The 6 Step Blueprint To Become The Go-To Authority & Enrol High-Paying Clients

If you’re a coach, consultant, expert or trainer that wants to:

  • Become the go-to authority in your niche
  • Build a loyal tribe of followers,
  • And enrol high-paying clients…

…this will be the most important content you read all week. But first,

Tell Me Honestly, Does This Sound Familiar…

  • Do you struggle to earn a consistent & predictable income… even though your advice & products are life-changing?
  • Your services are worth more than what you charge… but because new leads are scarce, you drop your prices “just to be sure” you get the client?
  • Having a steady flow of qualified, ideal prospects would change your life – BUT nobody knows who you are, and you have no idea how to compete for attention with the ‘big players’ in your industry?

If these frustrations are painfully common for you, it’s likely because the marketing strategies that worked years ago are outdated and irrelevant now. Today you’re up against waves of new competitors – and that number keeps growing.

Your market are becoming more sceptical & jaded every single day.

There’s too much ‘noise’ out there.

Being a specialist is no longer enough. 

That’s because

More Competitors Are Flooding Your Market Than Ever Before

The expert-industry is exploding right now. In fact, the US Department of Labor Statistics estimate the consulting industry will grow by 83% by 2018 (even whilst other industries suffer).

As a result, many coaches, consultants, experts and trainers are finding it increasingly hard to gain the trust of their market and enrol high-paying clients.

The key to create trust, influence & exposure in the eyes of your prospects is to become seen as an Expert Authority.

You can still win the trust & brand loyalty of your prospects, using a process I call the Expert Authority Blueprint.

Knowing your ‘customer avatar’ and building a basic sales funnel is not going to cut it any more.

I’m about to walk you through the 6-step ‘Blueprint’ I used to go from zero clients and zero influence – to becoming an international speaker, live seminar leader and consultant to 7 and 8-entrepreneurs.

It’s critical for any expert to understand this 6-step formula.

Positioning YOU As The Expert Authority

What does this mean, exactly?

It means you have more influence. You reach more people to create more impact. And as a result, you attract more income, freedom and fulfilment.

The Expert Authority is seen everywhere.

The Expert Authority commands 10X the fees a non-authority does.

The Expert Authority is trusted, and celebrated as the ‘go-to’ source for results.

YES – You will win more clients, because they know, like and trust you.

My name is Justin Devonshire. I personally mentor coaches, experts and speakers to quickly brand themselves as an authority in their niche, create a loyal following, and convert higher-paying clients.

I’ve taught those expert-entrepreneurs the ‘secret‘ for creating Expert Authority status – even if nobody’s heard of you yet – and I want to share it with you, too.

I call this a ‘secret’, but actually its right in front of you.

Take a look at the leading expert authorities today – such as Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, or Brian Tracy, for example. These figure-heads of industry are well-known, respected, trusted and command the highest fees.

But What Do All These Influencers Have In Common?

The difference between the leaders of industry and the experts who scrape & struggle month-to-month is one thing.

The influencers have created what I call, “Expert Authority” positioning.

They are experts of their field, and know how to get their clients results.

But they are also seen as the authority on that subject – that everyone relies on and can trust their word before even meeting them.

Hey look,

I’m sure you’re a great expert on your topic, and you deliver results.

…but do your prospects know, like and trust you before you get the opportunity to work with them? 

Or, do your best prospects keep fleeing to the competitor they trust more?

Creating Expert Authority positioning is the key to gain trust, influence and exposure in the eyes of your prospects. It will also help you more easily turn strangers into paying clients.

So, how do you become seen as the Expert Authority to your market – even if nobody knows who you are?

Introducing The Expert Authority Blueprint: 6 Steps to Grow Your Influence, Impact & Income

The Expert Authority Blueprint is based on 6 core elements that help you rapidly gain more awareness, trust and followers.

When you apply every step – in sequence – you’ll start attracting more followers, leads and high-paying clients, like a magnet. Not only that, but as an influencer you’ll receive more invitations to speak on stages, to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and closing high-ticket deals will become a lot easier.

Step 1: Profile Your Best Prospects (And Find Out Exactly Where They Are)

Is it frustrating that nobody engages with your content or marketing messages? The sound of crickets chirping is louder.

This is what happens if you haven’t accurately profiled your target customer.

I don’t just mean knowing their age and gender. This goes much, much deeper. 

When you create a psychological breakdown of the specific prospect you can serve in the best way, they’ll become hooked to anything you say.

This means understanding the emotions they feel most often, who they take advice from, and knowing all the potential reasons they why they’ve not yet solved their problem.

