For Coaches, Consultants & Trainers Who Want to …

Escape The “Time-For-Money”
Trap & Enjoy a Scalable Income

…Whilst Making a Difference & Living The Freedom-Lifestyle

Regardless of how long you’ve worked for yourself, we’re a community of change-makers, teachers, coaches & consultants that can’t wait to help.

Every single expert in our thriving community deserves to life the life they want, whilst making a bigger impact in the world.

Maybe you’re here because you don’t know how to make yourself seen, heard & trusted amongst all the other experts out there.

Maybe you’re here because you’re not making the income you want, even though you have life-changing wisdom to share.

Maybe you’re here because you’re burned out & exhausted working 1-1 with clients – and need a scalable source of income so you can enjoy a freedom lifestyle.

Maybe you’re here because nobody else ‘gets’ you (its lonely being an entrepreneur out to change the world sometimes!) and you want to be part of a community of like-minded experts.

Whatever reason you’re here, welcome!

Let’s start, right now. You’re about to discover the steps to earning a comfortable $8k/month+ income without sacrificing your time, health, or relationships!

We’ll dive deep into structuring your business to be scalable from day one…instead of boxing yourself into another ‘job’ that enslaves you!

You’ll discover how to quickly be seen as the undisputed expert & trusted advisor to your market (…and why success has nothing to do with your how many certifications you have, nor how many years you’ve been doing this)

And you’ll learn how to grow a following and gain clients by doing what you love: sharing great content that inspires & educates people to make a change.

The best part? When you implement these steps you’ll actually love your business again.

That fire in your belly will come back. You’ll uncover an insatiable desire to impact millions of lives with determined confidence you never had before.

That might sound crazy right now. However, give this a chance and take some new actions, and you’ll see different results quickly. I promise.

A huge part of building an expert-business that gives you freedom & impacts thousands of people around the world will be about scalability.

This means creating a “real” business that serves people – without depending entirely on you showing up.

That means either packaging your expertise into online courses, products or memberships sites…

Or maybe offering live events to serve one-to-many…

Or even growing and leading a small team of experts who can teach your system for you…

Whatever feels best for you, these options allow you to rapidly grow your income without your time increasing. This way you make a bigger impact, you have more influence… and you earn a bigger income.

Impact, influence, income.


That’s what we do here. You’ll hear stories from coaches & consultants like you – who started with nothing but a vision of their ideal lifestyle, and a desire to help people. These experts found a way to build an amazing business that enhanced their life, rather than taking away from it.

We understand that we’re a bit quirky, a bit different, and that a lot of people just don’t ‘get’ us.

Maybe your family think you’re crazy and want you to get a ‘real job’. Or your partner is sceptical because the money isn’t coming in yet.

Or perhaps people laugh when you say you want to be as great as Tony Robbins, Joe Wicks, Gary Vee, Brian Tracy, or who ever your role models are?

Well here, we don’t judge.

In fact, we’re as stupidly-ambitious as you.

As some smart guy once said,

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are always the ones that do.”

The World Needs Experts Like You
(More than ever.)

I believe the world is going through a ‘consciousness shift’. Not to get too “Woo woo” here… but its clear that the masses are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.

More people than ever before in history are seeking professional guidance to improve their health, wealth and relationships.

This isn’t theory!

In fact, the US Department of Labor Statistics say that the coaching / consulting industry is set to explode by 83% before the year 2018!

And, according to the National Post, “Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world…”

What does this mean?

It means people out there are looking for experts like you to help them. And they’re willing to pay good money. The question isn’t “Can you help them?” because I know you’re good enough.

The real question is, “Are you prepared to be seen everywhere as the go-to choice and serve clients in droves?”

If you’re willing to learn the content here, and join our community of fellow coaches/consultants, you can soon start achieving results that will transform the quality of your life.

I have one question for you right now. Do you feel like you’re in the right place?

If no, that’s cool. This isn’t for everybody.

But if you’re feeling good about this, subscribe below to join our community and start growing your income with the “6 Steps to Expert Authority” free guidebook (takes under 7 minutes to read).


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So, Who The Heck Am I, Anyway?

