Bored of "The Hustle" Yet? Here's How I Grew Multiple Fitness Businesses WITHOUT Working Harder...

Most trainers “hustle & grind” to make a living. They do it all... and burn out in the process.

But I’m not pointing fingers.

I did it too.

We all fall for the ‘shiny tactics’. Invest thousands of dollars into courses and products, looking for the “magic trick” that makes it all work.

Ask dozens of questions in free Facebook groups...

Follow the 'gurus' big promises...

And it got you so far.

You’re making a few thousand a month. Got a small base of hardcore clients coming through the door.

You’ve validated your fitness business.

But now?

...what now?

Where do you go from here?

How do you continue growing past £10k a month while juggling so many balls?

And the bigger question…

How do you do it when you’re working 12 hour days as it is?

When your partner barely recognizes you.

...Sex is non-existent.

...You’re getting out of shape.

And the grind is wearing you out physically and mentally.

You get conflicted.

You WANT to grow your income, serve more people….

Be seen as the "GO TO" expert professional of your area...

But at the same time - the thought of adding more to your plate is horrendous.

The truth is,

The 6-figure gym owner needs to do things very differently to get to the next level.

(If they want to enjoy their life and have the freedom they deserve with it).

What I’m saying is,

What got you to 6-figures won’t get you to 7.

In fact, the hustle and grind that got you here, will only harm your business if you keep doing it.

Because at the current rate, one of two things will happen (neither of them are good).

You’ll kill the business. Or,

It will kill you.

For me, it was number 1

(Yeah, okay… that’s obvious, I know. Wouldn’t be writing this if #2 happened lol)

My ‘successful’ business looked great from the outside. Lots of clients. $8k a month revenue.

But I hated my life.

I woke up at 5am to start working with clients.

Juggled marketing, content, writing emails, following up with messages, and all other tasks for the next few hours.

Eat something if I remembered.

Then do sales appointments, waste hours with flakey leads, and spend the evening on more calls and sessions with clients.

No time for my own workouts.

No time for my partner.

No time for myself.

Obsessed with ‘the grind’.

That’s why I lost it all. Overnight.

A family illness caused me to step away to be with them.

And without me the business crumbled overnight.

Never was a business. It was a glorified job.

With an idiot boss (me).

Only later, I realized how insane this approach was.

And changed my entire strategy to business.

Instead of busting my ass…

Instead of writing emails every day…

Instead of discounting my prices…

Instead of doing all the work myself…

And without product 'launches'...

Without selling corny  'Trip Wire" products...

Without complicated funnels and ebooks and webinars and all that jazz...

I did something entirely different

And within a very short time the gym was working FOR ME.

I became the OWNER, not the technician.

I could step away, take holidays and always have peace of mind that things were growing without my involvement every single day.

You may be wondering,

How did i do it?

What changed?

It was because of 3 critical elements I was missing at the time.

3 elements that the 'marketing gurus' never told me.

These 3 things are essential and critical to take your gym to high 6-figures & more freedom… so you get your time and energy back.

The 3 elements are …