But even that’s not enough…

If you want to be the Expert Authority and have a magnetic influence you need to know what stage of the buying process each of your prospects are at. There are three main stages of “prospect readiness” that person moves through before buying.

This concept is also known as”

The 3 Stages of The Buyer’s Journey

If you can identify each of these ‘phases’ – and send the right messages at the right time – you’ll create a deeper & more meaningful relationship with your market. These phases are as follows:

  • The Awareness Phase: The person is becoming aware of the real nature of their problem, and believes that a new possibility exists (inspiration).
  • The Information Phase: The person enters the market to compare potential solutions, and wants to know more about your process for getting results (education)
  • The Action Phase: The prospect is ready to make a decision, and will most easily choose via a demonstration of your product. (Engagement)

Understanding this marketing science if vital.

The reason most marketing fails to engage or convert the audience is because it does not follow this logical sequence.

In fact, most marketing material is either “Information” or “Action Phase” oriented. You’re either trying too hard to teach your prospect technical details, or features, or pushing them into trying your product before they’re ready.

The truth is that about 90% of your market are in the Awareness Phase.

In contrast, only about 7% are in the Information Phase.

3% of the market are in the Action Phase.

So that means only 3% of the people that see your marketing material are in a position to do anything about it. You’re ignoring 90% of the prospects you could be building relationships with.

If you don’t understand the Buyer’s Journey you’re ignoring 90% of the prospects you could be building relationships with.

Most coaches, consultants and experts do not profile their ideal prospect. Nor do they consider the Buyers’ Journey.

And it costs them big time.

So, understand your prospect even deeper, and understand what stage of the decision-making process they’re in.

Then create content & marketing messages that ‘meet them where they are’, before gently leading them through your sales funnel.

But there’s another benefit to profiling your ideal prospect..

Because once you’ve identified the people who are already looking for what you offer, you’ll easily discover where those people are. That means you can put your content and offers right in front of them, every day.

When you understand the ‘who’, you’ll easily determine the ‘where’.

This first step of the Expert Authority Blueprint process alone will put you ahead of your competitors and attract legions more customers to you.

But if you want to really dominate your market as the obvious choice, its time to go to the second step:

Step 2: Create a Signature-Branded Service – That’s Irresistible To Your Ideal Prospects

Have you ever been confused about what to offer in your packages?

How much to charge?

And how do you make sure your prospects choose you over the competition?

Most coaches & experts struggle to sell programs, even though they have life-transforming knowledge to share.

If you’re not in high-demand for your services, its likely due to the following reasons:

1) Your services & products look and sound the same as everybody else’s, so its not appealing to your market…

2) You’re stuck in the ‘time for money’ trap, so your income isn’t scalable.

If you look at the Expert Authorities who’ve made the biggest contribution, and had the biggest financial success, you’ll see that their services have 3 things in common.

The most successful Expert Authorities in any niche, had the same 3 things in common…

I encourage you to model these 3 elements for your own service:

First – document your process for getting results into a unique framework, system, or ‘blueprint’ that a client can follow for themselves.

Next, offer a results-driven package, not time-driven.

Its not appealing to a prospect to pay something for an hour of your time. Neither do they care if you offer ‘blocks’ of 10 sessions.

All your customer cares about is the result.

And here’s what’s really interesting…

If you can get fast results, you can often give less time to your clients, but charge more.

That’s because if you can get a result faster then you can charge more than competitors, even if you give less sessions, or fewer weeks on the program.

That’s why a train ride costs more than a bus – they both get you to the same destination, but the train gets you there faster.

Finally, make your service scalable.

Even if you’re full with clients, your income is capped. The way to wealth as an expert is to touch more lives.

The more people you help, the more you receive in return.

To do this, you need at least one service that is what I call, an “Infinity Model“.

Your Infinity Model is a package or product that can be sold to a scalable number of people. It must be able to serve thousands – or even millions – of customers, even whilst you sleep.

The great news is, with tools and software today, you can do this in literally 24 hours, at a super low cost (or even free).

So, to recap:

  1. Create your signature framework for getting results.
  2. Create a results-driven hook to entice your prospects. Talk about the benefits the program delivers, not the features of getting there.
  3. Make this service scalable, so you can serve virtually unlimited numbers of people that need your help.

Now that you’re ready to get yourself out there, its time to start building a following of people.

Step 3: Build a Loyal, Hungry Tribe of Followers (That Grows 24/7 – On Autopilot)

Does it sometimes feel like you’re doing a hundred things to get leads & build your list?

Are you posting on multiple social media accounts, writing non-stop content, and ‘hustling’ every day to bring prospects to your website?

