How To Raise Your Coaching Fees When You KNOW You’ve Underpriced Yourself?

I began working with a great trainer a couple of years ago. The biggest problem he had was that he was only charging £30 a month for his large group training.

Like most coaches, he underpriced himself. And with big overheads, this meant profits were tight (if at all..) It also became impossible to pay staff and get more freedom.

Another problem with undercharging is that you do no service to your clients. By paying less, they get less reinvested back into them.

All they get is a drained trainer whose worrying about paying bills, instead of a dedicated and happy professional.

So we had to make a BIG price increase – and tell the clients the ‘news’…

We worked out the numbers to prove the cost of his undercharging.

We worked out he actually needed to charge around £120 a month in order to make maximum return on assets in his business.

But that’s a big jump – from £30 to £120 …

How do you tell your client base something like that without causing a huge backlash?

Well, this trainer did it.

And over 80% of the client base were happy to pay the new rates.

Even at a a 4X price increase.

Today… he’s expanding fast, with an outsourced coaching and management team (and new product lines in the works)

Most of his fears never came to pass, because he knew this wasn’t an emotional decision… but a logical, financial one.

The same goes for business partnerships that you KNOW need to end…

Clients you need to drop…

Suppliers you need to stop paying…

but this sense of “loyalty” keeps you stuck to them.

That’s not loyalty.

Its fear, and abandonment of responsibility in order to avoid hurting your own feelings.

When people say managing people and profits needs to be ‘ruthless’ this is often what they mean.

It doesn’t mean you are a harsh, vile person.

It just means we need to learn to read and act on the data our business gives us.

You’ll make decisions in the early stages of your start up that will NOT be viable to maintain later.

Deal with it.

You’ll employ or partner with people that you pay far too much, or give far too much equity … only later to realize you were looking for saviours, not partners.

Deal with it.

You’ll fail to read your finances and act logically… instead opting to react on emotion and whims.

And it’ll cost you. But deal with it.

Don’t bear yourself up over things in the past.

Yet also, make the actions NOW to resume responsibility of those decisions you made.

“Success is directly correlated with how many uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have”, said Tim Ferriss.

So how many uncomfortable conversations are you choosing to have this week?


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