Attention Fitness Business Owners: If you’re tired of worrying about getting more leads coming through the door, you MUST read this...

“I’ve Not Been On The Phone For Over A Year Now - Yet I Did 8 Sales In 3 Days...”

Discover how this gym owner was able to finally get peace of mind by creating a lead-gen system that gives him a consistent & predictable stream of new clients each month

The people you’ll see on this page were struggling fitness business owners...

They couldn’t get consistent leads and clients.

Worried about how they were going to pay their staff. Or even worse… how they were going to bring food to the family table.

They couldn’t spend one night without staring at the ceiling thinking of all the problems they had. With no solution in sight.

Every day was a struggle. Stress was a huge part of their lives now.

Some of them even thought about quitting and going back to a “real job”...

They were sick and tired of the stress, worry and uncertainty.

Tired of wasting money on marketing courses and “traffic gurus”.

Sick of spending thousands on complicated 'funnels' that produced no results.

Angry at themselves for not being there to watch their kids grow up.

They’d had enough.

Today… their lives are completely different.

They finally have peace of mind.

Financial certainty.

They no longer worry where the next client will come from. They have a system that delivers new clients - every week -  consistently and predictably.

They spend more time with their kids and family than ever.

And business is doing better than ever.

They love the business of fitness again.

So, what changed for them?

If you read every word on this page, you’ll see the ONE thing these business owners did in order to finally achieve the freedom they wanted.

Like this fitness bootcamp owner from the UK, who recently shared these results with us. 8 new client sales on his first week implementing this system.

As this client states... its "the system" doing the work. Not him.

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"Another client, Josh, reveals how he got 2-3X more prospects... while working 10 times LESS..."

Here's How We'll Work Together

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Let's Implement This Together - Get My 1-1 Mentoring Through Every Single Step


If you’d like to build a lead-generation system that gives you a consistent & predictable stream of new clients each month, click here.

We’ve set aside some time to review your application & chat to you on the phone before starting, to make sure we can design a fully customizable Front End Offer campaign for you…

If that sounds like something that could help you, go here to see if its a good fit for us to work together, one-on-one.

Here’s what you’ll get if you successully enrol onto the 30-day lead generation implementation program:

  • A fully operational & evergreen lead-generation system growing your fitness business month on month
  • An irresistible “Front End Offer” your prospects can’t refuse - that runs continuously (evergreen) so you never have to keep changing it up
  • A CUSTOMIZED approach with experts helping you create the right offer for YOUR business, YOUR niche, YOUR goals, YOUR budgets and YOUR facility size / type.
  • We set up Facebook ads with you - and show you the ads getting us dozens of sign ups each month (images, copy, set up - all of it with full transparency). This only takes 20 minutes when you use our formula!
  • Real case study walkthroughs of successful clients already using this method to make thousands of pounds every month
  • Intimate Facebook support group for exclusive content, QnA and hands on coaching / individual feedback on every step
  • 3X implemetation calls with Justin Devonshire for extreme accountabiltiy and action taking! These calls are 1-1 and designed to smash through any obstacle to getting your FB ads sucking in prospects for you within the next couple of weeks
  • Get HOURS of free time back now that you never need to hustle for prospects again - focus on being the business OWNER and leader
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Since 2012 I’ve been driving thousands of qualified fitness prospects to my bootcamps & coaching programs. I've done that using a simple - yet unique - method that leaves local competitors scratching their heads.

One local competitor even stressed to me how they had to close their bootcamp, because "they just couldn't get the people".

The crazy thing is, at that exact same time, we were getting close to 10 new applications a day.

And we charged 3X the price for our bootcamp than they did.

That's the true power of this system. Despite being the highest priced bootcamp & semi-private coaching in the area, we were attracting clients in a flood.

While the competition slashed their fees in desperation. And still had to close their doors.

I don't wish that failure on anyone - I'm no narcissist!

However, had that competitor only learned the process we were using he could have transformed his fortunes too.

Yet, like many trainers, he buried his head in the sand. Blamed 'outside circumstances' and didn't take responsibility for his own success.

And it cost him everything.

You could be on that same very path.

Today lets' eliminate that possibility.

Instead, I want you to grow a successful and highly profitable fitness business.

