How to Get 55 New Clients in ONE DAY By Holding Your Own Fitness Seminar

I’m going to teach this by showing you how I’ve grown a successful fitness business by running over 200 live fitness seminars.

We’ve typically generated between 50 -100 seminar attendees per WEEK.

As you can imagine, nothing positions you as the expert authority as fast as being the leading educator of your town.

There’s no quicker way to get a rush of sales either.

In this guide I’ll show you how to do this, step by step.

You’ll also see a real case study where we gained 55 new clients from just one event.

What You’ll Discover In This Guide

  • Why live seminars & workshops are the most powerful advertising method for local fitness business owners
  • How I grew a local mailing list of over 29,000 interested prospects using this strategy
  • The 4-step system you can model to fill hundreds of people into a room – and get dozens of new clients by end of the day

And rest assured, you’ll also get answers to the common dilemmas of:

  • How do I cover the costs of an event (or even get someone else to pay for it!)?
  • How do I transition from teaching into making an offerwithout being ‘salesy’?
  • How can I still make money even with a tiny audience?

Is This For You?

This guide will be going in-depth.

So to make sure not to waste your valuable time, here’s who this post is for…

  • Bootcamp, box or studio owners who want to get more clients quickly
  • For fitness EXPERTS who hate the typical sleazy marketing stuff & want to educate & inspire their prospects instead
  • Trainers who need to leverage their time – to enrol dozens of clients every week WITHOUT getting on sales calls or creating tons of content that never gets read

Why Should Your Business Be Leading Live Events?

There are many obvious reasons why leading regular seminars as a fitness professional can help your business.

However, there are also many hidden benefits you might not have thought of.

Here’s how live seminars have gained me so many clients and boosted my professional reputation faster than any other method:

Build Trust Before You Offer Your Service

A live seminar is the ultimate piece of ‘content’.

Your information has more credibility simply because you’re on stage delivering it to large groups of people.

Your audience will easily see that you know your topic and deliver value.

This overcomes most barriers to making a sale later on. People will want to work with your trainers because you are now the authority on the topic.

The best part is, the live seminar – when done the way I teach – is actually a group-consultation mechanism.

Don’t be surprised when you convert a high percentage of the room into paying clients. Just like this mentoring client did at her facility:

By the way, this was a FREE seminar.

All the strategies I talk about here are around free events that require no barrier to entry.

This client still converted 100% of the room – on her very first time.

The other great thing is this case study proves you don’t need huge audiences to make this work.

With only 12 attendees in the room my client was able to generate nearly 5-figures in revenue.

What’s stopping you do the same?

There’s no magic secrets here… just the step by step formula I want to share with you.

Build a HUGE List of Local Followers & Never Run Dry on Leads Ever Again

 This screenshot taken from one of my Aweber accounts shows the power of live events for building your local list.

Your success in business truly is based on the size of – and relationship with – the list of prospects you acquire.

But a lot of trainers make a critical mistake when building their lists: they give away the wrong content.

Most marketing gurus tell you to give away “pdf reports” or “recipe guides” to build your list. This is a big mistake.


Because you don’t want to build a list of information-seekers. You want a list of action-takers!

The prospects most likely to join your bootcamp or personal coaching programs are sick of information overload.

They already have dozens of books on their shelf. What they want – and need – is a coach.

If you build your list giving away content such as reports then you’ll have a hard time converting those leads into buyers.

And its buyers who pay the bills.

However, when we build our list with live event prospects, we’re talking to people who have expressed interest in leaving their homes, coming to our gym, and having a real discussion with a professional.

That’s why we typically convert 30-50% of a room of free seminar attendees into paying clients.

You Can Make More £$ in One Hour, Than You Do In One Month

Think about this for a second…

A live seminar is the most attractive & high value “lead magnet” you could offer.

You’ll rapidly grow a huge & responsive email list by offering it (the prospect gives their details in order to claim a seat).

You have instant authority & the highest perceived value in your area because you’re the speaker / expert.

So, isn’t it logical that converting attendees into paying clients is much easier when the previous steps are in place?

That’s exactly what happened when UK fitpro Tara Hammett (above) asked me to mentor her to launch a live seminar for the first time.

On her very first time presenting on stage, with a Signature Talk I outlined for her… she had 46 applicants for her program after the event, out of about 200 attendees.

