Your Facility Stuck at £10k-£20k/Month Revenue? This Business Diagnostic Program Will Show You The Exact Next Steps to Scale to £50k/Month & Beyond 

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Here's how Justin's training has helped coaches like you...

"And I'm not joking when I am saying I've invested in MANY coaches online, but no one seems to care about me - Only Justin did. He kicked my ass and let me see what others failed to let me see.

 An empowering coach is what he is to me - PLUS, as I type this, I closed one sale over bank transfer of $1495, and another 2 sales worth $3.000 over Paypal. It just keeps coming in"


Imran Md Ali

"What I learned from Justin about hiring operations and running a proper business was incredible!

Ever since then I haven't worked a single minute in my business. I'm in Bali, next to Thailand, just having an amazing time. Now I work on the business only with things I enjoy, high level, profitable tasks that move the company forward"


Peter Szabo, Lead-Evo

"I've learned more about business from Justin in the 4 months working together, than I learned in the last 25 years..."


Brian Grasso


Are you tirelessly working hard to grow your fitness business. . . yet it never seems to grow?

Busting your ass to hustle and get sales . . . but  its still not profitable?

Stuck at that low 6-figure ceiling. . . and unsure how to keep growing without burning out in the process?

And feeling trapped as the worker. . . when you desperately want to be the owner, and spend more time with your family?

We can eliminate this confusion and frustration - today.

I know that because I've been in your shoes, and I've come out the other side.

From frustration. . .  to freedom.

From surviving. . . to thriving.

From overwhelm. .  . to peace of mind, clarity and fulfilment. 

Just a few years ago I was a struggling solopreneur, caught in the "time for money" trap, and couldn't break past that £10k a month revenue. 

Now, I run multiple fitness facilities & camps around the world. 

They all have teams, they all have managers.

They all generate leads on autopilot.

They all work without me showing up every single day. I've empowered my people and implemented systems.

And my businesses all send deposits to my bank account each month, like clockwork.

Now you may want multiple locations one day, or maybe you dont. It's ok, because that's not 'the goal'.

The goal is for you to have freedom of choice.

To spend more time with your family. Or to take numerous holidays each year. Or to keep scaling to multiple locations and become a leading transformation  / weight loss authority in your region.

Its your choice.

But to enjoy freedom of choice, your business first needs to grow to a level where it can take a life of its own.

It must work FOR you.... instead of you working for it. 

And there are 5 pillars, or 'drivers' that will make this happen. Every time. In every business I've ever worked in, owned or consulted for.

5 Pillars.

Would you like to know what those pillars are  - and how to apply them in your business?

We've created a Business Diagnostic Program that exposes the holes in your business and where you're losing money - immediately.

Here's how it works:

Its comprised of two parts: a business diagnostic evaluation... followed by a private consult with an expert to map out the exact steps you can take to boost profits, scale your revenue and automate the business to take more time off.

Step 1. The Business Diagnostic Evaluation - We Manually Review Your Business & Identify The Troublespots

Before our call, you’ll receive a strategic questionnaire to discover all the leaks your business has.

This diagnostic tool is usually reserved for my elite high-end Platinum mentorship clients.

It will will help you uncover weaknesses in your business model that we can quickly eliminate to increase your profits and growth.

As you’re going through it, you’ll see all the new opportunities you weren’t even aware existed… and you’ll realize how much money you’re leaving on the table by not focusing your efforts on the important things.

We'll also be PERSONALLY reviewing your diagnostic results before we go live on our Personal Consultation.

This is so we best know exactly how to add money to your bottom line and make this 1-hour session a literal “game-changer” for you..

We'll be painstakingly reviewing your business model, your offers and your systems... and build you an action plan to make money immediately.

Step 2 - Claim Your Private Consultation Call Where We Lay Out Your ROADMAP to a Profitable, Systematic Fitness Business That Gives You A Generous Salary & Great Profits 

Once you've completed the diagnostic evaluation, you'll get on a personal consultation to understand the results.

Across the 1 hour session we take time to speak with you individually, and find out where you are, what you’re offering, and where you want to be.

Then, we'll reveal a plan for you to immediately boost your profits, build better systems or get better performance from your team - based on the results of the diagnostic report.

The diagnostic will show us a number of ways we could do that. . .

  •  It might reveal the thousands of pounds HIDDEN in your business, right under your nose - and how to quickly extract it with minimal effort ...
  •  Or we could give you quick tweaks to double the effectiveness of your FB ads and funnel, so you get more clients for the same (or less) ad spend ...
  • Or, we could help you systemize your business so you can outsource and lead a competent team and take more time off

And the best part is, the investment for this is only £497  (£97, for a limited time)

We will be charging more for this service in the near future. But first we want to demonstrate its value by removing any barriers to your entry.

With the data from the diagnostic tool, we'll find the hidden profits in your company... so you know exactly what to focus on to exponentially grow your business.

We'll know exactly what needs to be done to get more leads... how to close a higher % of sales. . . and how to keep your team performing at their best, and being profitable for the company.

You'll also discover what systems need to be fixed so the business can grow and run smoothly without you.

Immediately after your strategy call, you’ll be all set and ready to start working ON your business instead of IN it.

You just have to sit down at your desk, take a look at your notes, and follow your own unique strategy to scale your fitness business profitably and sustainably.

No more frustration and overwhelm not knowing what to do... or wondering if you’re even doing the right thing… you’ll feel empowered and ready to take action because you have a proven path to follow.

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"Love your work Justin - because of you in one of my first live speaking gigs I made $23.000 in 45 minutes

Thank you and excited to continue learning from you!"


Luis Congdon

"Justin trained all of my marketing team...we'd never have the success we have now without his help."


Gerry Robert, Founder of Black Card Books

"Justin's training have helped me to make upwards of $50.000 in revenue. I have regular meetings with 8-9 figure earners, and I have a meeting scheduled with a BILLIONAIRE in August."


Anthony AJ Joiner

"I blame Justin Devonshire"

"This time last year I took him on to mentor me. 12 months later I'm working half the hours, earning double the income and am currently enjoying spending most of my time with my wife and newborn. (cannot thank you enough Justin)"


Matthew Sutton

"Jumped on a phone call with Justin, he gave me a few tips to use inside my seminars and public speaking engagements. 
That made me over $25.000"


Lantz Wheeler

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