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Fill Your Coaching Business by Creating Expert Authority Status
International Speaker, Trainer & Leading Business Strategist for Coaches, Authors & Experts is Revealing His Secrets to Quickly Grow a 6-Figure Income Right Now 
If You Want To Create a 6-Figure Income Whilst Transforming People's Lives, Then Its Critical You Learn These 4 Steps to Rapid Success...
Millions of people are starving for coaches, experts and trainers who can help them... and here is the simple 4-step roadmap for getting known (fast), creating authority (so prospects chase you) and closing sales & getting paid, without giving up your honest, good-hearted values.

Locating The Clients You Love To Work With (and who're most likely to invest)

I used to get annoyed when I met a prospect who needed help, but they didn't want to invest in working together. I soon realised the problem - I was chasing the 'wrong' clients

Instead, I identified (and immediately located) the prospects who were hungry and excited to pay what I was worth. I'm going to show you the 'buying triggers' that immediately and accurately tell you which prospects are most likely to invest - and which ones to avoid!

Stop Selling. Start Helping.

Most coaches waste thousands of dollars on dead-end advertising and do nothing but hard-sell scared prospects all day long. 

Do NOT be that coach! 

The best thing about being in the expert-industry is that its so simple to enrol clients. All you need to do is start demonstrating that you can get results - by helping people & sharing useful content - and people will flock around you. I'll teach you to create a tribe of hungry, loyal, responsive followers who spread the word for you.

Attract Prospects to YOU, Like a Magnet - Be Creating Instant Influence & Credibility 

My email lessons will reveal how you can create "Expert Authority" status so your market see you as unique, better and more trustworthy than your competitors. 

But here's the secret: It doesn't take years of experience, and it doesn't cost money... you can become an influencer in your market & command double what you're charging now in record speed. It just takes a few simple techniques that your competitors have no idea about.

Enrol Clients onto Your Packages, Without Ever Making a 'Pitch'.

I don't encourage you to ever 'pitch' your services. 

In fact, I teach thousands of coaches like you around the world to use the 'diagnose & prescribe' model. 

My approach eliminates sleazy sales, its more professional, and it shows people you genuinely care when they invest in you.

I've closed hundreds of thousands of dollars using this proven system, and I'm waiting to share it with you.
  • Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Consultant to Eight-Figure Companies
At one point Justin Devonshire could barely pay the rent and was days away from eviction. 

Now, Justin has successfully grown multiple coaching / consulting businesses to 6-figure revenues (often within 90 days or less).

Justin mentors coaches, authors & speakers around the world to rapidly grow their business & make a bigger impact. 

He consults high 7- and 8-figure earning coaches & businesses on how to attract more leads, make more sales and scale their revenues.

Justin speaks around the world every year and has shared the stage with legends such as Gary Vaynerchuck, Bill Walsh, Gerry Robert & Dave Dee.

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