That’s 23% of the room, just under a quarter.

Plus the others who did not apply are still on her mailing list, and many will convert later after some follow up (now they know Tara is the ‘real deal’ and holds more authority than other local competitors).

Are you beginning to see the power of this method?

What would happen if you applied it into your fitness business today?

Where could your business, authority and income be in the next few months after doing this?


The 4-Step Method to Fill Your Seminar & Get Clients

By now you’re itching to do this!

There is a 4-P method I’ve used to successfully promote & profit from seminars all around the world.

I’ve filled over 300 seminars, workshops, retreats and masterminds using this method. And I personally help 7- and 8-figure speakers do the same.

So this works, guaranteed.

The 4 ‘P’s of the system are:

  1. Plan Your Event 
  2. Promote Your Event 
  3. Perform at Your Event 
  4. Profit From Your Event 

Let’s break down each step.

Step #1: Plan Your Event

If you’ve ever attempted to organize your own live event you likely had a thousand questions running through your head.

Questions like,

How many people do I put in the room?”

“How will I get those people?”

“Should I charge for the event? How much?”

“Do I sell something at the event?”

“What happens before? After?

And in the end, you suffer paralysis by analysis, and overwhelm yourself out of taking action!

No need to worry about that any more.

The first step is to plan out your event campaign and know what you want it to do for you.

The mistake is thinking the event itself is the only component of this. Its not.

Think of the seminar campaign as one large ‘sales funnel’.

The campaign is judged on its performance from the prospects opting in their interest all the way to the post-event follow up communications.

One of the reasons we profit so hugely on every event we run is because we implement systems to generate sales before, during and after the live seminar takes place.

We also give our seminars away for free (or ask a small donation of which 100% goes to supporting a local charity).

The reason we give it for free is three-fold:

  1. We always want to be the leading provider of free education and training in your area. That title is yours very quickly if you commit to doing just one seminar a month!
  2. This event is not a ‘product’. It is a presentation designed to educate and inspire prospects about our product (our long-term programs). Don’t try to make money selling event tickets. Only Beyonce does that. Be a giver and do something truly incredible for your community.
  3. Charging for the event often increases your advertising costs and effort. By giving it away for free you’ll still get ‘qualified’ people because the act of attending itself shows that the person is highly motivated to solve their problem.

Begin by mapping our your targets for the campaign.

How many new clients are you intending to gain from this?

How much advertising budget can you put towards promoting your event with Facebook ads?

Who can you partner with that would be happy to promote the message to their audience for you?

How many seats can your facility hold?

Or do you need to borrow space from a school, or rent a hotel room (like Tara did, above.

We went with a hotel seminar room because she runs a very small 1-1 studio that wasn’t feasible for large group talks.)

Think about how many paying clients you want to gain out of this.

Then estimate that anywhere between 20-50% of the attendees may convert.

This depends on your confidence, and if you have a Signature Talk structure that’s proven to work.

Once you know how many target clients you want, you can calculate how many event attendees you’ll need in the room.

Plan your target numbers, space required, and know exactly the outcome you want!

What do you want your live event to do for you?

Step #2: Promote Your Event Campaign

Remember I said we generate sales before, during and after the event?

Now we create the simple sales funnel to make all this happen.

But first, let me share that case study I promised, where we gained 55 clients in one day.

The craziest part is that I kind of did this… by accident.

Let me explain…

As I mentioned, this gym we ran live seminars at held between 50-150 attendees per week, usually.

We only had space for 150 seats on the gym floor.

And we often promote with around £35 a day to get those numbers.

However, one week was different.

I was about to head to Tenerife for a holiday and I was taking one final look at our ads.

I’m not sure what happened but somehow I must have added an extra zero to the daily ads budget. Because a few days later I realized…

We’d collected almost 2,000 email registrations for the event!

This was great on one hand.

But scary on the other.

Because we regularly get about a 25% show up rate at the event. So for 150 attendees we’d collect around 500-600 leads in a week.

Yet this week we had 2000….

So as you can imagine, around 500 people turned up to our seminar that week… (pics of the carnage below):

As you can see, the main gym area was so full, one of our coaches took initiative and lead another 30 people outside to hold the seminar on the street.

On. The. Street.

