How We Generate Hundreds of Gym Leads Every Month Using Facebook Ads

Getting more leads is the #1 desire for most fitness bootcamp, box and studio owners.

Because many trainers are great at what they do, yet have trouble communicating that to the local market.

When ‘sales and advertising’ isn’t your strong point, it can be hard to know what to do.

On top of that, Ads Managers are getting increasingly expensive. And the ones that can guarantee results are getting harder to find.

So how can you begin attracting a steady flow of leads using Facebook ads – even if you’ve never done it before, and without the help of an ads manager?

You can do it with this guide.

That’s why we’re going to break it down for you  – with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

When I started running Facebook ads for my fitness business way back in 2011, I learned to do it myself. I don’t even think there was such thing as an ‘ads manager’ back then!

Doing it myself taught me the valuable process and empowered me to be in control whenever I needed new leads.

Sure, now I have ads managers on my team running things, but learning the basics is a great asset for any business owner.

This guide will also give you our ready-made funnel that will maximize your ad spend – so you can start getting new leads and growing your revenue this week.

The process all begins with the offer.

In fact, lead-generation lives and dies by what you’re offering. After all, we can get Facebook clicks to a page all day long – but if the offer sucks, nobody will convert.

So you first need:

An “Irresistible” Front End Offer That Your Prospects Cannot Say No To

The front end offer is a compelling short-term program that eliminates the two most common objections from your audience – time and money.

Most trainers attempt to sell their monthly memberships & long-term programs to a new prospect, and it rarely works.

That’s because its too much of a commitment for someone who just met you.

This isn’t like buying a tube of toothpaste! The prospect is making a big commitment (to themselves) and to you.

So, the Front End Offer alleviates that concern, by giving them a “test drive” of the results & experience you offer.

The offer could be free, but we mostly charge a small fee (between £59 – £149) for our offers.

We’ve run many different FEOs in the past 6 years, with varying success.

The most popular have been:

“21 Day Drop a Dress Size Challenge”

“14-Day Metabolic Kickstart”

“Lose 6kg in 6 Weeks Challenge”

“28 Day Bikini Body Transformation Challenge”

You get the idea.

For most fitness trainers using this method for the first time I suggest using a 14- 21 day program.

That’s because the longer 4-6 week programs require higher operating costs… and you must wait longer to ascend the prospect into a long-term client.

You may not be able to afford to wait that long if you need an injection of revenue now.

So for most trainers, a 14-21 day program allows YOU to test this method at least risk.

Lock in the system, know your numbers… and then consider bumping up your offer to a 4 or 6 week offer later on when the numbers back it up.

This isn’t complicated, as you can see.

A converting funnel just starts with offering huge value.

Next, lets look at the 3 components to the funnel:

The Fitness Facebook Ad Funnel

Yep, that’s it.

Just 3 parts.

No fancy bells & whistles.

Nothing complicated.

But don’t let the simplicity of our method deceive you.

We’ve been running this exact funnel since back in 2012 and its consistently grown fitness businesses without fail.

Here are the parts you need:

  1. A well-designed Facebook ad
  2. A registration page (a.k.a “opt in” page)
  3. An Enrolment System  (comprised of an application & enrolment process)
  4. A re-targeting “follow up” system for stragglers on the fence

To ensure best results you need all parts in place.

A lot of trainers play around with the individual ‘ingredients’, and get mixed results.

However, I’m giving you the RECIPE. I’ll show you how to use each ingredient, in what order and in what amount.

When you do this, you’ll get a consistent and reliable flow of new leads and clients.

  1. The Facebook Ad

A lot of trainers have wasted money on ads, because they didn’t’ get the proper guidance first.

But this time will be different.

Because now your advert is part of a larger framework of parts, each boosting the effectiveness of the last. In truth, its the funnel overall that does ‘the work’ – so the ad itself doesn’t need to be complex of advanced.

So, the first thing you need to is enter your Ads Manager.

From there, click “Create” campaign.

Then you’ll see this: 

This page is asking what your campaign OBJECTIVE is.

Its super important to get this right.

We want “Conversions” (highlighted in the image).

This means the ads you make will be optimized to get opt-ins on your registration page. Facebook define an opt in as a ‘conversion’.

Simple so far?

Next up is Targeting.

A lot of local trainers get confused and overwhelmed here – because there are so many targeting options.

The truth is, we keep it simple.

To begin attracting local leads with your irresistible front end offer you can use the following targeting options:

  • Your town / city (we generally don’t use a wider radius as most gym leads need to be within 10 miles from our facility)
  • Your target gender – Men OR Women – aged 28- 45 (people below 27 usually have more ‘money issues’)
  • You could also target ‘parents / mums of children 6 years+ as a test to see how it affects your results.


And that’s it!

There are tons of other targeting options but you most likely don’t ever need them.

Local-based advertising is a different game to the larger-scale global advertising that most “internet marketers” are teaching. Different rules apply.

