Escape The "Time for Money" Trap, Scale to 7-Figures & Enjoy A Life With More Freedom

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You want to grow your coaching business... but you're already fully booked and drowning in tasks? 

I know what that's like. In 2012 I was a fully booked coach. Then, overnight, my entire business was destroyed. Gone. 

This happened because I made a foundational mistake.

I never had a 'business'. It was really a job. 

When a family emergency struck and I needed time away, there was nobody to take the reigns. .  

I was doing everything - the marketing, the websites, closing, coaching - everything depended on me! 

And overnight, everything I worked for vanished. Because it was built on a shaky foundation. 

When I started over, I did things differently 

I would build a REAL business, that didn't depend on me... but would depend on SYSTEMS.

And that's what I've done for the last 5 years.

Now I'm able to run multiple coaching businesses, online and offline... while enjoying a freedom lifestyle, and making a bigger impact in people's lives.

Without hustling. Without grinding. Without sacrificing my time, health and relationships. 

And its not just me. I've helped other coaches & trainers deploy the same system to grow their business & enjoy more freedom.

​​​​​​​It involves 3 things: Automating Your Marketing Funnel, Systemizing Your Business, and The Right Mindset.

These Coaches & Experts Used Justin's System

Here's how Justin's training has helped experts like you...

Gerry Robert - Founder of Black Card Books, International Speaker

Keith Dean - Digital Marketing Agency Owner

 Peter Szabo - FB Ads Agency Owner

Brian Grasso & Carrie Campbell - Mindset Coaches

Greg Crawford - Fitness Business Owner
Imran Ali - Marketing Consultant & International Speaker
Josiah Novak - Online Fitness Coach

How Does The 12-Month Mentorship Work?

The Expert-Business Mentorship is a 12-month immersion process designed to help you create the  high-6 - 7-figure business you desire. . . one which works with or without you. 

We kick off your first week with a

Private 1 - 1 Business Planning Session (With Justin Devonshire) - Value - $4,000

On this 2-hour session your business will be ripped apart and rebuilt from the ground up - so that it gives you more freedom and is ready to scale up to high-6 or 7-figures revenue . . . with healthy profits too!

After this first call, you'll be clear on your offer... your sales funnel... and which ad platforms to use. You'll have crystal clear clarity from the first week.

We can also use this time to give you a 'crash course' on the steps to grow your business - from mindset blocks, creating systems, leading your team, or helping you with creating content.

With my current hourly fee at $2,000 . . . the value is worth at least $4,000 to you. 

Monthly 1 - 1 Business Mentoring For 1 Year (Value - $9,997)

Next, you'll be assigned a personal business mentor that I've hand-selected and trained.

Your coaches will have REAL-WORLD business experience of growing and running successful companies and led teams successfully.

With a monthly 30-45 minute "progress review" . . . you will be kept accountable and focused on the plan we created in the beginning and your personal business mentor will help you overcoming challenges with you.

On top of this, I have an "Open Messenger" policy - meaning you can direct message me anytime with questions and get a fast , personal response - for the next 12 months. 

This makes it a truly personal, one-on-one mentoring program where you get all the support and instant answers you need to get rapid results.

Expert-Business Blueprint Online Study Course (Value - $4,997)

This is my most exclusive online study course, broken into 5 modules. It is your 24/7 reference guide to optimizing ALL parts of your business. 

Here's a quick breakdown of the modules you're getting access to:

Module 1: Transitioning Your Mindset From Solopreneur to Business OWNER

Coaches get stuck at 6-figures, trading time for money because they think like en EMPLOYEE...

To continue momentum to high 6-figures  you must adopt the mindset of a business OWNER and INVESTOR.

If you don't change your mindset, all the strategies and tactics in the world can't help you. Your ego will stay in control, and you won't be able to think bigger.

This module will give you awareness of WHY the solopreneur identity has kept you stuck on the 'hamster wheel'. You'll finally understand the mindset & beliefs required of a 7-figure business leader - and how to re-pattern your brain to create this shift

Module 2 – Vision and Objectives:

You want freedom.

However most coaches get so lost in the 'daily grind' they forget WHY they working for themselves in the first place. This module will help you set specific & measurable goals for your life, and your business.  