And the amazing thing was, after listening for about 20 minutes (yeah we did a shortened version that day) people were heading back inside to sign up to our program!

Overall we converted around 10% – 55 clients that day.

That is lower than our usual of 40-50%. However it was because of the crazy situation and lack of organization.

People were waiting to pay a while and ended up leaving. We only had 2 payment machines to process enrolments!

So, don’t make that mistake! Be sensible folks 😀

Anyway, you may be wondering, how do we even get so many registrants?

Let me share how the funnel works:

Here are the key steps:

Run a Facebook ad announcing your FREE event

Emphasise the benefits the person will get for attending.

The advert should also give them the date, time & venue.

The title of your event could be something like, “How We’ve Helped 96 Local Residents of (Your Area) to Lose Weight & Reclaim Their Confidence – With NO Crazy Diets & NO Boring Treadmills!“.

Just be careful your copy in regards to Facebook’s advert approval system. No crazy claims.

Bring prospects to a simple registration page that collects their data

Collect name, email, phone number, and (optionally) another field that asks a survey question.

For example, “What attracted you to this event?“, or “Whats the #1 thing you’d like to learn about achieving a safe & sustainable body transformation?”

This gives you some data to build your presentation on.

Make Profits BEFORE Your Event Starts!

To start generating clients immediately and liquidate your event costs, use this technique:

Once the person registers for the event, put an offer on the Thank You page.

We include a short 2-minute video that thanks them for registering, and offers 10 people the chance to gain a 1-1 consultation with a coach (value £97).

Tell them its by application only and you’ll choose the 10 best applicants.

Give them a link to your application form and then follow up. We get between 10-20% of registrants taking up this offer and applying for a call before the event.

Do the math here to see how this will work for you:

If you have 100 registrants to your seminar, expect to get 10-25 applications before the event.

If you speak to only 10 of those applicants and close just 3 clients, you’ve made potentially several hundred pounds already – covering your expenses!

This allows you to go into the event with no ‘sales pressure’.

You can enjoy yourself, give awesome value, and you will close more clients anyway.

Follow up with registrants before the event

But don’t rely on email alone, or most people will end up not seeing your messages.

We send reminders using 3 main communication channels.

First is email.

Second is via Messenger Bot.

And third we use automated SMS text notifications, with a service called TextMagic.

These methods ensure that more people attend the event on the day.

Perform At The Event

You’ll make additional sales here by following my Signature Talk formula, and making an irresistible offer.

More on this in the next section.

Post-Seminar Follow Up

The seminar is over but the campaign isn’t finished yet!

In fact,

40% of sales can come from the post-event follow up – yet 90% of speakers fail to implement it!

We make an irresistible offer to the audience at the seminar.

This offer is available for about 3 more days, for people who need to think it over, talk to a partner, or sort their finances.

Follow up strongly over the next 3 days, reminding attendees the offer is expiring soon.

This process – using your 3 channels of communication listed earlier – will boost sales through the roof for a campaign that makes back at leat 10X whatever you invested.

What if you did that just once a month?

I locked this system down so predictably that we were at one point running TWO seminars a WEEK and filling every one!

We only stopped as our program spaces became very limited, and we moved back to closing over 1-1 consults.

Step #3: Perform At Your Event

Let’s talk about how to present – and close clients – even if you have no speaking experience.

First, have you ever spoken with a prospect who knew “how” to get the result… yet never followed through?

That’s because education isn’t enough.

Your content must also inspire.

Which brings me to

The Controversial Reason Most Fitness Trainers Fail to Enrol Clients…

They teach too hard in their seminars.

It seems like education & tactics is the ‘value’ your audience is looking for, but the reality is much different.

That’s because teaching too many detailed tactics to your audience at this point leads them to become either overwhelmed, or overconfident.

Neither of which help!

They’ll either feel like this is too much information, and resort back to Weight Watchers, or whatever cookie cutter approach that didn’t make them feel overwhelmed with scientific jargon.

Or, you’ll make them overconfident that they’ll want to apply all the ‘info’ before they work with you.

That’s when you get the infamous, “I’m going to lose 10 lbs first… then I’ll call you about your training program?” objection.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that fitness trainers CREATE that attitude in their own prospects by teaching too hard.