Unfortunately, most fitness business owners get woo’d in by the glossy internet marketing “funnel experts” and make everything way to complicated.

You don’t need any of that stuff. Keep it simple and don’t build bad “internet marketing” habits!

Let’s move on..

Next is the Creative part of the ad.

The advert has one job – to inform the reader about your FEO and get them to click to your registration page.

This is one of the ads we’re running right now.

Its been running continuously for about 6 months, and is giving us a very generous ROI.

Here are the components that make it work:

  1. The Image – the most important part of the ad. In my opinion the image accounts for 80% of the success of your ad. We use a simple image that stands out in the newsfeed, and clearly speaks to our target audience.
  2. The Headline (below Image) – Simple, to the point. If the reader is interested she’ll know begin reading the ad copy…
  3. The Ad Copy – On our advert we simply tell the prospect what the offer is, what they get, when it starts, and how to apply. We prefer to have more text here, that reveals more details. This way only the people that stop and read will continue on. This gets us more qualified leads. If you instead use an ad with very little copy, you’ll get lots of clicks, but uneducated & unqualified leads that cost you time / energy later.
  4. The Call to Action Button – By saying “Apply Now” its consistent with the copy in the ad. The reader is clear that their next step is to apply for a place on this program. This positions US as the authority and they must work to earn their place.

You see, its pretty simple.

Keeping things simple is always how we’ve had best results with our advertising.

2. The Registration Page (Opt In Page)

Most trainers make the fatal mistake of sending readers to a generic ‘home page’ website. Which blows.

That’s because they’ve been mistaken about what the objective of a website is.

The objective of a website is NOT to inform people.

Its not to show how great you are.

Its not to brag about your certs.


A high converting page that gets 1000X more leads has one simple objective – get the prospect’s details.

That’s it.

How simple are we talking?

Well, this is all the ‘information’ our landing page displays:

It converts a huge percentage of visitors.

I suggest you set up a simple page using a web-builder service such as Clickfunnels or Leadpages.

These softwares require ZERO tech skills and you’ll have your pages built within minutes.

Here’s why this drop-dead simple page works:

  • There’s only one thing to do – click the “I’m Interested” button and enter your name, email and telephone number
  • There’s no ‘information overload’ – most trainers say too much on their pages and it actually drives people away. We already gave the information on the FB ad, so if they’re here, they just want to take the next step.
  • The element of scarcity / urgency – the fact that we remind them there are limited spots AND the program starts on a certain date increases the number of conversions significantly.

This page set up is so simple it can’t be refused!

3. The Enrolment System

Here’s where our process truly stands out and gets results.

The problem a lot of trainers have is that they used Facebook ads to get leads – but those leads weren’t qualified. They wasted time on the phone. They never become buyers.

We avoid ALL that – because our time is precious.

The enrolment system filters out the prospects to serve up only those most ready and willing to buy.

This will save you hours of wasted time and frustration.

Plus you’re only letting qualified prospects into your facility with the highest chance of becoming 6-12 month clients.

In fact, we ascend a whopping 72% of FEO prospects into 12-month contract clients.

Meaning for every 10 people that do our 4-week transformation, 7 of them become long-term clients at a minimum of £120 per month.

That success is largely due to our filtering system at the start.

There are two parts to the enrolment system:

The Application Process

Upon opting in, the prospect is given an application form to complete. This form asks specific questions that qualify them to us.

They tell us why they need coaching, and why we should accept them onto our program.

This flips the dynamic on its head and is completely unique to what any other competitors are doing in our area.

While they pander to the prospect and come across as desperate… we know our value of our limited spaces.

We know this is an incredible offer, and we know we only work with the most dedicated and committed people.

The form also asks when is the best time to call them, so we increase our chances of them picking up.

You can use a service such as to build these forms easily, for under $10/month.

In our funnel, approximately 60% of the people that opted in complete the application form right away.

Some do not complete it – which is fine. They just disqualified themselves and saved us some time.

Others will complete it will a bit of follow up (which I’ll outline in just a minute).

But 60% of those leads do complete the form immediately.

And now we know our red-hot prospects who are ready to invest and are asking US to call them to get a spot.

This makes making the sale a piece of cake.

The Enrolment Process

Most trainers dread sales – I know I used to.

I say “used to” because now I love it.

That’s because this system allowed me to do ‘sales’ in a whole new way.

The funnel has done all the ‘selling’ for you. The leads are qualified, know the info and they’ve indicated they’re really interested in getting a spot on your FEO program.

Which means you don’t need to ‘hard sell’, ever.

We convert the applicant onto the program via phone call.

The prospects don’t even visit our facility. We call them, review their application, and take the payment over the phone.

And don’t think only a ‘fitness professional’ can do that job either.

We’ve trained assistants to take these calls and convert over 50% of the calls into buyers – with NO sales nor fitness training experience.