So you can provide for your family the wealth they deserve. And also to change the lives of hundreds of your local residents with your superb programs and expertise.

7 Steps to Dominate Your Town & Attract Dozens of Leads a Day With Facebook Ads


Here is the 7-step plan that’s allowed us to rapidly gain hundreds upon hundreds of clients consistently and turn that dream into reality - several times over. Read these steps carefully - and take notes.

Then, think about what will happen when you have me at your side helping you to implement this and make it YOUR reality:

1. The Most Critical Decision.

How should you position your bootcamp, box or studio?

This will affect what offers you promote & what you say in your advertising.

Joe Wicks is positioned as the guy who gets you lean quickly.

Jillian Michaels is positioned as the “no nonsense” intense trainer.

Crossfit is positioned as the place you go to touch your physical limits & exceed them.

The amount of clients you gain from advertising depends less on what your ‘sales funnel’ looks like than on how your service & brand is positioned.

This positioning should be decided before the offer is created.

Since 2012 my fitness businesses have been positioned as the go-to place when you want proven results & exercise / nutrition that you enjoy, rather than see as a chore.

The first step I'll work with you on is how to create a strong & unique brand in your local area. This will immediatley position you as the "go-to" experts for your target audience. 

This distinguishes you from the 'aerobics classes', and 'circuit training' classes in the area.

Its also the mechanism that allows you to charger higher fees than your competitors - and have people paying it without resistance.

2. Why Traditional "Selling" Doesn't Work For Trainers...

Trying to convince a prospect to commit to a 6- or 12-month program upfront is futile.

It immediately raises the two most common objections - time & money.

Instead, we make it easy for prospects to ‘test-drive’ what we do by inviting them to enrol for our “Front End Offer” (F.E.O for short).

The FEO overcomes the objections of commitment, and allows the prospect to get a specific result & experience in a short time frame.

Most often our FEOs are a 21-day program, a 28 day program, or even a 6-week program / challenge.

You must determine which is the best option for you, based on your own business targets & how much you’re able to give.

Over the years we’ve had great success offering programs such as:

“The 21-Day Bikini Body Challenge”,

“The 21-Day Belly Blast”,

“The 14-Day Metabolism Kickstart”,

“The Lose 6kg in 6 Weeks Challenge”, and

“The 28-Day Drop a Dress Size Challenge”, among others.

It’s important to position the result as something that is desirable to your target audience. - It must also be a result you can realistically help the average client achieve.

Sometimes these programs are offered for free, or with a deposit. But most of the time we charge a reasonable fee in order to acquire only the most qualified prospects.

We don't care about the front end transaction nearly as much as gaining a long-term client.

If you attract prospects who have made no investment... you'll have a tough time converting them into buyers later.

That's why the first thing we'll do together is position your business as the mostr trusted, "go-to" authority of your town.

This allows you to charge higher fees - even for entry level programs. - without resistance. You'll begin attracting a new breed of clientele.

Because no matter where you live, there IS a significant group of people that can and will pay premium fees for your service.

These clients stay longer, refer friends, and will connect you to wider influential circles.

Imagine a client base of people like that?

Yet my favourite part of this, is that it makes 'selling' effortless.

Did you know that its easier to sell a higher priced program to a qualified, high-value client - than it is to sell a low-priced offer to a 'bargain-seeker'?

And if you despise 'hard selling' as much as I do, you'll love the feeling of enrolling high-paying clients effortlessly. Just like these other fitpros who applied this system are experiencing too...

Note - all these results are from late 2018 / early 2019. Other fitpros outside this program are struggling with higher ad costs & less responsive audiences. But not the fitpros using my system.

3. This Creates an "Irresistible" Offer Your Prospects Can't Refuse

Your Front End Offer will give the client a certain number of workout sessions & a level of nutrition guidance as standard.

Yet I know your business offers so much more than just workouts and nutrition.

That's why I'm going to teach you how to create high-value bonuses that add massive value to your offer.

Here's why this is important:

First, it makes your offer truly 'irresistible' for the client.

Second, these bonuses will demonstrate how you also provide the support, the accountability, and the convenience that they could never get from a regular gym.

Warning: do not overwhelm the prospect with ‘stuff’ they don’t need, or that will add more time to implement!

