Let me get to the point.

The 3 things that grow your fitness business, with more freedom and fulfilment in your life are:

#1. An Automated Marketing Machine

#2. Choosing The Right Team to Deploy Your Systems

#3. The “Entrepreneur” Mindset

What happens when you get these 3 things locked in?

It produces results like this:


Because when you can make your fitness business work WITHOUT you … you’ll be able to give your family the freedom they deserve.

And when you have a system that attracts, nurtures, and converts prospects into buyers - on autopilot - you won’t have to worry about high overheads.

And finally… when you STOP thinking like a self-employed Jack-of-all- trades… and START embracing your role as a business OWNER… you’ll be able to create the life you’ve been dreaming about.

That’s when your business works FOR YOU. Giving you freedom, wealth and fulfilment (because you’re making such an impact in so many people’s lives).

Like what happened with Dylan...


Once you apply these 3 steps, your business can change the lives of thousands of people.

Including your own.

Its like Zig Ziglar said,

Help enough people get what they want, and you’ll get what you want”.

But you can’t help that many people when you’re stuck trading time for money without systems and scalability.

That’s where all the money is hiding.

See you’re running a great fitness business. We both know that.

But being great isn’t enough.

That’s another lie gym owners are sold!

It’s not about how good you are…

...it’s about how many people can experience how good you are!

They’re the ones paying the money after all.

It’s really simple when you think about it.

Serve more people = make more money.

So here’s your action plan:

Turn the vital tasks of YOUR business into quantified, repeatable, scalable systems...

Learn how to be a leader & mentor to your team so they can take the reigns for you...

Implement an automated system that drives floods of hungry prospects through your door and converts them into buyers.

Even when you’re not there.

Just like another of my mentoring client -  Stuart - did:

Stuart has outsourced his coaching team & automated his lead-generation:


You can see the full case study of how we grew Stuart's gym & made his Facebook ad funnel profitable HERE <

... while another mentoring client Jon Compton went from burned out freelancer to successful business owner using the same steps I teach.


For a more insight on how we transformed Jon's studio, check out the case study blog HERE <<

You could call this, working SMARTER, not harder.

Am I saying all this is ‘easy’?

Heck no.

But simple, yes.

(And a lot better for your health and sanity than ‘hustling’ 16 hours a day).

It’s lifestyle-friendly business, where leads are generated for you 24/7…

While the SYSTEMS in your business do all the ‘heavy lifting’...

And you can lead your team to build the company as if it were their own.

Allowing you the time, energy and freedom to do what you always wanted.

Travel where you always dreamt of.

And do it with the people you love the most.

Enjoy the material things, and unforgettable experiences that a successful entrepreneur deserves.

So think about this…

What would it do for your business?

For your life?




So, here’s the deal.

I’ve created something for you, to help implement these 3 steps.

It’s up to you to take the next step. I won’t and can’t force you.

But if you continue this journey and implement the steps I want to show you, you can expect results like my clients around the world are getting.

This is our world.

Now let me show you how to join us...