“A trainer recently quit working for me… and is now copying EVERYTHING we put out! Do we ignore it, or shut him down?!”

This happens a LOT. 

And its natural when you understand human psychology. 

But here’s the thing – if you’re getting copycats it means you’re WINNING. 

You’re the leader. They are the follower. 

You’re the Alpha, they are the Beta. 

And here’s why you do NOT need to worry about them: 

➡️ Will they take clients from you? 

If they do, they’ll only “take out the trash”. Meaning they’ll attract the lowest paying, highest complaining, toxic clients. 

They’re doing you a favour, trust me. 

When those clients are gone your culture will be 10X better, and you’ve made space for brand new clients (with a higher lifetime value) to jump in. 

➡️At BEST they’ll only be a second rate version of you. 

Their energy will attract other wannabes and uncommitted clients. 

They are toxic and will attract more toxicity to them. 

Their own energy of stealing, copying and fear will destroy them from the inside out. 

➡️They’ll ONLY copy your front end… 

…but you know the REAL value is in the back end. 

They’ll copy your Facebook ad – probably word for word… 

YET they’ll be too cheap to invest in a website to send those prospects to. 

They won’t understand your qualification process. 

They won’t be able to close high ticket (so they’ll slash their rates to undercut you – which, as I already mentioned, only take the uncommitted cheap clients out of the equation)

They will NOT deliver EPIC service like you do. 

They will NOT re-invest in their clients

Because they are trying to get it all without giving anything at all. 

This is because they are afraid. 

They are afraid because they have crippling self-worth issues.

➡️Use this as an opportunity to UP YOUR GAME 

Because look, if you CAN be copied then how creative & exciting is your service, really? 

Keep evolving the game, keep leading the way. 

Do the LITTLE things that you’ve been putting off.

Things like following up with last weeks and last month’s prospects. 

Call back ex-clients to see how they are. 

Call your clients more often to ask how else you can serve them. 

Give gifts to your clients. 

Put more social events on. 

Do that public seminar you’ve been putting off

Because here’s the truth:

The things you procrastinate on… are the things the copycat will NEVER have the guts to do. 


Use this as the opportunity to light a fire under your ass and do the things you KNOW you’ve been putting off because you got too comfortable.


At the end of the day, getting copyats means you’re doing something right. 

Winners focus on winning. 

Losers focus on winners.

Go fucking dominate. Innovate faster than they can imitate.

You got this 👊🏽

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