Instead, the secret to making your bonuses desirable is to include features that allow them to adhere to the program with better success.

These goal of these bonuses is to give the prospect more CERTAINTY that they’ll achieve the result. 

You'll swiftly boost sales of your offer without effort.

By using these tactics, we’ve sold front end programs from £97 up to £189 - and people pay without resistance.

Your prospects will be amazed at the value on offer, turning them into raving fans instantly.

I'm going to reveal what bonus features you should add to your program, and how to put a value on them accordingly. 

4. The Secret to Getting Quality Leads With Facebook Ads (Your Competitors Do NOT Know This)...

There’s no force more powerful & fast for getting local leads than Facebook ads.

But you must use them correctly.

Most trainers do not, and it backfires on them.

It's’ not uncommon for us to make 1000% and more Return on Investment (ROI) from every single Facebook ad we run.

In most cases invest a total of £20-25 to gain a long-term client...

...A client that’s worth roughly £1000 to us over the course of 12 months.

Think about that:

If I offered you a client that pays you over £1000... in exchange for giving me just £20, would you do it?

Of course, any sane trainer who understands investments would.

So lets make that happen for you, so you have your own metaphorical ATM cash machine!

The key to making Facebook ads insanely profitable for you is what you offer.

Most fitness pros use dull, lifeless offers that do not stir their prospects to act.

A mere ‘transformation session’ or “7 day free pass” is not enticing and usually attracts low-investment prospects..

However, when your ads promote the irresistible front end offer - with the bonuses -  the results will be far different for you!

The other critical factor to make FB ads work, is knowing your numbers.

I'm giving you my exact marketing tracking tools, so you'll always know exactly how your ads are performing.

You'll clearly see - at any moment - how much ROI your ads are generating.

And if adjustments need to be made to optimize your ads further, you'll know exactly what to do.

Facebook ads work best when you keep them simple, and you track the results.

I'll help you set up your ads in under 20 minutes, and even provide you my done-for-you ad swipe files.

So its literally plug and play!

An ads manager will charge you in the range of £2000 - £3000 per MONTH for this... but I'm going to show you how to make ROI without hiring an ads manager.

Plus you'll be able to speak with me over the phone, show me your FB ads before they go live, and review them so they have the best chances of converting. That's all included in this 1-1 fast-track mentorship program.

5. Who Else is Fed Up of Attracting Low-Quality, Deadbeat Leads?

Most trainers use ads in the wrong way. As a result, they attract dead-beat, low-quality leads who will not convert.

You don't need me to tell you how much of your  time & energy this wastes.

That's why we do things differently.

By adjusting the system just slightly, we're able to filter only the prospects most likely to buy.

When we run Facebook ads to our FEO we typically get dozens of leads every single day.

We simply don’t have the time to speak to everyone, so we must prioritize.

We do this by qualifying the best prospects.

Our qualification process is based on identifying "behavioural indicators" - a specific criteria of actions, words & responses that bring us the highest-qualified prospects who convert without resistance.

We contact these prospects first, and promptly close over 60% of them over the phone.

We don’t even bring the prospects into our facility. They pay over the phone, and come in for their first session of the program.

This process works seamlessly and smoothly for us - going on 7 YEARS -  thanks to the strong application & filtering process we use.

I'll be sharing this application process with you, and teach you how to identify behavioural indicators so you can instantly recognize which prospects are most likely to buy.

6. How to Liquidate Your Ad Costs & Profit Immediately.

We make back every penny we invest into Facebook ads within days - often hoursof launching the campaign.

When you do this, you are then able to re-invest and continue scaling up the number of prospects that sign up for your FEO!

How do you make the money back?

You’ll do this with a process called a “liquidator upsell”.

When the prospect signs up for your FEO and pays the money, we make them a one-time offer to upgrade to our “VIP” version of the package.

The VIP upgrade simply has additional features they can purchase on top of the original offer

Typically, 1 in 4 prospects will take this offer gladly.

With this liquidator offer in place we make all our ad spend back quickly.

We usually begin making profits before the FEO has even started.

This ensures you won’t lose money on ads, and will only experience positive ROI.

This gives you a never-ending flow of hungry prospects.