Does marketing just seem too…overwhelming?

The problem here is that most coaches spend 90% of their time on marketing.

Why is that a problem?

Because more important tasks aren’t being done.

Your clients aren’t being served to the highest standard. You have no time to enjoy life away from business. You get tired and overwhelmed.

The real secret is that the most successful coaches spend only 10% of their time on marketing & list building.


Because of automation.

The top 7- and 8-figure experts use automated systems to build their list and attract prospects straight to them.

Here are a few steps so you can quickly slash your time spent marketing, and gain some extra freedom (while your list will start growing 100X faster than it currently is!)

1.Start building a pixel audience on Facebook 

Facebook gives you a pixel, which you can drop onto your WordPress blog. When anyone lands on that blog, Facebook captures that person onto a list that you can then retarget with an advertising message later on.

You can also collect a pixel audience of people that watch your promoted videos on Facebook.

This works extremely well because all you need to do is focus on giving good quality blog posts, or Facebook videos (FB also pixel people that have watched your videos).

This builds an audience of people most interested in your content. They’re essentially raising their hand in the air and saying, “I want to learn about this solution to my problem!”

2.Retarget that pixel audience with an opportunity to subscribe for even more great value

When you then retarget those people with an offer to join your mailing list, we’ve seen two incredible things happen:

First, your opt-in percentage rate significantly increases. Here’s a recent screenshot of an offer we ran for a 7-day challenge:65-ssf-7dc

Because we only offered this challenge to our pixel audience of people that had already consumed our content, we got an incredible 65% opt-in rate on the landing page.

Across the board our landing pages convert at 50%, 60% and even 70%+ when we attract leads this way.

But we found a second interesting thing happen from list building on autopilot in this way…. our conversion rates from leads to buyers goes up drastically. That means a lot more of our email list subscribers become paying customers.

Building a pixel audience of people who’ve consumed your content first, and retargeting only those people with an offer for more has drastically boosted our conversion rates, and slashed our marketing costs. – Justin Devonshire

So overall, when you build an audience of content viewers, and then retarget them with an offer to subscribe, your conversions go up, and your customer acquisition costs come right down. More sign ups, and more buyers.


Because you built trust, authority and influence first – by sharing excellent value content and only following up with those most ready to move into your sales funnel.

And all this happens on autopilot.

In fact, I’ve built an audience of over 134,000 people who’ve watched my videos on Facebook, in the last few months alone. I’m adding at least 500-1000 people to my audience every single day, and investing less than $10 per day on Facebook ads to do this. 

If you’d like to learn how to implement such a strategy in your own coaching business, you can join my free Facebook group where I teach these tactics at no cost at all. You can CLICK HERE to join.

That’s how you can free up 90% more time, whilst your audience grows exponentially.

Step 4: Turn Followers Into Raving Fans (By Giving Even More Epic Content)

So now you’re building an exponential list of interested prospects every single day.

But how do you build a deep, trusting relationship with this audience, so that they become paying customers?

The mistake most experts make here is to bombard their list with sales offers immediately upon joining.

What’s worse, is that they keep sending their list the exact same offer – over and over again – until the person gets annoyed, and un-subscribes.

We’re going to do things very differently – so you stand out over the competition immediately

The Expert Authority way of building trust & influence is to send your list even more epic content, before asking for a sale.

And the best part? This too can be automated pretty quickly.

Remember back in step 2 – you documented your ‘framework’ process for getting results?

Its this process that make up the bulk of content inside your marketing funnel. We know that people on your list have an emotional desire to get the result you help them with.

Now, all we need to do is create a logical connection that you have the steps for success. Let the prospect see how this would all work. Educate them on the pieces of the puzzle that will lead them to success.

So, you can create content based on your ‘framework’.

Some examples of content that work well in this phase of your funnel include:

  • A video series demonstrating the steps to success, as well as some case studies – such as Jeff Walker’s ‘Product Launch Formula‘.
  • A ‘challenge’ that drips a piece of content to the user each day to help them create a plan. If you’d like to learn more about creating challenges for your sales funnel, then check out my friend Scott Oldford’s challenge method. He ran a free 7-day challenge with only 1,163 people.. .and generated over $300,000 in sales from it!
  • Or a PDF guide, or tutorial video

As long as this content walks your prospect through your process of achieving results, don’t obsess over which type of media you use.

Drip this content to your new subscribers so they know, like and trust you more and more.

By implementing this step before rushing to ask for a sale, you’ll provide more goodwill to your market, and create fans – whether they purchase or not. That gives you a great reputation, as well as more sales.

