The Unpopular Truth About Growing Your Coaching / Consulting Business


With every challenge comes an opportunity.

And with every opportunity comes a challenge.

Right now, more people are seeking professional guidance from a coach, consultant or professional such as yourself.

That’s the opportunity.

The challenge?

The challenge is that as demand increases, so does supply. More and more “weekend experts” are jumping into your industry everyday.

You don’t want to get drowned out in their noise, when they all come barging into town. How will the prospects know who to trust?

How can they best choose from all the options?

How can they avoid working with a fraud or scam-artist… and instead invest in a passionate, experienced professional like you?

That’s what this article is about.

There’s plenty of opportunity for you to grow a scalable business around your expertise and passions. A business that created freedom and wealth for you, whilst making a difference in people’s lives.

However, you might not like some of the things you’ll need to do to get there.

This is the unpopular truth of what it will take to make your coaching business a success in the coming years.

Specifically, we’ll talk about how to position yourself as trustworthy & credible. We’ll discuss how to create authentic content that attracts clients. And I’ll reveal the realities of running a business, rather than a ‘hobby’.

“How long does it take to be successful?”

Asking this question itself reveals you have a short-term gratification mindset.

You aren’t willing to do the work….

Physical work sure…. you’ll do THAT. Thats your comfort zone.

You deserve nothing for ‘showing up 10 hours a day’…because time is not a reflection of value.

The real ‘hard work’ is mental and emotional development. 

The hours of work you’re doing isn’t paying off because you’re doing ineffective things. Have you thought about being more productive? Of focusing on the 5% of critical tasks?

Have you gained the emotional capacity to learn to trust others to help you?

To attempt to barter for their services if you can’t afford money to pay them?

Can’t afford to pay that business mentor you want so badly? Have you really tried to get their help?

Of, did you just look at your bank balance and say, “Can’t afford it.” Did you just give up?

Have you offered anything of value to them? Found another way in?

Heck, have you even just tried ASKING what would it take to get their help, other than financial compensation?

I didn’t think so.

Years ago, my friend Dan Meredith couldn’t afford a business mentor either.

So he offered to work for highly successful entrepreneur for 9 months – FREE of charge – in order to get some mentoring in return.

A short two-years later, he runs a 7-figure online business.

I can even hear some people groaning that I said “A short two-years later…”

You may be arguing that’s not a short amount of time at all.

Not even to grow a million-dollar revenue company?


How fast are you expecting hundreds of thousands of dollars to land on your feet?

Stop Thinking Like an Employee

The reason most coaches feel entitled to all this overnight success is because they posses the ’employee’ mentality.

After all, most of them were paid employees, working for someone else at one point.

You quit your job, but you held onto the mindset of an employee.

And for most employees, that mindset is one of entitlement… needing to get paid as fast as possible… selfishness…and unwillingness to think and act for long-term gain.

So, have you really tried?

Physical work isn’t enough. You must develop mentally and emotionally.

You must shed the ’employee mentality’ and discover what it really means to think, act and work like a real business owner does.

What else does it take to succeed?

You must stop acting like you don’t know what to do. Here’s a question I get asked a lot:

“How do I get clients as fast as possible, on a small budget, starting from scratch?”

This is cognitive–dissonance at its finest.

You know the answer.

Asking this question is merely an attempt to find an easier, faster, less-threatening solution.

Its an attempt to avoid the obvious answer you don’t want to hear.

The answer I always give, and that the questioner hates, is this:

Find prospects and talk to them. Ask them if they’d like to buy your product.

^^^ Yes, that’s it.

You KNOW that’s the answer. Because its never changed.

We just hope that the more we ask the question we may find easier alternatives.

If you don’t have an audience… nor a budget for advertising to build an audience… then you have only one choice.

And that’s to build your audience, one person at a time.

When I was 17 I built a martial arts academy this way.

I printed hundreds of my own flyers for my class, on my parents home computer.

I then went out in the rain and wind to put the flyers through mailboxes.

We didn’t even have Facebook or ‘social media’ back then. Imagine that?