Crafting this upsell offer has been a key part of our profitability using this system over the years.

When you position the upsell correctly, it allows you to continue re-invest your profits & continually outspend your competitors.

Imagine YOUR business dominating the Facebook newsfeed of your town!

This builds huge trust for your brand, and further positions you as the "go-to" place to get results.

You and I will create a detailed financial plan so you'll know exactly how much to be investing in FB ads, and what return you should be making each week.

7. Ascend FEO Prospects into Long-Term, High-Paying Clients.

This is the core objective of running the FEO.

We typically convert between 40 - 60% of FEO prospects into long-term clients.

This increases our recurring revenue each month.

Imagine, if you enrol just 20 people into your FEO, you can easily bank £2,000 upfront... 

...and then if only 12 of those people continue paying you £100/month after the FEO, you've now increased your recurring revenue by £1200 every month. 

Repeat those simple numbers for the next 12 months, and you'd stand to add a whopping £14,400 a month to your recurring monthly revenue!

The best part is, this ascension sales is very easy.

That’s because the entire front end program does all the selling for you.

They’ve now experienced the culture and the results your service provides.

As long as your service is above average & gets them great results, they’ll be hooked to continue without pressure.

The prospects are so hot & in love with our culture and service that our center manager closes the 12-month contracts - even though she has zero sales or fitness experience!

And that’s the proven formula to quickly double or triple your client base:

  • Create an irresistible offer your prospect cannot say no to,
  • Use an application system to filter the prospects most likely to buy
  • Implement a simple liquidator offer to cover all your costs & make profit within days of launching
  • Ascend 40% or more of FEO prospects into long-term clients, adding thousands of pounds to your recurring revenue every month
  • Use Facebook ads to share your generous offer with tens of thousands of targeted local people- within minutes. . . so you never need to “hustle” for leads ever again. Let them come to you now.

This is the plan these fitness business owners followed to get the peace of mind and relief they deserved.

And if you want to plug in a lead generation system like this for your own business - with me helping you 1-1 along the way - then you better hurry…

Will You Keep Wasting Money On Overblown, Complicated "Funnel" Courses?

If you're sick of the constant and never-ending struggle of chasing 'shiny tactics... and you want a simple and consistent lead-generating system, this opportunity is for you.

If you're selected for this extremely limited program, you’ll have your own Front End Offer & Facebook ads campaigns designed, set up and actively getting you leads - within 28 days.

In fact, not only do we help you create the right offer, funnel and ads for your business & budget, but we’ll show you how to set up all the components & pages literally in under an hour, LIVE on a walkthrough livestream together.

These are NOT 3-hour long webinars with lots and lots of “homework”...

These lessons are quick and to the point. Exactly what you need to move forward fast. No complicated procedures or explanations.

You’ll finally have a system which delivers you consistent, qualified, ready-to-buy leads to your business whenever you turn it on.

Just go into your ads manager, turn on the campaign, and watch as the magic happens.

How much weight will this take off your shoulders?

How will it feel to finally start moving your fitness business in the right direction? 

To scale to the level you’ve always dreamed of WITHOUT putting more work on your plate?

If that sounds interesting to you…

Assuming you’re ready to handle an extra 5-10+ leads per day, you’ll want to move to the next step quickly.

But, this isn’t for everyone...

First, we’re unable to offer this 28-day intensive to just any fitness trainer.

There are some criteria you’ll need to meet - the most important being that you’re actually able to get results for your clients, and you’re not selling any weird gimmicks or potions.

Second, this is a very time sensitive offer… for a reason.

I'm Only Offering This 1-1 Program for a Limited Time.

That’s because of the amount of personal time & attention we put into mentoring each student to get the offer and ads right for their specific business. As my mutliple businesses continue to grow & get busier I can't dedicate my time to helping you 1-1 with this for much longer. At the same time, the demand for my 1-1 consulting services with high 6-, 7- and even 8-figure businesses is steadily growing.

This offer could come down any one of these days, so this could be your only chance to get my help to do this. 

This is no “cookie cutter” solution.

Your enrolment to the 1-1 mentorship is granted upon successful application & a quick call with our program director to ensure you have all your questions answered before we start.

