From Burned Out Freelancer to Successful Business Owner – Jon Compton’s Story

Jon Compton is the owner of Wimbledon Strength Club – a men’s only strength, conditioning and mindset facility.

Jon is creating a storm in his city, helping men reclaim their masculinity, their fitness & creating a tribal atmosphere they can’t get enough of.

Jon balances this with raising a handsome son with his wife. His team run most operations in the gym. He has consistent leads coming into the inbox daily, on autopilot. And he has a trained person closing sales over the phone.

But it wasn’t always this peachy. Like most coaches, Jon struggled with overwhelm, burnout, and confusion as to what to do to grow his business and share the message locally.

I got to the point where hustling and working more & more hours was not making any difference to my income or my sanity.” Jon states. 

I was stuck at around £5k/month and sliding slowly backwards. I’d even started to think about “what if I need to get an actual job, to support my family?”

Maybe you’re stuck in a similar rut? If so, this post was made for you.

This post walks you through how Jon went from burned out freelancer to successful business owner, with an operation that largely runs itself, while he enjoys time with his family, and planning the next steps of his larger UK brand…

What Did Your Business Used to Be Like? How Bad Were Things, Really?

It was ALL me. Doing all my own ads, sales, service delivery, cleaning, admin, finance. I’d grown to seriously dislike my situation, I was doing nothing very well and I was in denial about my taxes, my finances and the strength of my business.

I hated the advertising and lead generation side of things, it really wasn’t what I wanted to be spending my time on AND I couldn’t make it work very well. Plus calling people on the phone stressed me out. So I wasted a lot of the leads that did come through because I didn’t call them anyway

Service delivery was suffering because I was so tired that even my passion and drive couldn’t sustain the energy required to do things well. It was becoming something I did on autopilot, saving my energy for all the other things I knew had to be done, and that just made me feel like a fraud.

I wasn’t putting money away for tax, I was often paying out more than I brought in, and my personal finances were under threat (just at the time my son was born too)

Still, I was optimistic 😉  ” 

At this point Jon reached out to me and we began working together to get everything sorted.

There were a lot of areas we had to optimize. However these were the very first priorities we focused on:

The Most Critical Changes to Jon’s Business…

  1. Shifting his thinking from Solopreneur to Business Owner: I often state this is the #1 cause of failure or success for coaches & consultants. If you think and operate from the identity of an employee, you’ll never grow a sustainable business. You’ll keep working for money, instead of getting money to work for you.
  2. Systems: As Jon states, “Nothing I did was systemized. I was winging it. Throwing shit & seeing what would stick. Changing things for no reason, even if they were working. Copying tactics that didn’t suit my business and getting annoyed when they didn’t work.”
  3. Focusing on long-lasting principles instead of quick-fix tactics: Instead of trying to ‘get by’ each month, we shifted Jon’s business model to create long-term, sustainable profits and freedom.

What changed in Jon’s business once we worked on these 3 core challenges?

You & Your Business Are NOT The Same Thing…

We all know mindset is critical. You tell your clients the same thing, right?

But what does ‘the right mindset’ actually mean for an expert-business owner such as yourself?

My opinion is that the most destructive mindset is identifying yourself with your business. The ego says you are one and the same. The danger with that belief is that it means “you are your business.”

That’s fine in the early stages when you get your first few clients. . .

But later, when you’re ready to expand, grow a team and step away to take a holiday – panic ensues. Because it feels like you’re leaving your baby behind!

Of course, your business will always feel like your baby to some extent, no matter how systemized it is! However, the difference here is between having a healthy detachment from it. You OWN the business. You are NOT the business.

You must work on transitioning this mindset every single day. Change your language, your thoughts and your actions. Jon did this successfully & is now reaping the rewards:

Moving away from a Solopreneur mindset allowed me to gradually lessen the demands on my time & energy by removing myself from areas of the business in a strategic way and by taking a higher level perspective.

I stopped seeing my business and my ego as one single entity. I stopped thinking “how do I do this” to “what’s the best way this can be done & who can do it better than me?

Thinking as an Entrepreneur & Investor also helped me be more analytical and take things less personally. It became less about me and more about the business.”


Systems – Your Ticket to Freedom

The first time I hired people it was a disaster.

They cost the business money. They were a headache to manage. They couldn’t get anything right.

Hiring other coaches just gave me more work to do, putting our fires all day.

Only later I realized that it was me doing everything wrong.

I discovered that you could have a happy, loyal, competent team who could do amazing things.

The trick is in creating solid systems and infrastructure for them to follow.

Think of McDonalds – they don’t hire skilled chefs. Instead, they have a brilliant system that pumps out predictable food, quickly. Say what you like about the quality of McDonalds food… but the fact is they have a system that works.

And they’ve made billions of dollars with that system.

Your coaching business must work the same way. The first step to scaling a company beyond yourself is to document the most important functions of the business, including:

  • the systems you use to deliver exceptional results for clients
  • the systems to deliver a fun experience & environment
  • the systems to generate leads & turn prospects into clients
  • the systems to track KPIs and finances in the company (just like you give your clients systems to track their macros & workout logs)

When you do this, your team now have benchmarks to perform to, and instructions and models to achieve them.

This way, your team aren’t trying to figure it all out – instead your documentation shows them what to do in the form of checklists, scripts, templates or video tutorials / presentations.

Building these systems does take some time at the beginning, but it must become the most important task you do, if you want a lifestyle of freedom with your loved ones.

What happened when we implemented these core systems into Jon’s business?