Later, I built my first fitness business this way. I didn’t have an ads budget so I knocked on doors. Told people I was a personal trainer looking to help people for free for a month… and in exchange for helping them all I asked in return was a referral.

Within 90 days I had 40 paying customers. Simple enough… but most just won’t do it. They can’t handle the rejection.

If your fear trumps your desire to succeed, you’ll fail. Every single time. No matter how many strategies and tactics you pay for.

Spend Time With Your Market

Are you willing to immerse yourself in your market?

Are you prepared to talk to people?

I get over 40 messages a day to my personal Facebook profile. My business page gets another 20-25 messages per day.

My Instagram gets comments. My Youtube videos get comments. My blog posts get comments.

My articles get comments.

People are connecting with me on LinkedIn.

On top of that, leads are coming through my site and booking in for consult calls.

And don’t even get me started on my email account…

Yet, I am NOT complaining about this.

Don’t you see – we are in the greatest time in our history to connect with people all over the world, en mass.

That’s why I take time each week to answer each and every person I can. Every message, every email, every comment.

Does it take a couple of hours? Of course.

But if the thought of doing that drains you, then you aren’t seeing the truth.

You’re thinking that this is a chore… or more ‘work’.

Whereas I see this hyper-connected world of access as a privilege.

I feel blessed that I can connect with so many people that I can help, and can exchange money for my services and products.

So don’t tell me you can’t find prospects anywhere.

Platforms all over the internet have attracted, nurtured and segmented all these groups for you.

I didn’t have an audience when I started either.  I wasn’t born out of my mother’s womb holding a fucking email list, and neither were you.

I started by finding Facebook groups that contained hundreds of my target audience. And I posted good content in them.

I found blogs that specialised in my topic and had large following of my target prospect. I emailed them and asked if I could submit guest content.

The audiences have been created for you. This is truly the greatest time to be an entrepreneur. 

By the way, if you want to chat with me, feel free…

Click HERE to fire up a Messenger Chat. Tell me about your business and what you need help with.

“I’ve Been Posting Content For 3 Weeks & Nothing’s Happening…”

I’m not surprised in the slightest.

Here’s why:

First, you’ve likely been posting to your friends and family on Facebook. They are NOT your audience. Take the advice in the previous paragraph and find relevant audiences who value your content.

Second, it takes time.

Just accept this.

It takes time for people to know, like and trust you.


Because so many wannabe’s pop up with huge promises, and then they’re gone within a week or two.

The market are getting used to seeing overnight ‘pop up’ coaches.

But they don’t last long.

All you need to do is stay present. Keep going. Be consistent.

Yet, that’s the hardest thing for most to do.

I’ve posted daily on Facebook for over 4 years.

Often I post multiple times per day.

Now, I post even more each day. Only my content is repurposed and re-used. So I actually ‘show up’ more – but I’m doing far less work.

Because I put in the time, energy and hours already. Now I can take that to the bank and cash it.

Building an audience – a raving tribe – is critical to getting clients. You’d best cut the excuses and get started today.

Third, for your content to get more engagement it needs to be written to a certain quality.

These qualities include:

a) Being relevant exactly to the specific frustrations and problems your prospect experiences.

How do you know this? By spending time with your market, in those conversations that take a few hours of your week.

b) Be expressing yourself authentically without apology.

Its easy to fall into the trap of “modelling” other experts that we learned from. The cheesy high-pitched voice and robotic hand-gestures. The formulaic saes copy writing template. The generic “inspirational quotes” that your audience have heard a million times before.

More competitors and ‘weekend experts’ are flooding your market than ever. This means you must stand out.

And your information alone won’t help you that much.

In fact, your personality, your trustworthiness, and your level of expression are what will connect you to people. These things will help you build a tribe faster than any ‘tactics’.

How do you get to a point where you can ‘show up’ authentically and expressively?

By having self-awareness.

By not caring what people think of you.

By not trying to be all things to all people.

By not appeasing people at your own expense.

By not being afraid of offending people.