Now, when you join the 4-Week Fitness Lead Generator Intensive, you’ll also get access to these implementation bonuses:

  • Full training to create yourFront End Offer 
  • My catalogue of tools, swipes and materials you can reprint for your own clients
  • Landing page templates to plug in
  • Application form pre-made template ready to use
  • Sales Script & Full Training Guide to Close Over The Phone
  • Real successful funnel / offer client case studies (presented by the clients themselves, and including Q&A)
  • Facebook ad swipes and real examples
  • Justin and other experts in the group daily to support with help


“So WHY are you revealing this to other fitness business … why not keep it all to yourself?”

Two reasons…

1.I do use it myself - every day!

For the past 7 years I’ve used this system to generate leads for my fitness businesses.

What typically happens is once trainers get their leads flowing in within days… they then ask me for help with other areas of business - like systems, team building and finances.  So it’s a win all round.

2. I vividly remember being broke, overwhelmed & uncertain.

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  I experience deep fulfilment helping trainers turn their fortunes around.

“I don’t want to risk money on FB ads if it doesn’t work”

What makes you think I want risk my money on Facebook?

Look... big risks are for amateurs taking a punt on advertising with NO plan of action. No proven sales process. And they don’t know what numbers to track.

It’s the trainers not using a system like this taking the big risks.

Randomly “boosting” posts with no long-term vision.

Imagine, your client going into a gym and performing random exercises with no plan. Would they get in shape?

That’s the person taking the ‘risk’.

While the rest of us get ahead by following proven principles, models and a plan of action.

We’re not trying to get rich quick here.

Just get a sustainable 5-10 quality leads through the door each day for almost no effort.

The business failures are those who don’t follow a reliable system which collects regular & qualified prospects with consistency, every day - and converts those prospects into paying clients.

That’s why we don’t need to generate more than a handful of prospects each day.

But if you can’t handle even a small amount of risk , I think you should consider stepping out of business altogether - in fact, stay out of self-employment full stop.

Just stick working as an instructor at a large commercial gym, and get used to wiping sweat off treadmills 6 hours a day for minimum wage.

But I’m confident that if you take advantage of our implementation coaching program, you’re going to have to try very, VERY hard to lose money; i.e. by NOT following my simple instructions!

I’ve generated a positive ROI on virtually every pound I’ve invested into Facebook ads over the last 7 years.

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“I hate tech stuff! Isn’t it a nightmare setting up pages, autoresponders and ads?”

Not at all. Internet marketers are running amok telling you to make all kinds of overblown, complicated, multi-step funnels.

And 99.9% of these gurus have zero experience actually running a fitness business like yours.

I’ve already said you can set this up in as little as 36 minutes - we know because my tech-expert gives you a live set up walkthrough session.

From top to bottom you can follow the step by step instructions and have your pages and emails integrated within an hour.

Plus, with the done-for-you email, page and Facebook ad swipes I gift you, it’s literally a ‘plug & play’ affair.

“Will I have to work more hours to make this work?”

No. This is not a system that encourages you to work longer, harder, or to ‘hustle & grind.

The aim is for you to automate your lead-generation so you can enjoy more freedom.

Most trainers are wasting 90% of their time on ineffective marketing methods. Because they refuse to get the help they sorely need.

By freeing up this time you can enjoy more holidays, and also get to wok ON your business - serving clients and leading your team to create the undisputed best value facility in your town.

“I’ve tried things like this before and it never works”

I totally agree. Most ‘marketing tactics’ are complete nonsense because, frankly, the people behind them don’t know what they’re doing, and / or don’t even use it themselves.

This is different. Why?

Because it works!

I’ve used it for almost a decade to grow my own fitness businesses… and I still use it to this day.

And now, so do other fitness trainers all around the world, who are seeing similar success after months - or years - of frustration and wasted effort.

Remember, I’m still running fitness businesses to this day, practicing what I preach. I only share with my clients what’s proven to work by testing on my own business first.

So there’s no ‘theory’ by some internet marketer… this is real fitness business owner sharing what’s helped me grow (and even sell) fitness businesses for a near decade.

“How does this program work and what does it include?”

This is an intimate mentoring program based on implementation.

We’ll work together to make sure you know exactly what to do, with daily, bite-sized chunk steps.