Step 5: Turn Fans Into High-Paying Clients (Without Needing To “Hard-Sell” Ever Again)

Most coaches dread the thought of selling.

I can see why:

It’s likely you’ve experienced somebody trying to ‘hard-sell’ you on something. You’ve been to a sleazy car-dealer.

You’ve been on the receiving end of a pushy salesman, who didn’t care about you – but only about extracting the money from your wallet.

But a bad experience of sales doesn’t mean it’s all bad. We have to sell.

There is a way for us to sell our services, that is ethical, friendly, not pushy, and actually makes the prospect feel understood and cared for.

In fact, the word sales actually comes from the Latin, “To Serve“.

So selling – in its purest form – is serving.

I see sales as giving your prospects the opportunity to work with you and change their life circumstances for the better. – Justin Devonshire

When you adopt that mindset, then the only reasons you’d feel bad about asking for money would be because you don’t believe in the power of your services.

And here’s a big secret to success in this industry:

You have to believe in your services 100%

Of course, your products and services aren’t perfect – and they never will be. There’s always new things for us to learn to help our clients, and ways we can improve the experience we give.

But you must believe that your services and products – your expertise – right now is powerful and able to change the lives of the clients who follow it.

Without that core confidence you’ll never attract prospects. You’ll never convert prospects to customers. And you will have robbed that person of the opportunity to transform their life for good.

Its important that a prospect invest in themselves if they want to see the best results. You believe that for yourself, so you must have the decency to believe it for your prospects also.

With that little ‘sales mindset’ bit out of the way, let’s talk about how to practically do this…

Here are some of the most powerful things that have helped me close high-ticket sales of thousands of dollars in my career so far:

The More You Pre-Sell The Less You Have to “Hard-Sell”

Most coaches feel they have to ‘hard-sell’ and ‘convince’ their prospects to buy. That’s because there was no pre-selling in place.

What is pre-selling?

Pre-selling is helping your prospect understand their problems & why they keep experiencing them, and also educating them on the process to get results. This is what we covered earlier, with the buyers’ journey.

When you give the right content to the right prospect at the right time, they will naturally gravitate your solution.

If you do not follow this principle, you will be left trying to close people with high-pressure sales tactics that do no good.

(Because even if a prospect buys – but feels negatively about the buying experience – they will likely quit soon after).

So if you have done the previous steps of the Expert Authority Blueprint so far, most of the ‘selling’ has already been done.

You’ve targeted the right prospects, understanding their most pressing frustrations in life.

You’ve created a signature service that promises to help them overcome those problems, making it irresistible to them already.

Then you’ve attracted the prospect onto your database by giving great value content and helping them get results in advance.

When they joined your mailing list you gave even more excellent content, such as a video series, a PDF or lead them through a challenge. You have successfully inspired, educated and engaged with your market.

At this point, those who’ve come through your sales funnel and stepped into the Action Phase will now see you as the most logical, trusted and obvious choice.

They already see you as the Expert and Authority – before there was any hint of a ‘sales pitch’.

This makes closing prospects far easier. Your attraction and content funnel did the hard work for us, automatically.

And that funnel sends the most qualified & ready prospects straight to you.

Now, we do that by giving one more piece of epic content.

This content however involves more commitment from the prospect.

This is a piece of content that gives them some personalized help, or even a demonstration or trial of your service.

We call this your “conversion mechanism”. Its the piece of content that converts the prospect into a buyer.

The most powerful conversion mechanisms for experts and coaches are:

1.Seminars & live events

You build extreme levels of authority & trust as a seminar leader. You are speaking to highly qualified leads, who’ve left their homes to be with you. Being a seminar leader allows you to make high-ticket sales in a leveraged way. Because you’re selling one-to-many, you can walk out of a 2 hour presentation with dozens of new clients at once.

Untitled design-2

This method is so powerful I created an entire training program on how to promote, perform and profit from your own seminars. After successfully promoting over 300 live seminars all around the world, I can vouch that its the fastest & most powerful skill if you want to scale your expert business quickly.

BONUS Tutorial: Discover the $100k Live Event Funnel (And Facebook Ads) I’ve Used to Successfully Promote Over 300 Seminars Around The World  <<< Click to watch instantly (NO email required)

2. Webinars & Livestreams

Webinars are a great alternative to seminars. Even though you don’t create as much authority as a webinar presenter, this is compensated for my the fact that you can speak to people all around the world at once.

3. Consultations & Trials 

How do Audi sell their cars?

By giving you a test drive of the actual car!

How to Starbucks sell their new drink?

By giving our free samples of it!