Instead, here’s what to do:

Teach The “What’ & The “Why”… Not The “How”

This is the secret to any successful content marketing, even outside of seminars.

But use this approach in your live events and you’ll create windfalls of hungry new clients like never before.

This is what we call, “Speaking to Influence” rather than “Speaking to Teach”

You speak to influence when the audience is new to you, and not yet invested in making true change.

Then, you speak to teach when addressing your clients who’ve invested time & money into learning from you.

Remember – your prospects have not failed to lose weight due to a lack of education.

There are thousands of hours of video, millions of articles and free advice everywhere. Adding more info to that load will not help.

That kinda stings for most fit pros, I get it.

Because we often base our identity and competence on our level of scientific expertise.

When we finally accept that nobody cares about it on this side of the transaction, it can strike our ego harshly.

But just know this is a good thing.

Now you can keep your expertise for those who its best used for – your paying clients.

And now learn the art of teaching your prospects the value of principles instead of tactics.

Teach about the real reasons WHY the struggle to get results (probably more around mindset that physical training, yes?)

Teach them about other people just like them who’ve made the transformation they desire – using your program.

Your audience will be far more engaged when you address these topics.

They’ll be bored out of their mind if you talk about macro-nutrients and meal timing for 2 hours. Trust me.

Inspire more than you educate.

Its the key to relating to the real needs of your prospect and bringing them gently into your world.

Do this, and you’ll gain a consistent flow of people demanding to work with you at the conclusion of the event.

Which leads us perfectly to the final step of the system…

Step #4: Profiting From Your Event

I’ve already shown you how we cover costs and often turn a profit before the event even begins.

But what about the end of your live seminar, and the days that follow?

There are two giant mistakes trainers make at this point in their events:

Mistake #1) They pitch too hard – and lose the trust & rapport they’ve built with their audience


Mistake #2) They don’t pitch at all and nobody buys!

So how do you offer your paid service in a value-driven way… without losing rapport with your audience?

There are 3 steps I teach my 1-1 mentorship clients about how to “Sell from stage”:

“Sell Without Selling” Step 1 – Seed your offer early and authentically

Just tell the audience at the start.

Say, “Hey, before we begin, I’d just like to share that we DO have paid programs for those of you who are interested in taking action. We’re about to give you some incredible value for free that you can take away with you… so lets do a deal. If I give you some great tips and “A-ha” moments in the talk, is it ok if in return I talk about our 28-Day Transformation Program at the end for just a few minutes?”

Your audience will say “Sure“. No stress.

Now you’ve ‘seeded’ the offer. Nobody is under any false illusion. They know its coming.

You can get on with the talk now.

“Sell Without Selling” Step 2 – Teach Through Success Stories

If you relate any content or tips back to a real case study then you’ll engage your audience.

Nobody came for a science lecture.

So instead of giving them 5 slides on “nutrition”, just talk about a client story.

Talk about Jane, who struggled with the same nutrition problems as the audience do.

Were overwhelmed with conflicting advice.

Couldn’t fit it into their schedule.

Didn’t want to make healthy meals incase the hubby or kids didn’t like it.

And then show how today, Jane has transformed her body, has the best relationship with food, and how her family LOVE the healthy and tasty meals she makes for them.

Of course, use real stories. The point is, this is the stuff your prospects want to listen to.

You’ll keep them engaged, and inspired to want to be “just like Jane…”

Also, by using these case studies to teach your points, you’ve now shared all your social proof  – implicitly. You sold them on your program without ever selling at all.

“Sell Without Selling” Step 3 – Continue Enrolment Post-Seminar

Invite people in the room to take up your offer at the conclusion of your talk.

They’re expecting a small pitch, remember?

Yet don’t stop there. Some people will genuinely need a couple of days to talk to partners or get their finances together. That’s cool.

Continue following up by extending the offer for just a few more days. By following up with everyone you’ll increase your sales overall.

And that’s the process!

This is how you’re able to quickly scale up your recurring revenue to over £15k a month…

…while simultaneously slashing the number of hours you spend on ‘sales calls’ and creating content!

The live event model wraps it all up in only a couple of hours each month.

All the while making a bigger contribution to your community…

And instantly cementing you as the go-to expert professional and authority.

The real beauty of this model, is that it gets more profitable every time you re-run it.