Hey, I’m Justin Devonshire…

First & foremost, my goal is to help you create a reliable, predictable and scalable income by sharing your expertise.
Not only that – but I want to help you take advantage of TWO amazing trends right now:

1) The explosion of people searching for help to transform their lives (you have a bigger market than ever)
2) The ability to serve thousands of customers whilst enjoying physical mobility, and free time to travel, take up hobbies and other passions, be with your family, or just…chill!

I’ve been a coach for years. I taught martial arts… mindset / self-help… fitness and now I help business owners turn their expertise into a real income stream.

After struggling to make a reliable monthly income working 15 hour-days for years, and FINALLY finding some success, I knew I wanted to start helping others like me.

Once I built a “real” business that could generate money and grow without me working all the time, I saw the truth. I realized that 90% of the ‘marketing and sales’ coaches out there were teaching experts how to be busy.

…but really, I wanted to be free.

I took the typical guru advice… and to be fair, I made some good money! I booked my diary full with strategy calls… got a flood of clients coming in…

…but I hated my life.

Because I hadn’t created a business.

I’d created a job.

The point of leaving employment was so that I wouldn’t work all hours of the day. The point of starting this was to create


I don’t know if it’s the same for you. However, at least 90% of the clients I’ve spoken to say they started coaching / consulting to create freedom in their life.

That’s when the proverbial “shit hit the fan” as some would say.
I got a call from the family.

My mother had a brain tumor. Needed emergency surgery.

I had to close down my coaching business and cancel all my clients that day to be with my mother as she got back to health.

Fortunately, my mum recovered months later, and is doing great now.

But my ‘business’? That didn’t fare so well.

I realized that I never had a business. It was a glorified job.

A year later I finally got the courage to ‘start over’ and re-build my client base.

But this time it was different.
I would no longer create an income that depended solely on me.

I vowed to create a business that served my lifestyle… instead of my life serving my business.

I decided that I would not sacrifice my days… my health…my personal relationships… for the sake of money.

Instead, I would have it all.

I would grow a business that supported my freedom lifestyle.

That could be run in only a few short hours per day.

A business that would empower other coaches to deliver my teachings to clients. A business that would sell information products, memberships, live events and other scalable income streams that would never slow my growth.

And that’s what I did.

I went on to create a fully-outsourced fitness facility in a different country (where I don’t even speak the language) – in under 90 days.

I built a live event company that generated at least $8000/event – only working 3 hours per month on it.

And most importantly, I’m finally living a fun lifestyle on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

I have plenty of time for friends, a real relationship, and to the time to raise my 1-year old son.

Its taken me to the age of 30 to learn these lessons and get this far (and there’s a lot more I want to achieve in life). But if you’d told me just 5 years ago I’d be living this life I would have called you crazy.

I was burned out… hustling… sacrificing my time and working harder and harder. And it got me nowhere. Just more burned out, and hating life.

After years of trying, thousands of dollars invested in learning and a lot trial and error… I realized the answer was in working smarter, not harder.

I found the patterns I’d used to quickly grow a coaching / consulting business.

I put that together in a system called the Expert-Business Blueprint.

It’s a simple, 5-pillar system that any coach, consultant, expert, author or speaker can use to attract more leads, make more sales and create a business that impacts more people (and many have).

So, that’s when other coaches, experts, speakers and consultants reached out to get my help.

This page highlights just a few of those coaches. You likely recognise a few names there.

I decided to help coaches who were in the same struggle as I was to break free, and start creating real wealth and freedom with their expertise.

I was also sick of the fakes, phoneys and wannabe ‘business experts’ out there who had never experienced success in business, taking coaches money.

I heard horror stories of coaches / consultants who’ve paid thousands of dollars to ‘big name gurus’ only to get glorified ‘mindset’ training, or worse… business theory (rather than actual proven strategies that the mentor had used themselves first).

So, I set out to change that.

I started sharing what was working in my day-to-day business growth.

I didn’t see anyone else helping coaches and consultants grow a real business that gives them freedom.

What started out as sharing posts on Facebook soon turned into a thriving community of coaches / consultants who all desired a freedom lifestyle of impact and abundance.

What started as just me sharing insights on social media has now become a movement.

