Why Core Values Are Critical To Your Business (Now, Not Later…)

When cashflow is tight… leads are drying up… and your team aren’t doing what you ask…
… its easy to think that coming up with your “Core Values” is the LEAST important thing to spend your time.
However, here’s why its really the EXACT thing you need:
Money drives you as an entrepreneur, sure.
(Lets use the term ‘financial security’ as that may be easier to relate).
But there are two key issues by being solely driven by financial gain:
#1) It won’t drive you for long (especially after you start generating over $200k/year…)
#2) It won’t drive your team & partners to grow your company as much as you think, either
If an organization is to grow, and thrive – and be SIGNIFICANT to its society – it needs to be driven by purpose beyond financial gain.
In fact, there’ll come a time in your business (if hasn’t already) that the financial gain of the company is primarily acheived FOR the funding of the company’s bigger purpose and contribution.
This is why Core Values are so powerful in your business.
Its why Core Values are pivotal for leading a team.
When your business reflects your core values, and how you want EVERYONE associated with your business to be treated, you have a strong GUIDEPOST.
Now your team members will always know the most critical thing to remember – personal relationships and customer experience.
Your team members and you will get things wrong. Forget to do things.
They’ll occasionally make an error of skills.
That’s part of learning.
However … through all of that they can always treat each other, your customers, and themselves with respect and high-standards.
That’s what the Core Values remind them to do.
Because, believe it or not, the client experience IS more important than the client result. We strive for both, of course… but at the end of the day…
Results can take time to achieve.
Experience starts before they even pay.
Results can sometimes be slow, or not happen for whatever reason.
Experience can always be delivered, and there is NO reason for it not to be.
Results are what make your clients feel secure.
Experience are what make them feel loved, appreciated and significant.
Your Core Values are the best foundation for creating a customer-experience ‘system’.
Now… will your Core Values ALWAYS be met 100% of the time?
Of course not. Just like personal values and rituals, there’ll be times we fall off our game.
No excuses. Just because we’re human.
But its not about perfection.
Its about intention.
That’s what counts.
And your Core Values reflect to the world what your company – and you as an extension of that company – are all about.
What are your Core Values?
Post ’em below if you have them outlined….
And if you don’t… invest an hour of your time tonight to put them together.
Clients of the Expert-Business Blueprint program have a whole tutorial dedicated to this and its a compulsory part of the program. That’s how much I believe in this exercise when it comes to growing your expert-business.
As you can see in the image above… my Core Values are written in the first-person narrative, so we say “I am…”.
This is different to how core values are usually written. I did it this way as I believe when I, and my team, read out these values it becomes more of a personal declaration and “I am” statement, which brings more power and ownership to each value.

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