For Fitness Bootcamp, Box & Studio Owners Who Want To
Escape The "Time for Money" Trap, Get More Clients & Become The #1 Fitness Solution in Your Town
 Free 3-HOUR Seminar For Fitness Business Owners

Justin Devonshire

Helps fitness trainers eliminate overwhelm & build a  real business that works without them. Launched & sold multiple fitness businesses online and local.
WHEN: Sunday, July 28th
10:00 AM-1:15 PM
(Doors open 9:30am)

City: Manchester 
 Venue: Leaf on Portland St.
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In Just 3 Hours, You'll Discover The Proven Strategies to Double Your Fitness Business Profits... While Taking More Time Off With Your Family 
Become the #1 fitness authority, and finally re-ignite your passion for business. 
If you're an ambitious fitness business owner looking to explode your profits in a short time, this will be the most important page you read today. 

What we'll be revealing will transform the way you run your coaching business forever.  We are handing you a simple, step-by-step roadmap to breakthrough your current sticking points and achieve more success at record speed.

Before I get to that, whats really important are the real, and common challenges facing fitness pros who've gone into business for themselves... 
A Day In The Life of a Fitness Trainer...
From Working With Thousands of Fitpros Globally - And Living This Life Myself -  These Are The Most Urgent Problems You're Facing:
  •  Not enough clients? Bootcamp owners & PTs still struggle to get a consistent flow of new leads and clients through the door
  •  Slave to the Hustle & Grind? Working hard doing back-to-back hours on the floor... but knowing the business-growth tasks aren't being done... this keeps trainers on a hamster-wheel of hustle
  •  Stressed & Overwhelmed? Lacking organisation, focus and productivity 
  •  Unreliable & Unmotivated Team Members? Unsure How to Build & Lead Your Own Team
That's Why We're Holding a FREE Workshop To Help You Build The #1 Fitness Business of Your Area  
Backed By Real Experience, Success Stories & Strategies You Can Model...

Leading Fitness Business Expert for Fitness Bootcamps, Boxes & Studios 

Justin will show you Advanced Business Strategies on how to grow your fitness business and enjoy more time off.

Justin went from struggling to get his first clients... to later building multiple fitness businesses in several countries - that work without him being there day to day. 

Justin will share the 3 critical pillars to a successful fitness business: lead-generation with Facebook, systemizing your gym, and leading a loyal team of coaches. 

Build the Dominant Fitness Brand of Your Town - While You Enjoy More Time & Freedom
Secrets to growing your business while creating the freedom lifestyle your family deserves.
Justin Devonshire will be sharing: 
  •  Get  5-10 Quality Leads a Day From Facebook (And What's Different in 2019): How Justin has signed up thousands of clients at high-end prices for his bootcamps, studios & facilities - with a fool-proof system since 2013.
  •  Develop the business leadership mindset : How to lead a team of inspired, loyal & competent coaches 
  •  Systemize Your Business So It Runs Without You: How Justin created a 'business in a box' that was replicated in various countries - without him being there.
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