Here’s a picture from one of my live seminars a couple of years ago, where I taught 1000 coaches/consultants how to get more clients, grow their business and create more freedom!:

These days, I run retreats, workshops and events around the world helping coaches & consultants grow their business.

I also help experts through my online courses, and my team offer done-for-you website/funnel building services.

I’ve been flown in to help big names in the coaching / speaking industry, and many 7- and 8-figure earners.

I want to help coaches, consultants, authors and speakers to multiply their message, and create a ripple effect of change throughout the world.

And I’d love for you to join us in this movement.

Yes, you.

But if you accept this invite, I want you to bring the full you. The real you – the authentic you.

That’s where the word ‘authority’ really comes from – authenticity.
The people need to see YOU – your victories and your flaws. Your challenges and your aspirations.

Be part of the Expert Business movement and we’ll help you get your message out there to thousands of people, and create a business that gives you the abundance you deserve.

I wrote a book, and I’d like to give you a copy for free.

Its titled, “The Expert-Business Manifesto: 5 Pillars To Grow a Real Business That Gives You Freedom & Fulfilment”.

Claim your copy here ($0.00)

This guide is no fluff. No B.S.

In fact, the content in this manifesto alone has helped coaches escape the time-for-money trap & enjoy more freedom.

Plus you’ll receive an invite to our Facebook Community with other like-minded coaches, consultants and experts.


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The Expert Business Blueprint

Still reading?

Want to know more about the Expert Business principles for creating a business that gives you the lifestyle you want, whilst helping more clients than ever before?

Here’s a brief lowdown, plus some guides & resources to start you off…

No, You Don’t Need “Ninja” Marketing Secrets to Get Clients…

…nor do you need the high-pressure sales tactics.

There’s a better way to attract clients.

The newer, better way to attract clients is to do what you love – sharing and helping.

Here’s why:

There are lots of coaches, consultants and trainers flooding the market. As a result, your prospects don’t know who to trust. They’re sceptical.

How would they know who to trust? When everyone is claiming to get results… everyone says they’re ‘the best’, what can your prospect do?

Instead of trying to shout the loudest, or tell people you’re the best, I invite you to demonstrate you’re the best solution for them.

My mentor Frank Kern taught me, years ago, that if your marketing simply demonstrates your value by helping people, you’re going to build trust, rapport, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche – all at the same time.

So, I decided to master content marketing.

Whilst others pushed, I would pull.

Whist others looked desperate and needy, I would help my clients get real result with my free content.

I would publish information, tips and case studies that would help them.

And in return, my market quickly trusted me, and wanted to pay my fees to work with me.

That’s why content marketing – or ‘Value-Based Marketing’ is the key to success as a coach, consultant or trainer.

You can easily and quickly stand out, influence your market and attract higher-paying clients – even if there are dozens or hundreds of other coaches / consultants seeking the same market.

Ensure You’re Create a Freedom-Business, Not a Job

Chances are you never actually wanted a business?

Most coaches / consultants I’ve met (including me) wanted just to work for ourselves. To be self-employed.

And that doesn’t mean you own a business. That’s a critical distinction, you understand.

Because lack of this understanding is the single biggest cause for most overwhelm, burnout, stress and sacrifice that coaches make whilst trying to ‘get by’ each month.

As I mentioned in my story earlier… a big problem is that marketing and sales coaches attempt to make you busy.

They mean well, of course. They’re just offering you what you say you want.

But do you really want to be busy?

Or is that actually what you think needs to happen for you to be ‘successful’?

And then we have to ask, how do you actually define ‘success’?

Is it just money?

Money is important. Its great!
But that can’t be it.

What about free time? Always being available for your family, friends or partner?

What about the ability to travel- to get up at a moment’s notice and visit all the places in the world you’ve always wanted to see?

Your business can produce this for you, and a whole lot more.
But you do need a business for that to happen. Not a job.

What’s the difference?

You work for a job. And you have to keep repeating the same tasks over and over.

Whereas a business can work for you.

You duplicate the tasks and systems that make it work. Your business delivers value to your customers, whether you are present or not.

This is scalable. It can help a lot more people. It gives you the freedom you seek.

No matter how hard you work, if you’re caught in the “time for money” trap, you’ll always have a limit on your income potential.