Just show us who you are. Be a real person. Drop the fake act. It will not fly anymore.

Your market have had a taste of ‘real’.

They’ve seen content from Tony Robbins, Eckarte Tolle, Gary Vaynerchuck et al.

Your market have thought, “Ahh, so people CAN be totally real on camera and express their views, like Gary Vee.”

But then they see YOUR reserved, fake, surpressed content, and immediately wonder why its like that?

“Gary Vee was himself”, they think. “Tony Robbins isn’t afraid to say what he thinks..” they wonder…

“So why is this coach afraid? What are they hiding? Should I trust them?”

And they won’t trust you.

They’ll go back to Gary Vee, or whoever is the most self-aware and expressive thought-leader in your industry.

And this trend ain’t slowing down.


Short-Term Cash Vs. Long-Term Wealth

Most coaches fail because they don’t understand the difference between a hobby and a business.

When you quit your job and become self-employed, you became a solopreneur.

The solopreneur identity is governed by EGO decisions.

Ego meaning everything is based around your perception of self worth.

What you charge, 

Your income goals and deadline, 

Your vision board,

Trusting people or not, 

Is all down to the ego making decisions on what it feels it need to do to survive.

And this severely limits your business growth.

The solopreneur wants to be the specialist in all things.

That only works when you have a job. But now when you have a business.

And there’s the difference.

If you’re still chasing a pay-check, and burning yourself out doing all the things… its because this is a job to you.

Its a means of getting by.

But the ENTREPRENEUR is the next identity to adopt if you want to progress.

The entrepreneur-identity holds different beliefs and has different motivations.

Whereas the solopreneur is driven by ego.. the entrepreneur is driven by IMPACT.

You’ll reach the stage where you realize your content, your products, your methodology works.

You’ll realize your potential to help thousands of people all over the world. You’ll want to get the message out there.

And that’s when the conflict arises.

The conflict of wanting to make that entrepreneurial impact…yet feeling resistance from the ego-centric solopreneur inside you.

This is the ultimate struggle that stops you getting from 6-figures up to 7-figures plus.

Its the conflict that determines if you stay as a one-person show… or you grow a real business around your expertise.

The solopreneur in you wants to get what its’ owed NOW. It wants that paycheck. Its time-frame is a month-to-month basis.

What went out this month, and what came in this month?

Sounds a lot like the typical employee.

In contrast, the entrepreneur thinks longer… has a vision… and understands that investments need to be made now that won’t pay off until later down the line.

How Do You Adopt the Entrepreneur-Identity?

The entrepreneur knows they must acquire the help of others.

You must STOP trying to be so smart.

You must stop trying to be the specialist.

A true entrepreneur surrounds him or herself with other specialists.

Richard Branson (the quintessential entrepreneur-identity) doesn’t know how to fly planes, or drive trains, or create cola, or put mobile phones together, or get people in shape.

Yet he owns companies that do all those things.

The less you do physically the more money you’ll start to make.

Because remember – the hard work for you will not be physical, manual, grinding on your feet, labour.

The hard work for an entrepreneur is mental and emotional.

Accepting responsibility for yourself and those around you.

Handling the possibility of bigger downsides and risks that could go ‘wrong’.

Trusting a team to become your specialists so you can focus on maintaining the vision of the company.

This is your hard-work.

This is what it takes.

This Is What It Takes to Succeed In The Coaching / Consulting Industry…

Competition is growing. The airwaves are getting noisier. Your market have more choices than ever.

Yet you can navigate these changes and succeed in helping clients get life-changing results… whilst growing a sustainable and scalable business you enjoy.

Remember the critical points:

  • Show up as yourself, and express your content authentically
  • Be prepared to spend time with your market, get to know what its like to live their lives
  • Stop thinking with the short-term, entitled solopreneur mindset,
  • Instead, embrace the long-term, impact-driven entrepreneur mindset

The quicker you change your mindset, the faster and easier the new actions will naturally occur.

You’ll start asking better questions.

You’ll get better quality answers.

And you’ll be less attached to getting all the results right now.

Then you’ll win.

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