The first online workshops will help you get to grips with financial targets.

I'll then work with you to create an ‘irresistible” low-barrier offer that your prospects can’t say ‘no’ to.

I'll give you the step by step instructions, and be on hand in the private group to give you specific, individual solutions to any questions that arise on the way. You will not get left behind.

Next, you’ll show you a behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the exact lead-generation funnel we’ve used for many years to grow our facilities.

You won’t believe how simple - but devastatingly effective - it is.

You’ll wonder why you spent all that time with complicated, overblown funnels and ‘internet marketing’ tactics that only left you more overwhelmed than when you started!

And if you’re worried about the “tech set up” - we got you covered!

Not only is it ultra-simple to implement, but my own funnel builder Alex is there in the group to help out every day.

You'll have simple bite-size tutorials that lead you through the set up - what to click, where to point, etc. Every step covered and made simple -  even if you’ve never done anything like this before!

Really, the set up requires:

  1. A registration page for prospects to express interest (we give you the exact template that’s worked for us).
  2. An application form (we give you the exact form / questions I use and I share the psychology behind why it qualifies the prospect so well).
  3. A Facebook ad (which takes literally 15 minutes to set up, as I give you a SWIPE file of our best ads and images, and tell you the exact targeting to do for YOUR specific fitness business and location.).
  4. An email autoresponder - that stores your new leads, and send an automated confirmation email (yes, you guessed it… I even give you the email to swipe and fill-in-the-blanks).

Again, we’ll prove to you that the A-Z set up of this literally takes no more than 40 minutes.

You’ll be walked through it one step at a time and you can ask us questions inside the private support group if you get stuck (which is extremely unlikely).

Plus, we'll have our 1-on-1 calls to review and make sure you're making great progress.

If you’re STILL tech-phobic, then we can build the whole thing FOR YOU!

If you’d still like us to build it FOR YOU, we can offer you an insanely discounted rate to get that done inside the program. We’ll build it for you in under 24 hours if you choose that option.

Once your funnel is live, I’ll then teach you another live workshop on how to convert your qualified prospects into buyers - over the phone, in under 30 minutes per call.

You’re also getting my proven sales call template / script… and a full video training bonus.

I’ll also teach you how to OUTSOURCE your sales to a member of your team, and how to find an ads manager to take over the Facebook stuff - for HALF the price they usually ask, if you choose that option (many trainers realize how simple running their ads actually is, and opt to look after it themselves so they save a few thousand quid a month).

Imagine the feeling of elation and relief when you see your fitness business growing without your direct involvement - right before your eyes... just like this client on the program recently shared with us:

Apply For The Program

“How long will it take for my funnel to be LIVE - and getting money in the BANK?”

Great question… and here’s where this program really shines…

If you follow the instructions as and when we give them, your funnel will be live within the first 7- 10 days of the program.

This gives us another fortnight to review your ads, help you convert more sales and give individual funnel and ad critiques.

“Can any trainers do this?”

Yes, any sane trainer with a desire to grow a business can do this.

The real burning question, however, is … will they do it?

Most trainers won’t. They’ll choose to keep struggling. To keep hustling. To ‘grind’ and wear it as a badge of honour.

But that isn’t paying the bills or giving you a good quality of life, is it?

Any trainer could do this. But only those who are truly committed to succeed, and are coachable, will do it.

“Can I speak to someone if I get stuck at any step of implementation?”

You bet…

1-1 Mentoring With Justin Devonshire Plus Unlimited  Support

You aren’t simply left to get on with it. This is NOT an information course… its an IMPLEMENTATION program. I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way.

For the entire 4 weeks I’ll be walking you through the entire process.

...Creating your offer.

...Setting up the lead-gen system.

...Launching and reviewing your Facebook ads.

...Closing the sales over the phone.

...Ascending those buyers into long-term clients at your facility or bootcamp.

...Even outsourcing the sales and ads management if you choose.

But it doesn’t end there…

Behind-The-Scenes of My OWN Ads Funnel - 100% Transparency

As we work together in this program, you’ll be able to access an exclusive & private group where I’ll show you in real time the ads and funnels that are generating us leads each day.

