7 Powerful Business Strategies for Your Bootcamp, Box or Studio (from our London Mastermind session this weekend)

1] Facebook ads are getting harder to approve & more expensive to run… but are STILL the biggest opportunity to get fitness clients. 

2] Use Instagram to build a local following & make connections with other businesses & media contacts. I predict in the next 24 months IG will be as popular as Facebook on a local marking level. 

3] You are leaving thousands of pounds on the table by not following up with your prospect list. Too many of you just give up if the prospect says ‘no’ on the first conversation. 

80% of sales are made after 5 follow ups. Yet 80% of you don’t follow up more than once. 

4] Don’t treat your email subscribers or FB contacts as statistics. They are real people. An email list of only 200 people is an extremely valuable asset – when you remember its 200 REAL PEOPLE that have asked for your help. 

5] Fall in love with your clients (again). In the pursuit of growing a business, managing a team & making content , we often forget about the people who got us here – our paying clients. Give back to them today. 

6] Stop trying to outsource yourself so fast. Many fitness businesses crumble because they try growing too fast. The owner wants to be free from the business & have it run without them. But removing yourself is not like flipping a switch. 

Yes, systems can be implemented immediately… but training your team to lead those systems & to understand your company culture can take months. 

7] Before scaling to another location, get these 3 assets in place: 1. Operating capital reserve of at least 6 months, 2. Two trained & Culture-immersed team members who can run the new location (and train their replacements for the current location), 3. an audience ready to buy into your next location. 

Putting these things in place can often take 9-12 months. So don’t be in a rush to open a new location without a thought-out plan. 

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