How UK PTs Are Growing By 3-5 New Clients a Day - WITHOUT Organic Marketing...

Are you trapped in the "hustle & grind" of chasing leads all day?

Spending hours posting on social media... just to get low quality leads?

So you're unsure where your next client will come from...

And you drop your prices when talking to a prospect because you're so afraid of losing the sale?

That used to be me.

I knew I was the best trainer around... but the market didn't see it.

I thought getting more certifications would prove my worth.

(Spoiler: It didn't).

I thought slashing my fees would help... but instead it just attracted the worst clients.

Without a consistent source of leads coming into my bootcamp, the feeling of financial uncertainty grew larger and larger.

Then it affected other parts of my business.

Because I was spending so much time hunting down prospects... my actual clients were suffering.

I didn't have time to be a fitness professional because I was too busy trying to be some 'internet marketer'.

I tried everything the marketing gurus told me:

Free challenges,

Making Youtube videos,

Posting tips on Facebook,

Cold DMing people (yuk)

Yet no matter what I did...

No more than a handful of leads would trickle in each month.

And after dropping THOUSANDS into "high ticket" courses with no real guidance...

I was *this close* to calling it a day and getting a 9-5 job just to keep a roof over my head.

All the organic posting, chasing leads, cold DMing didn't feel right to me.

Even if it might work for some fitpros... I felt like it was overwhelming & I didn't want to be a pushy salesman.


I knew I was a great coach - the "best kept secret" of my town.

All I needed was a system to bring the right people to me.

No more chasing them.

I also knew that posting organically - no matter how great my content was - would take months.

(Facebook Likes don't pay my bills, after all).

So I needed a system that worked FAST (like, could generate leads to talk to within hours, not days)

I also knew that Facebook ads could be insanely fast & profitable...

...IF I had the right system in place to capture quality leads - and then close them.

But I didn't have money to pay an Ads Manager... so my system had to be ultra-simple...

And I only wanted qualified leads who'd pay... so I couldn't give "freebie" stuff away. . .

And to add to my long-list of limitations, I also couldn't afford to risk more than £10 per day on ads.

So I needed to be able to close a new clients for around £20 or less (and make at least triple that money back).

I actually thought I was crazy to expect all that:

A system that had to be ultra simple because I suck at tech...

Largely automated so I could get my life back and stop dicking around posting in dead FB groups all day...

Had to be super cheap to make ROI because I was Broke AF. . .

And had to get clients fast... because, well... rent is due!

But I'm now thankful that I was pushed into such a bleak corner back then...


In my first week of running this new lead-gen system I signed up 25 new clients at £99 each.

I had to stop the ad because I filled my bootcamp to capacity.

But I knew I had to scale this further...

So under a year later, I opened my first 4000 square foot transformation centre. And ran the process again.

And within 90 days of opening the doors, we had £25k/month of revenue pouring through the accounts.

Getting clients ONLY with this system.

Not only did it make me a heck of a lot of money... but it also solved all those other headaches I used to have:

    • I get at least 3-5 new client sales every single day for a small ads budget  - for consistent, smooth scaling of my business (we're at 7 locations now!)
    • You don't need any "hardcore" ninja sales skills - the prospects close themselves within 15-20 minutes on the phone
    • You save hundreds of hours each month on chasing flakey prospects & useless organic content
    • You can easily charge anywhere from £99 - £299 per person for your intro offer (with a 60% close rate)
    • You save hundreds of hours each month on chasing flakey prospects & useless organic content
    • I set the system up once, and it continues to run on autopilot (for years now)
    • The whole system can be set up in under 1 hour - without expensive website/funnel developers

    But ... HOLD ON.

    Sure it works for my fitness businesses... but what about other PTs?

    Not only has this system been helping PTs scale to high 6-figure businesses for years now... but its working even better than ever right here in 2021.

    Like for Pierce's results in February 2021:

    It turns out that the secret to profitable, scalable, sustainable growth isn't a secret after all.

    When you focus on creating a superb Signature Offer, and then attract only the most qualified prospects...

    ... its virtually impossible to lose.

    The reason most fitpros are losing today is that they're relying on "hustling" organically... or giving their services away for free or dirt-cheap ... which attracts time-wasters by nature.

    When you get this right, your growth falls into place.

    Your offer sells like crazy , to people looking for a coach like you (and are ready-to-buy).

    That's why JP - a studio owner in London - had his best financial year ever - in 2020.

    17 new clients within a month using the system.

    When you get this dialled in...

    Closing clients becomes quick, effortless and actually enjoyable because you're talking with people who want help (and not a cheap discount).

    Allowing Adam, an outdoor bootcamp instructor - to close 18 sales on his first two weeks using the Fitpro Growth Engine.

    And how Olly, a UK-based online PT finally began quickly growing his income within days of starting.

    I'm gonna be honest with you.

    Trying to scale your client-base with organic posts and free challenges is expensive AF.

    Just in the past month I've talked to dozens of PTs who've sunk THOUSANDS into high-ticket courses, into the wrong Facebook ads, into ads agencies, funnel builders and copywriters...

    ...with zero return.

    They've told me how they'd done everything they were told.

    Hired the "best" coaches, followed their scripts and implemented their systems.

    They shared how they'd lost life savings, gone into crazy debts, or lost a year's worth of saved profit.

    And when they raised an objection to their "coaches", they were told:

    "Its just your mindset bro." 😩

    Or worse, they didn't get a response.

    Because their guru had bounced with their cash and now lives in Bali or some shit.

    And the fact that so many great PTs haven't been able to find someone who can help them turn around their fortunes is a testament to the sad state of the "fitness marketing industry"

    ...and the amount of fraud amongst the so-called "experts"...

    (Please Tell Me You're Sick of This Garbage Too?!^^)

    I hope you can see the truth now:

      • It's why there are so many "shiny new tactics" you're told to run to every month (because the gurus don't have any long term, consisten proven methods...)
      • It's why so many "biz coaches" are just FAILED fitpros who couldn't scale, and thought it'd be easier to sell you something (instead of using their advice to grow their OWN fitness companies)
      • It's why so many gurus love to tell you "just sell high-ticket" (because their outdated Facebook ad methods can't support the rising cost of ads for normal-priced programs)

      Ok, so where's this rant going...

      Here's what I want to acknowledge:


      You've gotten bad advice.

      You've dumped more cash than you'd like to admit on "all-talk, no results" gurus & 'high ticket' courses (which is just a FB group and some crappy videos).

      And while my client-getting system sounds magical (and is literally proven day-in and day-out to work), you're not convinced it'll work for you.

      If that's the case, I just want to say,

      I get it.

      And since I can't talk to you through the computer screen and find out all the nitty-gritty details about your goals and your business... I'm not going to make you any promises.

      BUT, I do want to invite you to take a closer look at how this client-getting system works, step by step.

      'Cause I've used this method to build 8 different 6-figure fitness facilities. And still using it TODAY to fill our next gym locations.

      And fitpros who a few weeks ago couldn't find any prospects... are today signing up 3, 4, sometimes 5 new clients a DAY

      (some of them still can't believe it, even though its dumping money into their bank accounts as we speak!)

      It's not a fluke. It's not a trend.

      In fact, I've been using this same method, in the same way, for near on 7 years.

      While all the "new shiny objects" come and go... I've just been getting new client after new client, doing the same old, unsexy, boring system I always have!

      No shiny objects for me, ever. I'll bet on my own system every time.

      On the next page, I'll walk you through the 3 critical elements of the client-attraction system - and show you how its working right now for a few different UK PTs, online coaches and bootcamp / facility owners.

      Then you can make the final call.

      CONTINUE 3/3