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Your Next Step?

Is to work with me - 1-on-1 to grow your fitness business, for FREE. 

What? An entire month of 1-1 business mentoring with Justin Devonshire - 100% free? Is that for real? 

Sure is. But it won't be for everyone.

Read on to see how this works, and if you qualify...


For the past 7 years I've been successfully launching & growing fitness bootcamps, studios & transformation centres.

Our fitness businesses have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in advertising.

We've hired dozens of trainers & staff.

Implemented all the key systems.

And we've cracked the code on making gyms profitable, systemised & scalable. . . over & over again.


Here's what's crazy:

Even though the blueprint is pretty simple...

And even though we've proven it across 6 of our own locations, in 4 different countries...

The fact remains that you and I still have an incredible advantage, because...


And the reason why is simple:

Most "marketing coaches", "ads agencies" & "experts" out teaching fitpros what to do have never run a successful fitness business themselves.

Or, maybe the did run one - 10 years ago. And most of what worked then, doesn't work now.

They call me "The Real Deal", because I only teach you whats working TODAY to grow a profitable gym.

And I'm in the trenches with you, doing it too. 

We only share what is already working successfully for us.

Then I show you how to modify it so the same systems will work for you, in YOUR voice, for YOUR business.


I'll tell you why I'm doing this in just a minute, but first - let me share what else I'm going to give you.

Not only will I share the Fitness Business Blueprint program with you completely free. . . I'm also going to work with you 1-on-1 personally to implement & hold you accountable.

For 4 weeks straight.

Think about that.

You're literally getting me advising you on what steps to take, which tactics to implement & giving you the swipe files & templates to do it fast.


In the last few years I grew a successful semi-private studio on the island of Cyprus, which I later sold on to a partner. 

Then, I set up a fully-outsourced 3000 sq foot facility.

That gym opened with 100 clients, and soon hit £25k/month in actual cash revenue.

While I paid myself out of the profits & enjoyed a great lifestyle.

More recently, I've invested in & co-own multiple other fitness locations around the UK.

We're not only growing, but profitable. We're steadily expanding into more locations.

Our lead generation is consistent.

New clients come in weekly from Facebook, Instagram, organic marketing, referrals & other methods (we run between 9-13 marketing systems at once).

We have tasks systemized.

Every member of staff knows what to do.

Each person is accountable.

Finances are tracked & reviewed weekly.

We have an incredible culture - where our clients & team are like family.

In fact, many of our coaches were originally clients who love our business so much they want to work for us!

And, we're even buying out surrounding gyms & bootcamps, who are struggling & going out of business.


When I started as a self-employed trainer, I thought being a "good coach" was enough.

I soon realized that was a big mistake!

And you should know, there's no "overnight success story" here.

I definitely did NOT "scale to 7-figures in 43 days" like you see in guru ads on your Facebook newsfeed.

I still have no Lamborghini.

And I have NO intention of backpacking around Thailand for 6 months while my business "prints money with ZERO effort!"  (if that's what you're after, sorry pal. Better close this page as that's not what I do...)

However, much like you, I know what its like to grind. To hustle.

And to feel like you're not getting anywhere... even though you're trying hard.

I started my first bootcamp from scratch, on an outdoor field.

Knocking on doors to get prospects, and printing my own (shitty) flyers.

I had NO money of my own to invest.

No special "connections". I just worked my ass off.

I worked around the clock either IN the business with clients, or ON the business learning marketing, systems, finances, and trying to piece it all together.

I stumbled along, scraping by to pay my bills like this for months, until eventually I pieced together the 6 pillars of what's now known in the industry as the "Fitness Business Blueprint".

This was the process that ...

Tripled my revenue & allowed me to predictably keep growing my gym - WITHOUT sacrificing more & more hours...

My transformation centre grew to £25k/month in recurring revenue after only 4 months of opening.

Our costs were lean, and I had a team doing all the coaching work.

I no longer had to even step on the gym floor (although I would from time to time, because I still love getting stuck in with our clients!)

