How to Create a JEDI-Like Connection With Your Prospects…

Is it frustrating that nobody engages with your content or marketing messages? The sound of crickets chirping is louder.

This is what happens if you haven’t accurately profiled your target customer.

I don’t just mean knowing their age and gender. This goes much, much deeper. 

When you create a psychological breakdown of the specific prospect you can serve in the best way, they’ll become hooked to anything you say.

This means understanding the emotions they feel most often, who they take advice from, and knowing all the potential reasons they why they’ve not yet solved their problem.

But even that’s not enough…

If you want to be the Expert Authority and have a magnetic influence you need to know what stage of the buying process each of your prospects are at. There are three main stages of “prospect readiness” that person moves through before buying.

This concept is also known as”

The 3 Stages of The Buyer’s Journey

If you can identify each of these ‘phases’ – and send the right messages at the right time – you’ll create a deeper & more meaningful relationship with your market. These phases are as follows:

  • The Awareness Phase: The person is becoming aware of the real nature of their problem, and believes that a new possibility exists (inspiration).
  • The Information Phase: The person enters the market to compare potential solutions, and wants to know more about your process for getting results (education)
  • The Action Phase: The prospect is ready to make a decision, and will most easily choose via a demonstration of your product. (Engagement)

Understanding this marketing science if vital.

The reason most marketing fails to engage or convert the audience is because it does not follow this logical sequence.

In fact, most marketing material is either “Information” or “Action Phase” oriented. You’re either trying too hard to teach your prospect technical details, or features, or pushing them into trying your product before they’re ready.

The truth is that about 90% of your market are in the Awareness Phase.

In contrast, only about 7% are in the Information Phase.

3% of the market are in the Action Phase.

So that means only 3% of the people that see your marketing material are in a position to do anything about it. You’re ignoring 90% of the prospects you could be building relationships with.

If you don’t understand the Buyer’s Journey you’re ignoring 90% of the prospects you could be building relationships with.

Most coaches, consultants and experts do not profile their ideal prospect. Nor do they consider the Buyers’ Journey.

And it costs them big time.

So, understand your prospect even deeper, and understand what stage of the decision-making process they’re in.

Then create content & marketing messages that ‘meet them where they are’, before gently leading them through your sales funnel.

But there’s another benefit to profiling your ideal prospect..

Because once you’ve identified the people who are already looking for what you offer, you’ll easily discover where those people are. That means you can put your content and offers right in front of them, every day.

When you understand the ‘who’, you’ll easily determine the ‘where’.

This first step of the Expert Authority Blueprint process alone will put you ahead of your competitors and attract legions more customers to you.

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