By the end of this module you'll have clear, focused goals for the entire year ahead. Imagine knowing EXACTLY what needs to happen quarterly, monthly, weekly - and even daily - to move you closer and closer to your dream business and lifestyle.

Module 3 – Operations and Finance:

Do you wake up without focus... and fall into the drama of the day?

Do you get more overwhelmed as the day goes on? Unsure what to focus on. There are so many moving parts to the business. 

This module changes all of that forever. In module 3, you'll discover how to see your business from a "30,000ft view" so you get CLEAR and ORGANIZED on the daily tasks. 

Then, we turn those tasks into documented systems and repeatable processes so you can build a sustainable, scalable... and even sellable business. 

This module breaks it all down and is is the first step to FREEDOM.

At the end of this module, you'll have a systems-based business, instead of a 'hustle-based' income.

You'll know how to work ON your business, instead of in it. And you'll have created systems and standards that make your business for for YOU. 

That means more free time doing what you love, and a more scalable bottom line, are ready for you.

Module 4 – Grow a ROCKSTAR Team

I have coaches, speakers, sales people, ads managers, admins and VA's working for me all around the globe.

This means by business runs without me being there. So I can enjoy time with my baby son and travel the world without stress.

The best part is, I used to FEAR trusting team members. Now... its the most fulfilling part of being a business owner! Helping them develop and grow, your team become like a 'family' that you enjoy this thrilling journey with!

In this module we go DEEP into how you recruit people... who to hire... when to hire them... and how to keep your team inspired, competent and loyal!

Module 5 – Growth Strategy

This is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the program. 

This is where we focus on TWO major things: 

#1: Attracting qualified leads  - from several platforms like Facebook, Google & Youtube. . . and..

#2: Converting them into high-paying clients with a sales funnel that works without you.

This is important because: 

Starting paid advertising can be daunting.

When I first began using FB Ads back in 2012, I was worried about investing $5 a day!

Today... I invest multiple thousands into ad spend across FB, Google, and Youtube. 

I do that confidently because I know what funnels convert my spend into ROI. 

So if you're ready to SCALE your reach and END the hustle... paid advertising is how to do it. 

You're going to get ALL the secrets to high-return advertising , including: 

  • The simple, low-cost Facebook Ads system I've used to build audiences of hundreds-of-thousands of interested prospects - in no more than a few months. . . and works even BETTER with FB's newest algorithm changes
  • The content-repurposing system I use that allows me to spend just ONE-HOUR a week creating content. . . yet provides 12 pieces of content for 7 different platforms using LEVERAGE.
  • Revealed: The exact systems taught to a fit-pro center which helped them launch successfully . . . even though they started WITHOUT a list and had NO prior experience. Plus they got appearances in Men’s Health and other mainstream media . . . for FREE.
  • The high-ticket phone-closing system I've used to sell over 400 packages(and trained a 23-year old assistant who had NO sales experience to do for me!)
  • The sales funnel that helped one client slash his ad spend in HALF . . . yet sales increased 40% per month.

In addition to the 1-1 business planning session you and I have... and on top of the monthly 1-1 accountability coaching and program modules... 

You're also getting:

12 Month Access to the Expert Business MASTERMIND (Value - $6,000)

The support of my expert-team - who write copy & run ads campaigns for numerous 7- and 8-figure coaching businesses. They've graciously made themselves available to you inside my Mastermind, to guide you and answer your questions for an entire year.

You can ask questions, and submit content for critique to the people who:

- Manage my FB ads, 
- Manage my Google & YouTube ads 
- Write my copy
- Build my funnels and automations 
- Manage my communities and social media platforms

Not only that, but you get answers and insights from other 6- 7- and even 8-figure earning coaches who are INSIDE my mastermind.

I've invested many years developing my rolodex of high-value connects to form this mastermind. And now you get access to absorb everything and elevate yourself - for an entire year.

Imagine, where your business could be in 12 months with this kind of support?

With access to my entire business-growth development team of ad specialists and copywriters (who I refer to 7- and 8-figure businesses to handle their work too).

Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions for 1 YEAR (Value $12,000)

Every week you can access the live MASTERMIND session.

This is a small and intimate group session, where you get to tell us where you are at with the plan I've given you . . . and more importantly . . . what specific help you need that week.