You’ll see me walking the walk in real time, with full transparency.

You’ll see that I’m not sharing a method that I ‘used to’ use… nor is it ‘theory’, like most online gurus throw at you.

Instead, I’ll be showing you my ads reports and sales numbers in REAL time - across multiple fitness businesses.

From the first day you start the program, relax and watch as I prove everything to you as you see it before your eyes on screen.

You have to wonder why no-one else does that? Could it be that they’re not THAT confident  in their so called ‘profitable’ marketing systems?

If I wasn’t 110% confident this can get you a steady & reliable flow of new clients EVERY DAY, clearly I would not be offering this… or I would embarrass myself!

And don’t go looking for the ‘catch’ because there isn’t one. I’ll be sharing the exact offers, funnel and ads with you that we’re using to grow our fitness business this very day, as we speak.

And you’re only days away from having your own system working the same way for you, with my comprehensive and personalized instruction.

I will demonstrate how we’re attracting 5-10+ qualified prospects a day - and dozens of new clients every month… and even better, how I set the whole lead-generation system up to happen on autopilot.

Wake Up To a Handful of Qualified Applicants Every Single Day!

Imagine waking up to 5-10 fresh & qualified application forms in your inbox each day… all telling YOU why they should get the spot on your irresistible new program.

All because you followed my simple instructions and implemented my DFY tools and swipes.

Then you get on phone calls with these prospects, with no awkwardness or hard-selling required.

Because they’ve asked you to call them… they’ve asked you to join your program… and you are choosing to accept them.

With the dynamic completely reversed, you never have to chase prospects or sound desperate or ‘salesy’ ever again.

This isn’t hype.

You can see many fitness business owners - just like you - experiencing this shift and talking about it on the post screenshots on this very page.

You can come up with more and more excused if you like… but the REALITY is that this is proven to work, and I keep proving it month after month after month with more fitness business owners who are transforming their fortunes.

Those trainers made the choice to get off the sidelines and into the game.

They decided to stop getting in their own way.

They accepted that what they were previously doing was only burning them out and leaving them more broke.

They wanted - no, they needed - something to change.

For the sake of their health, their finances, their marriages, or just their sanity!

They accepted help and guidance, and were rewarded for it.

Just like you probably encourage your own prospects who tell you they’ve “tried everything” to lose weight… and are skeptical to start your program…

You KNOW they’ll get life changing results within weeks if they start with you… yet do you take that same mindset when investing in your OWN success?

Or are you just like that weight loss prospect who's “tried it all” and “nothing works for her”... even though the PROOF of results is staring her in the face?

I don’t want that to be you. In fact, I know it’s NOT you… or else you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Your Gateway to Escape The “Hustle” & Enjoy Financial Certainty

The 4-Week Fitness Lead-Generation Implementation is nothing short of a predictable, life-long income, if used correctly, so how do you put a value on that?

As you’ll see when you enrol into the program for day one, I pride myself on over delivering value for money.

The price I decided upon in the end was £600.

No crazy bonuses or tricks to ‘sell it off the shelf’; what I’ve told you already will hopefully mean you don’t need to be bribed with gimmicks like that; I only want to work with serious trainers who know an incredible opportunity when it hits them.

I hope you’ll see this as an investment in the future of your business, not only the first 30 days, so my aim is to get money in YOUR pocket as soon as possible.

There’s no reason you can gain 5, 10 or even 20 new clients inside the 4-weeks of implementing and mentoring together. Many other clients on this program do so, regularly.

You can easily make back double or triple your initial investment before the 4-weeks are over.

Then, you can continue running your new lead-generation funnel as a perpetual cash machine ATM for you and your loved ones.

Just think… follow the simple instructions and deploy the DFY tools and by the time the month is over you’ll not only have made back a healthy ROI; you could have a dozen or more new clients also!

I’m fully convinced that once you see how simple and effective this process is, you’ll know you’re at a turning point in your life , so I want nothing to stand in the way of that.

See For Yourself At MY Risk

I KNOW first hand this works and that it will work for you too if you’re lucky enough to secure a place in time.

All you need to do is follow my simple instructions, and use the group for support, feedback and coaching.

As I’ve said, this is the exact system I’ve used reliably for more than seven years to grow my fitness businesses with peace of mind and certainty.

