Mentoring Group where I will be on hand DAILY to answer questions, give you PERSONAL feedback and help you implement what you learn.

4 - Live, Weekly Access to our Livecast call to ask me more personal questions and so I can teach you some new principles and strategies to rapidly grow your income and create the freedom lifestyle. Plus the recording for you to keep and study again and again.

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