Worse than that, since you know that the more money you earn the less free time you’ll have, you will find ways to self-sabotage.

I see it all the time. I did it too.

I was afraid to get my message out there in a big way.

Because I wasn’t protected if it went well.

Neither was I protected if it didn’t go well.

What I mean is, if I was rejected, or made to feel bad, then I couldn’t take it. I wasn’t mentally strong enough to take the judgement and criticism that’s inevitably thrown at us when we get ‘too big for our boots’.

On the other hand, if my message was well received, and took off big time, how would I handle all the clients?!

I was only one person! And I was already working 8 hours a day! (plus a few hours on the weekend that I’d sneak in around my family or partner).

So, my teachings are based around you working smarter, not harder. I want you to create leverage. This means allowing more people to benefit from your message, expertise or inspiration.
You can do this, really in two ways:

1) Documenting your intellectual property into a product, or course.

2) Training another specialist to deliver work to your clients, or even hold live events on your behalf.

This gives you the freedom lifestyle you’re looking for, whilst allowing a scalable, virtually infinite number of people to be helped.

Again, more impact leads to more income. You must have a scalable way of sharing your content if you want ultimate freedom.

To learn how to start removing yourself from the ‘daily grind’ and start building a “real” business that serves YOU as well as your clients, I recommend checking out this video training to get your started 

I’m not saying this is ‘easy’ or that you’ll ‘never work again’.

What I’m saying is that its time to work smarter, not harder.

Now, what’s the final piece in this puzzle?

Yes, you.

You’re the final piece to this whole puzzle. And I think when it comes to growing a successful coaching / consulting business, nobody talks about you.

Sure we talk about helping clients…

Spreading the message…

Building a business…

All great things.

But what about…you?

Here are a few questions that I believe are not talked about enough (see if you agree…)

  • How do you remain authentic and consistent as a role model or ‘influencer’ – when you don’t have ‘perfect’ days yourself?
  • How much of your time, energy, sweat and tears do your clients really deserve from you? Is there a boundary?
  • Who do you talk to when you have ‘visionary entrepreneur’ problems that nobody else around you understands?

Some important things to think about, huh?

That’s why taking care of yourself is an essential element of what I do. Most people won’t talk about this, because they say its ‘all about the clients’.

It is about them. But its just as much about you.

Remember who you’re doing this for first and foremost.
Its for you, for your family, and for your reasons.

Don’t let that fact slip you by. A certain amount of selfishness can be healthy here. Like they say on the aeroplane, “Fix your own gasmask before helping anyone else!”

In business it’s the same – you can only help your customers and be there for your family to the degree you can help yourself first!

Lets’ keep you strong, healthy, focused and passionate.

Don’t lose yourself in all of this.

I’ll finish by saying this:

We all have friends, partners, family or children that we can use as excuses not to build an expert-business. What would happen if instead we used those people as our reasons to succeed… not our excuses to fail?

When you implement the content here, and take the small, simple, but effective daily steps you’ll quickly implement the Expert Authority principles.

You can attract more clients and make a bigger difference. And you can do it without sacrificing your health, time, and relationships in the process.

It all starts by positioning yourself as the Expert and Authority in the eyes of the people we wish to serve.

Let’s go.


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Justin Devonshire – International Speaker & Leading Business Expert for Coaches, Trainers & Speakers

  • International Speaker & Trainer
  • Leading Marketing, Positioning & Sales Expert
  • Consults Some of The World’s Top Multi-Millionaire Coaches & Speakers To Fill Their Events & Sell High-Ticket Services.

Justin Devonshire helps coaches, experts, trainers and speakers to attract more clients & create a scalable income by creating ‘Expert Authority’ positioning quickly.

He mentors entrepreneurs around the world and is an international speaker & trainer.

Justin consults some of the biggest names in the coaching world, including companies generating $20 million in revenues, on how to triple their lead flow, charge premium fees & scale their business quickly.

Justin owns businesses in multiple niches, including health, personal development and entrepreneurial success.

He has partnered and shared the stage with some of the most successful speakers in the industry, including Bill Walsh, Mark Victor Hansen and Dave Dee. His businesses have been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, as well as national TV & radio.