Now, in some cases, we may choose to use a Group Enrolment system instead.

This is exactly what happened when I built a gym in Europe back in 2015… we had between 50-100 leads a DAY applying for our 6-week challenge (using the exact system I’ve just showed you).

Because of this volume it was impossible for our coaches to take all the phone calls 1-1.

So instead, we held two ‘seminar’ style events each week, where we’d invite the applicants and enrol them all at the same time.

In this seminar we spend 30 minutes going over the program and sharing success stories.

Then we give out the forms for people to sign up and pay. Again, approximately 50% of the room become buyers when we do this.

Now there’s just one more step to the process to wrap this up:

4. The Retargeting (Follow Up) System

This is the glue that holds it all together.

Following up is critical to demonstrate that you have great customer service, and are serious about building a strong relationship with each prospect.

Marketing legends always say “the fortune is in the follow up”

That’s because a lot of people won’t buy straight away.

But by following up consistently and being “persistent without being a pest!” you’ll convert at least 30-40% more sales revenue.

So how do we follow up?

We follow up at each stage of the funnel.

Starting with the opt in page.

Remember I told you that 60% of the people that opt in complete the form on the next page?

What about the 40% that don’t?

We start by sending out an automated SMS text message to them. This message kindly reminds them to continue with their application process so that they can qualify for the program.

You can use an email CRM service like ActiveCampaign or an automated text service such as TextMagic to send these messages on autopilot.

Next, we use email follow up. The prospect is sent a series of emails leading them back to the form, until it is completed. We use ActiveCampaign again to set up all these behaviour-based email automations.

And of course, getting on the phone is a great follow up tool!

If possible have one of your team call the prospect within 10 minutes of them submitting their details. This really shows you care and will impress them.

Check to see if they’ve completed the form as you call. If they have, then you might even begin the enrolment conversation with them on the spot.

If they have not completed the form when you call, then you can also begin asking them similar questions and handle the process that way if you choose.

Up to you and how much time you have.

And that’s it! Time to get this up and running to enjoy a consistent flow of new prospects and sales this week!

Now if this process makes sense to you… and you feel it’ll work better than what you’re currently doing to get leads, then we should talk.

Each month I open up a private implementation program for just 10 trainers.

This is a 28 day mentorship, and at the end of it you’ll have this system bringing new clients through your door, mostly on autopilot.

Here’s how it works:

Week 1 – We Create Your Front End Offer

We’ll lay your foundations, work out your goals and budget, and create your Front End Offer.

I’ll help you find the offer that can be most profitable and manageable for YOU.

You must get this right or none of the rest will work!

Week 2 – We Build Your Simple Funnel & Follow Ups

We set up your application / enrolment funnel.

This is easy and takes under an hour to do.

My funnel builder Alex is on hand and will walk you through a step-by-step livestream. You follow along and everything will be done in no time.

We’ll be on hand to give you individual feedback and help so you never get left behind.

For a very small fee, Alex can even build it all FOR YOU if you wish.

I even give you my entire landing page, application page and email templates to plug in and play.

Plus, I give you my phone call enrolment scripts  / templates so you know EXACTLY what to say to turn the applicant into a buyer.

Week 3 – We Set Up Your Facebook Ads & Close Sales!

By the third week you’ll have your ads up and running.

I’ll guide you with a quick 20 minute online workshop to set up the ads using our swipe files and templates to model.

I’ll work with you to make sure you have the right targeting, set up and budgets.

Because there’s only 10 people on the program, you’ll get all the individual help you require.

Week 4 – Review Your Ads & Turn FEO Prospects into Long-Time Clients

By week 4, you’ll have leads and even new sales coming in.

Clients on this program have gained 20 sales of their FEO before the fourth week.

We use the final week to make sure you’re all set, do some additional QnA mentoring, and teach you how to ascend your FEO prospects into long-term clients.

Thats the simple implementation system that trainers are getting incredible results with right now.

Who is this for?

This hands-on implementation program is for bootcamp, facility or studio owners who:

  • Want a consistent flow of at least 5-10 leads per day from Facebook ads
  • Are sick of ‘freebie seekers’ and want qualified prospects ready to invest
  • Who want to save hundreds of hours each month and end the “hustle” for new leads
  • Who haven’t made great ROI from Facebook ads consistently and need a proven plan to follow
  • Who can’t afford expensive ads managers and want to start getting results themselves
  • Who are NOT ‘tech savvy’ and need a simple, “funnel-for-dummies” approach  (like I do!)
  • Who know they’re the best expert in their area but are frustrated that the market don’t yet see it
  • Who are ready to create an evergreen machine to continually bring new clients in, week after week

If thats you, head over to this page to get all the details and apply for your spot on the next 4-week implementation program.

We only take 10 trainers each time, so we can ensure you get all the support and mentoring you need at every step.

The next implementation program starts very soon – so go here and secure your spot now!




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