That’s because you’ll now have a residual list of registrants who did not attend… but will want to make the next one (reducing your paid ad costs).

You’ll also get more confident at speaking and making your offer.

You’ll have data collected at each point of the funnel to see where you can maximize next time.

And you can enjoy watching your audiences get bigger, and bigger… and bigger… month on month.

Honestly, what fitness business owner wouldn’t want to master this model?

Look, there’s nothing wrong with holding 1-1 calls… but the KEY to building a HIGH 6-figure – LOW-stress business is through leveraging time with live events.

Local branding.

The best content.

Rapid list building.

Dozens of sales in one day.

A.K.A. leverage

Now you may have one more question niggling the back of your mind…

“Will this work for ME?”

Let’s find out if this model will be profitable for you, right now!

(Just takes some simple math, you’re ok with that, right?)

First, what is ONE average client worth to you? 

For example, if a bootcamp client pays you an average of £99 per month, and retains for 6 months, that means you make £594 from that one client.

Do you think you could get just two clients from the entire campaign (including pre-sales, during the event AND the post-event follow up)?

Pretty easy right? That would bank you over £1000 already, every time you run the campaign.

But what if each event generated just 5 clients like that? 

That alone would give you £2,970 incoming sales revenue.

…and what if you ran this event campaign just once a month?

That alone would add £35,640 to your bottom line this year. Upsells, and referrals not even included!

Many of my clients run campaigns like this once a month.

In our business we ran events twice a WEEK as a I showed you earlier.

What will you do?

So this is the opportunity you have in front of you. Will you take advantage of it?

You have 2 options at this point?

Option #1: Implement this on your own. Use trial and error to get there.

If you do, I’d love to hear about your results in the future, and possible feature you as my next case study on the blog!

But there is a second option, that I strongly recommend…

We Can Do This Together

If you’d like to:

  • Dive much, much deeper into the 4-step model…
  • Benefit from my personal mentoring to implement it with you and look over your shoulder at every step…
  • …and swipe my proven Facebook ads, landing pages, and Signature Talk presentation templates…

Then I invite you to enrol into our 1-to-1 Fitness Business Mentorship program.

The Mastermind is deigned to guide you – through personal mentoring, feedback, plug & play systems, and live event meet-upsto grow a profitable high 6-figure fitness business that gives you financial security and lifestyle freedom.

But what’s really cool about your investment into the mentorship program is that you get access to my “6-Figure Speaker System” course.

This course is on the market right now for £1,997.

However when you enrol into the Mastermind mentorship for 1 year – you get the 6-Figure Speaker System for FREE.

That’s a £2000-value bonus that will easily help you add tens of thousands to your bottom line … before you even consider the value from the mastermind weekly mentorship!

The ultimate outcome this gives you is

  • No more fear of promoting your events
  • Certainty of filling your events and reducing or eliminating the costs
  • Get your life back by leveraging your time
  • Make a bigger impact in people’s lives
  • Instant authority positioning in your area
  • Enrol dozens of new clients & thousands of pounds recurring revenue within 90 minutes
  • Rapidly scale the model and teach it to your own coaches to teach & sell on your behalf (like I have done)
What if you started filling seminars, enrolling dozens of clients in one afternoon, and became the go-to authority n your area – this month?

How would that change your income &your ability to get clients on demand?

How could that change your life in the next 12 months?

Will you be here, reading an article like this in a year from now… wishing you’d taken action and started sooner?

Or… will you be looking back, reflecting on the action you took to take control of your life BACK into your hands?

Will you be feeling grateful and proud of the many live events you’ve filled in your area and the local authority name you’ve made for your brand?

And will you be feeling ease, peace of mind and financial relief… knowing that you created a generous income for your family, and have taken them on exotic holidays – all while your fitness business continues running smoothly without you?

Your call.

To discover if the Mentorship is for you, enquire at THIS PAGE

Don’t forget, with enrolment to the 1-year Mentorship, you’ll get instant and FREE access to my entire 6-Figure Speaker System course for fitness professionals (a real value of £1,997).

Check out the Mentorship.

You’ll get more value than you expect.

And the investment is way lower than you might be expecting too.

Especially with that 12-instalment plan we just added 😉

To your success, 

Justin Devonshire

P.S. Here are some more of our clients who’ve been successfully holding seminars & workshops: 

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