However, I understand you may need a little reassurance and for me to hold all the risk so you KNOW you cannot possibly be burned?

I thought so. And here it is…



Go ahead and join me for the entire 4-weeks of hands on private mentoring. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions. Use my templates, swipes and scripts to generate a flood of new leads and buyers. Put money in your bank account! And take advantage of me and my support team of coaches inside the 4-week program. Pick my brains… get ALL the info you need!

And, provided you’re accepted to be mentored (see later), if for any reason you weren’t satisfied that this program delivers on its promise before the 30 days is up, tell us and I’ll refund you in full. Every cent, without fuss, and with no hard feelings. I shall then award your place to the next trainer on the waiting list, so it’s absolutely no problem for me.


Apply For The Program

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And remember, 4 weeks is not only enough time for you to have your lead-generation system pumping your inbox full of eager prospects… its enough time to double or even triple your money too!

So now you have nothing to lose. I want you to have total peace of mind by moving forward now to seize something which, finally, is the answer to your business prayers.

Sound good so far? It should; its the proposal no “make 6-figures” marketing gurus dare to make.

Okay, but...

...Now the Bad News:
Only 2 Trainers Will Win This Opportunity Each Month

Sorry about that. As much as I could open this up to many more trainers at once, and make a lot more money for myself, I’m purposely choosing not to.

Because of this one good reason…

As you can imagine, giving unlimited support, individual feedback & close mentoring and accountability must severely limit the numbers we can work with at one time.

My priority is giving first-class service to those dedicated, invested trainers, without any compromise.

I genuinely hope you’re one of the very few who are accepted and work with me.

I hope you understand. Now, if you’re FAST  - and I mean, you act NOW, today, you should have no problem securing a place before spots are all taken.

This isn’t some cheap sales trick either - the reason is genuine as I explained.

Once the doors are closed, that’s it.

I urge you to take this opportunity and weigh up the honest cost of NOT getting your “lead-generation problem” sorted in the next 30 days.

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A Consistent & Predictable Stream of New Clients Awaits You

You probably see this invitation as being a little different to the “norm”.

Well, that’s because this is the real deal. I’m the “real deal” (a nickname I’m honoured to be given by my own client base and colleagues).

The reason my name and reputation has remained stellar over the years - in an industry ripe with ‘get rich quick’ schemes and shoddy marketing tactics - is because I deliver results.

Remember, I still own my own fitness businesses and practice what I preach every single day, so I know what I’m talking about!

Sorry to be harsh, but this is CLEARLY different to anything you’ve seen, as no -one else will give you this much implementation, transparency & DFY tools… and definitely not for the small investment I’m giving this away for.

Not to mention me taking 100% of the risk on your behalf with my money-back guarantee.

So don’t let more time pass you by… don’t go yet another month “hoping” you’ll pay the overheads… start now.

You’ll be taken to a short & easy application process, and then schedule a time to chat with our Head Mentor Jean-Paul (or, “JP” as we call him!).

On your brief, 20-minute call with JP, he’ll get to know your business and make sure that this is the best investment for you right now.

He’s also on guard to ensure we only accept action takers who WILL implement, and who will be proud to share their results to inspire other trainers to join us in the future.

When JP is confident that you’re going to be an A-player with us, and we have great chemistry, he’ll give you access to pay, and you’ll be promptly enrolled on this 4-week ride!

Then you'll get instant access to the course material to begin your implementation. We'll book our first 1-1 call too.

I can’t wait to engage with you on our live online workshops, and inside the private mentoring group, as you make this the very last month you ever ‘scrape by’ for new leads and sales!

Speak soon,

Justin Devonshire

Founder, “Fitness Business Blueprint”

P.S. On the easy to follow implementation program you’ll have a steady stream of new leads and sales within 4 weeks.

Using the proven - and simple - I’ve used for nearly seven years to grow multiple fitness businesses - that work without me being there.

P.P.S. As I said, don’t worry if you haven’t made FB ads work yet, or if you hate ‘tech stuff’.

This way is so much simpler, trainers are seeing amazing returns quickly, and you’re doing it all at my risk; after all, doing the same thing month after month and expecting different results is insanity!

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