I was able to take a holidays to Egypt, Tenerife, California (twice) and Dubai in the same 6 months of opening that facility.

I worked damn hard in between, but I was able to take short breaks, fully confident that my team would handle things 'til I got back, refreshed and ready for action!

That was 6 years ago.

Today, in 2020, I've "injected" the same FBB system into the facilities I co-own and manage. And we've seen similar results. 

On top of that, the hundreds of gym owners around the world who've implemented the FBB system also see similar trends.

  • More consistent leads.
  • Better client retention.
  • Attracting better trainers & staff.
  • More cashflow.
  • Less stress.
  • More time off.
  • Less "putting out fires".
  • More peace of mind.
  • Control over finances.
  • Certainty & confidence for the future wealth for their family.

Now its the same thing every time I apply this 6-step Blueprint.

Predictable & measurable results to boost revenue AND profit.

A gym owner gets stuck between £6 - 20k/month revenue.

Leads are inconsistent.

No systems in place. Everything depends on the owner.

Scared to take a day off or it'll all fall apart.

They've tried hiring trainers and it never works out.

No idea about the finances of the company (nobody ever showed them how to do it).

Tax is always paid late (if at all...)

And even though it LOOKS GOOD on social media... the business that generates low 6-figures a year doesn't even allow the gym owner to take home much more than a minimum wage income.

In some cases, the gym owner is paying one of their staff MORE than they make themselves.

Sound familiar?

If it does, this is 100% for you. The best thing you can do for your future is to explore the 4-weeks FREE mentorship with me.

Yet, I know you're probably wondering...


Why? Because you're skeptical.

 I get it.

You've been burned.

You've invested in "high-ticket" coaching programs, and got nothing but fluff you could have found for free on Youtube.

And if you've rightly been cautious with your hard-earned cash, then you've probably heard of someone else who got conned instead.

There are not many good guys left in this fitness business / mentoring space (some guys I do trust include Pat Rigsby, Chris McCombs, Robert Eaton & Sam Bhaktiar - feel free to check out what they offer if you're not feeling this message).

But I'm just being 100% honest with you. This industry has a black eye, and a shady reputation.

So me and the team at FBB decided to change the game. Re-write the rules.

In YOUR favour.

I want to WORK for your trust.

I don't deserve it just for making content and throwing up a sales page.

So, there's no "discovery call". No "strategy session".

No "Problem - Agitation - Solution" conversations where you're being asked "how do you feel?" to play on your emotions.

Fuck all that shit.

I'm just going to DEMONSTRATE value by working with you.

Mentoring you - 1-on-1. Giving you the same treatment that our amazing fitpros clients get inside our mentorship.

And there's also a selfish reason for this.

You see, the FBB is simple, proven, and brutally effective at turning around your business.

We've seen fitpros add thousands of pounds recurring to their income within weeks.

Think about it... what coudl you and I achieve together in 4 whole weeks?

I know for sure we could:

Dial in your Facebook ads so you finally get a consistent flow of 5-10 qualified leads a DAY

Or, we could...

Implement the key systems that make your business run smother, and allow you to hire people to take some of the workload off you (so you can see your family & friends some more!)

I know we could definitely...

Get your finances managed & under control, so you're finally making a profit & taking home a good salary.

Or, we could:

Re-organize your culture & company values, and audit your team... so everyone is more productive and makes a good ROI whatever you pay them?

These are the things gym owners love the most about our mentorship anyway.

And I'm sure that after the first few weeks of seeing these results, you'll want to continue working with me for longer.

And when that happens at the end of 4-weeks, you'll have two choices:

1)You can continue on your own 

Take the results you've already achieved.

Continue implementing to the best of your ability, and keep your growth going.

And if you do that, I'll wish you all the best and we'll part as friends!

2) But the other choice is to keep working together to scale things up

If you choose to do that, I'll keep pushing you to achieve more than you could possibly do on your own.

I'll hold you accountable to bigger targets.