Putting systems in place as I removed myself from the operational side of marketing, sales, service delivery & finance gave me the confidence to bring other people in, knowing that they could complete the tasks the way the business required.

It also really helped with the mindset shift as I started to realise that everything could be systemised, taught and outsourced in a way that strengthened my business and gave me more freedom.”

“Stuck at £5k/Month… And Slowly Sliding Backwards…”

Like many of us, Jon had spent years chasing “shiny objects”. The quick way to get clients, to make money!

There are so many gurus promising you fast results out there, its hard to know which way to go.

But the cure to this information overload is to start thinking and strategising for yourself.

What I mean is, ignore the tactics. They are all replaceable and disposable.

Think and decide from the place of Principles.

What are the ever-lasting, never changing principles that will make this strategy work?

You tell your clients the same thing:

When they want to know “What’s the best exercise for my arms?“, this is a tactical question.

When they ask, “Are bananas good for me?:, this is tactical.

So the answer is usually “It depends“. Poor questions lead to poor answers.

Fitness pros and other coaches make the same mistake, by asking tactical questions like:

Whats the best funnel I should use?”

“How much should I pay for Facebook ads?”

“Should I offer an 8- week program or a 12-week program?

You get the same answer.

It depends.

So how do you get clarity on these topics?

Again, same way you’d advise your clients:

Work closely with a professional who can get to know you, your situation, your goals and challenges in depth… and make a more educated and custom-tailored decision with you.

So, Jon finally became self-aware that he was making these mistakes. The very same he got annoyed at his own clients for asking!

As Jon states,

Principle-based strategic thinking was something I’d learnt to ignore until I could ignore it no more. I got to the point where hustling and working more & more hours was not making any difference to my income or my sanity. I was stuck at around £5k/month and sliding slowly backwards. I’d even started to think about “what if I need to get an actual job, to support my family?”

There’s so much noise out there when it comes to people who want your money, telling you that there way is the best & only way. It’s all front-end funnel magic but no real substance in terms of building an actual business.

Applying the right principles in a way that’s right for my business hasn’t just made my business stronger & doubled my income, it’s given me the confidence to believe “I can do this”.

Now, I feel calm & in control. I feel more able to weather the storms that come & go. I feel like I made something through hard work and virtue, not just by some fluke, so I don’t feel like a fraud anymore.”

And therein lies the true value for you when you adopt strategic thinking (and abandon tactical-thinking). You get confidence. An inner confidence, clarity and certainty that you will know how to grow out of any situation. You’ll always be able to strategize.

You don’t worry if you have to use a new gym. Because you know the strategy of creating an effective workout based on principles. Only a novice would freak out if they couldn’t access their regular dumbbells or machines, uncertain what to do instead.

You know the principles – pull something, push something, squat something. Eat whole foods when possible, drink water etc. Simple, never changing basics that ensure you’ll always be able to stay in shape.

Business is the same. 

Success in anything in life is the same.

Uncover the principles of business growth, and you’ll never become a slave to the ever-changing tactics.

What’s Next for Jon & Wimbledon Strength Club?

Jon states his 12 month goals as follows:

To grow Wimbledon Strength Club to double its current size, based on strong infrastructure that can easily support the growth, and to achieve £50k monthly turnover from a single location. Then to replicate to 1 additional premises.

To become the leading provider of strength & physique training for men in our area & beyond.

To be a pillar of the local community, providing free health and wellness education to schools, businesses and the local community, and creating fundraising events for our partner charities

To open a youth academy to support vulnerable youngsters through strength sports such as powerlifting and weightlifting

To provide men with training in masculinity and self improvement so that they can become better sons, brothers, husbands & fathers, and to create leadership programs for men to help boys find connection & purpose.”

What do you notice from these answers?

Jon’s goals aren’t generic or superficial, such as “make more money and get more leads”.

Instead, myself and Jon have worked hard at creating a bigger vision for his company and the legacy he wants to create in the area. The second module of the Expert-Business Blueprint goes deep into this subject.

Creating a vision is powerful because it will motivate you beyond the £100k earnings mark. Money instigates you when you’re a start up and need to pay bills quick. But now we’ve helped Jon create consistent £8k+ months, he needs a bigger inspiration to pull him forward.

The big vision is also powerful to attract and inspire the right team of coaches, who believe in a shared outcome.

Plus, the vision creates a ‘movement’ that your clients, community and even charities can get behind. Its not just about ‘your business’ anymore, so more parties can get involved and create magical things.

If you’d like a lead-generation system like Jon’s plugged into your fitness business, then

Here’s Some Great News…

We’re about to take a group of just 10 fitness business owners and implement all of this with them, side by side.

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If that sounds interesting to you…

Here’s What To Do Next:

I’ve posted a short description of how this works & the schedule of the 28-day program here.

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Assuming you’re ready to handle an extra 5-10+ leads per day, you’ll want to move to the next step quickly.

But This Isn’t For Everyone.

First, we’re unable to offer this 28-day intensive to just any fitness trainer.

There are some criteria you’ll need to meet – the most important being that you’re actually able to get results for your clients, and you’re not selling any weird gimmicks or potions.

Second, this is a very time sensitive offer… for a reason.

We only accept 10 trainers onto this program each month.

That’s because of the amount of personal time & attention we put into mentoring each student to get the offer and ads right for their specific business.

This is no “cookie cutter” solution.

The 10 places are granted upon successful application & a quick call with our program director to ensure you have all your questions answered before we start.

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