Together we'll melt right through any sticking point like a hot knife through frozen butter . . . and you'll get 1% closer every day to your business and life goals like clockwork.

Plus, inside the Mastermind you'll get assistance and tips from other 6-7 figure coaches and experts who have real experience to share.

Done-For-You Tools, Templates and Swipe Files (Value - $2,000)

Would you like to SWIPE my sales funnel templates, Facebook ads & email sequences?

I want you  to get results. Fast. That's why I'm gifting you all the templates, scripts, checklists and systems to quickly get your business running without you.

Some of the tools you'll receive include: 

  • Vision & Objective-Setting Worksheets
  • My Organizational Chart template
  • KPI Tracking Dashboard Spreadheets
  • Financial Tracking / Balance Sheet templates
  • Job Description templates for each major role in a coaching business
  • Job Interview and recruitment system templates
  • Team Onboarding templates (what to do and say with your new team members to get them performing quickly)
  • Marketing swipes, Facebook ad campaign screenshots and swipes, high converting landing page templates
  • Content marketing templates, blog post templates, livestream video templates and models
  • The High-Ticket Program Funnel templates and outlined
  • Automated email sequences ready to model (or even directly import for Active Campaign users)

These are tools & templates I've created, invested in, and tested over many years with great success. This alone will save you thousands of dollars, and hours of time.

Is This For You?

We work with 3 types of experts in this program: fitness pros,B2B consultants, and self-development / mindset coaches. 

Here's a more detailed breakdown to see if this is for you:

#1: FITNESS PROS (Facility Owners / Online Coaches)

The fit pros I mentor either have a bootcamp / transformation facility, or an online coaching program / products.

They've grown to between $10k - $50k monthly revenue and are now 'STUCK'.

Making good revenue but worried about high overheads and instability of the business.

Leads are INCONSISTENT. Up and down months, highs and lows.

They know one bad month can KNOCK them out.

They want the business to work without them, but they are the visionary and the integrator / manager of it. They don’t know where to go or how to do it.

They come to us to engineer an AUTOMATED marketing funnel and sales process, and to become seen as the GO-TO authority brand of their area quickly. 

These fitpros want more time off with their family... while their business runs without them, with low stress. 

#2: Self-Help / Mindset / Personal Development Coaches

These coaches are passionate about sharing their message of empowerment and leadership. 

They have created a good following and are generating over $10k/month due to their strong reputation.

They've usually established themselves organically, and now want to SCALE their reach through automated marketing and being seen on multiple platforms (like Youtube, Google and on top podcasts). 

Justin works with some leading names in the self-help industry, including coaches making over $100k/month. He's helped them scale their business, grow teams of coaches and even launch their own certification programs.

#3: Business & Marketing Consultants, and Agency Owners

We work with agency owners & consultants who charge high-fees for their work... but are DROWNING in client work. 

Justin has helped 6-figure per month agency owners who were on the verge of breakdown and overwhelm to get FREE from their business -within weeks.

So if you're tapped out trading time for money but want to serve more businesses with your high ticket offer - this will help you. 

If you want to build a team of ads managers or VAs, you'll discover how to find, onboard and train your new team.

Justin has personally mentored 8-figure business consultants on how to automate their leadflow, build systems and scale their team.

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Imagine Where You Could Be a Year From Today...

 Enjoy financial CERTAINTY & FREEDOM.  Knowing your business can provide a lavish lifestyle for you, as well as for your family and loved ones for years to come. 

 An automated marketing system that attracts, nurtures and converts prospects into buyers. No more hustling. Never wonder where your next client is coming from. Just get used to seeing the payment notifications blowing up your phone.

 Owning a REAL coaching business with scale potential. .. one which works with or WITHOUT you. . . one which is cash-rich & profitable

 Be seen EVERYWHERE as the Expert Authority of your niche. The trusted expert. The beloved advisor. Charge higher fees with less resistance by creating Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA)

 Personal mentoring, support and guidance from Justin and his team every step of the way for the next 12 months. Focus, direction, clarity and momentum are yours, daily. 

If You Know Your Business Has BIG Potential... But You're Stuck Grinding In The "Time for Money Trap". . . I Can Show You The Way to More Freedom & Fulfilment.

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