Its a time-proven fact that the fastest way to demonstrate how awesome your service is, is to let people try it for themselves.

Don’t worry about losing time or money here… free trials are a highly effective way of converting prospects into full-paying clients quickly.

All you need to do is ensure that your service gives excellent results as well as a great experience! Then offer the trial prospect an opportunity to enrol with you at the end.

Step 6: Be Seen Everywhere (Generating Traffic to Your Expert Authority Sales Funnel)

Once the previous 5 steps are in place, you’ll have a functioning, and highly automated sales funnel that attracts, captures and nurtures leads, before delivering them to your final conversion mechanism.

All that remains for you to do is send traffic into the start of that sales funnel.

Which means putting your epic, useful expert content in front of as many targeted people as possible.

And the amazing news is, with the tools & technology we have at our fingertips today we can show your content to literally hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of ideal prospects – within hours.

That’s not an exaggeration: the technology we have today allows us to locate, and specifically target people most interested in our content – from anywhere in the world.

Let me walk you through the three types of traffic generation you can start using today:

Traffic Source #1: Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is where you distribute your content manually to get more viewers.

There are three main platforms for organic content distribution:

  1. Social media platforms – such as your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts.
  2. Content publishing / discussion platforms – these are sites that you can publish content on and start discussions with other users. Examples include sites such as Medium, Quora or Buzzfeed.
  3. Celebrity Media platforms – can you get your content featured on Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, or Forbes? Which magazines, TV or radio stations serve your ideal market and would love to publish your content?

You can also boost how many people see your content using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is another form of organic distribution.

Getting organic traffic doesn’t cost as much financially, but the downside is it can take a lot of time to do it yourself. My marketing agency offers a service that can distribute your content around the web for you. If you’d like more details on that, send an email to

Traffic Source #2: Endorsed Traffic

Endorsed traffic comes when another influencer or platform shares your content.

This could include guest podcast interviews, partner webinars, or guest posts on somebody else’s blog or social media account.

Endorsed traffic is usually quite warm because the people trust the recommendation of the person that referred you. However the downside is that this form of traffic isn’t scalable, and requires more ‘hustling’ on your part to secure deals continuously.

Traffic Source #3: Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is when you invest in a platform to show your content to a list of targeted prospects.

This is the most automated, time-saving, and scalable of all traffic sources.

Ultimately, you can use organic and endorsed traffic methods to protect your budget, but real growth will happen much quicker when you pay for your own traffic.

Paying for your own traffic also gives you more control over your advertising.

Oh, and don’t worry about the cost.

As I showed you earlier, you can now use Facebook advertising to gather hundreds of people onto your pixel audience every single day – for less than $5. This kind of reach – for such a low cost- has never been available in history. I urge you to take full advantage of this to rapidly gain more followers and customers.

Your Next Steps…

When you put the Expert Authority Blueprint into action, you can:

  • Create content for your ideal prospects, so they engage with you, and see you as the trusted authority
  • Create a signature-branded ‘system’ for getting results, which you can turn into multiple income streams
  • Quickly build a loyal tribe of followers that know, like & trust you
  • Build strong relationships with your subscriber list, so they more quickly become buyers, or at least evangelists for what you do
  • Convert prospects into high-paying buyers using ‘conversion mechanisms’ that actually provide even more value. You never have to ‘hard sell’ ever again
  • Get your message seen by hundreds of thousands of your ideal prospects using the 3 content distribution channels – paid, organic and endorsed

When you implement these steps you have a functioning, sustainable business model that can scale into 6, 7 or even 8 figures and beyond.

The best part is that because most of the heavy-lifting work – the marketing and sales – is now automated (or very time-leveraged) you also have the free time & mobility to enjoy your life, be with your family, or do the things you want to do with your deserved success.

You’ll be the Expert Authority.

You’ll be making more impact, leading with more influence, and generating more income.

What Would Happen If You Implemented The 6-Step Expert Authority Blueprint – This Month?

Would you like to find out?

If this methodology of growing your business & helping more clients makes sense to you, I’d like to give you an invitation.

I have a private Mentorship & Mastermind program that personally coaches you through this entire business building process – from A to Z.

Not only do you get personal coaching, one-on-one so you know exactly what to do… but you’ll ALSO have access to my private mastermind where my entire team are waiting to assist you every step of the way. My Facebook ads managers, my copywriters, funnel builders… all there to answer your questions and give constructive feedback on your ads, content and funnels.

The Mentorship & Mastermind program is by application only. Find out all about it, who its for, and what you get at THIS PAGE. 


BONUS: Download the 6-Step Blueprint as an Infographic

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