I'll share my advanced business knowledge, to help you scale, or even sell your business.

I've helped fitpros gain multi-millionaire investors.

I've helped them sell their facilities within 90 days (for quarter of a mil upfront cash).

I've helped them get national media & PR exposure.

And I've helped them grow to multiple locations - smoothly, sustainably & in a fulfilling way.

We may not know which of these outcomes you want yet... but we'll have fun finding out together.

And I promise I'm the best man to get you there.

We'll dial in your Facebook, Google & even Instagram advertising.

We'll get your more media press exposure.

We'll help you get the BEST team who are loyal, competent and inspired.

And we'll manage your finances, so you are cashflow positive and profitable.

Then you can grow your business with peace of mind, and focus on the creative stuff you love most.

And if you choose to work with me 1-1 long-term, you'll find that we offer the most affordable mentoring investment in the entire industry.

You'll be getting 1-1 mentorship with me - a call every other week,

access to my private mastermind group to talk to my colleagues , business partners and other successful clients,

A weekly group Mastermind call,

Plus access to TWO 2-Day Immersion events in Cyprus, Europe.

All included in a single investment of only £5,000  - or, the 12-part payment plan of just:


Yes, you read that right.

Only £497 affords you 1-1 mentoring with me, as well as access to our online mastermind and LIVE in person meet ups each year.

Most "gurus" out there charge 10X this price each month - and they've never run a real business, remember.

Neither do they have the success stories from proven clients to back it up.

That's the difference.

Anyway, you're getting to "test-drive" our partnership together for a full 4-weeks before you make any decision.

So its literally a NO-RISK decision for you at this point...

...but the real question is... is it a risk for me to take YOU as a client?

As corny as it sounds...


In order to qualify to get access to the full FBB system AND for me to invest 4-weeks of my time into helping you free, you're going to need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

Here are the rules:

1.You must already have a gym  /unit / bootcamp generating an average of £5k/month already. 

This offer is for gym owners who are up and running already & simply want to systemize, expand and grow faster.

If you're brand new to PT, don't yet have any clients, this is not for you.

2.You cannot be in the "MLM" space.

Your main revenue cannot be made selling supplements or multi-level marketing gizmos.

Your core offer must be in either personal training, semi-privates or group / bootcamp training.

3.You MUST take fast action on the instructions I give you. 

Each session I'll be giving you specific steps to take.

If you fail to take those steps (no matter how uncomfortable they may be) then I cannot help much in our following session. And if you fail to implement between sessions, you're just wasting both our time, right?

Don't make excuses, don't be a snowflake.

You don't have "money / abundance blocks". You're either just doing the WRONG things, or you've been procrastinating out of fear.

Am I right?

That's it! Those are my requirements.


If you meet the criteria above & you're ready to stop fucking around and start getting some real results, then I'll happily consider you for the 4-week FREE mentorship.

Here's what to do now:

1.Complete this application <<<<

I'll get a notification that you've submitted it.

I'll then review your application and make a decision.

If successful, I'll follow up with you via Facebook or email, to let you know you're in!

After that...

I'll drop you an enrolment link to get started.

Once that's done, my team begin setting up your access to the FBB material.

At the same time, you and I will book our first mentoring session, which will be 60 minutes.

You and I will review your business model, your pricing, your lead-generation, your team - everything from top to bottom!

Then we'll formulate a custom growth plan to take your gym to mid 6-figures or even 7-figures.

Based on the EXACT same strategies we're using to grow multiple profitable locations right now.


At the end of the 4-weeks together you can choose to stay on long-term with me, and you'll invest only £497/month for that. 

And if you don't want to continue - that's OK too!


This opportunity is limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed to provide you with results.

Therefore, its physically impossible for me to work with more than a small handful of gym owners each month.

Also, you should know there's a huge demand for this service since what we're offering here is unprecedented in the industry.

So, if you feel like this is right for you, CLICK HERE, leave your application and I'll be in touch within a few hours.

Talk soon,

Justin Devonshire