This is it: the system that turned everything around for me.

Implementing this system gave me a solid, predictable and steadily-growing recurring revenue each month.

And it allowed me to END the 'hustle & grind' trap forever.

I turned my back on the complicated 'marketing funnels' being pushed on me.

I didn't want hours of tech set up.

I just wanted something simple, that made great returns, and that gave value to my audience.

This delivered on all accounts.

The solution is very simple, and has just 3 working parts.

It all begins with the offer.

In fact, successful client-generation lives and dies by what you're offering.

After all, we can get Facebook clicks to a page all day long - but if the offer sucks, nobody will take the next step.

So you first need:

Step #1: Create A 'Signature Offer' Thats Irresistible to Your Ideal Clients (And Unique to YOU)

Why do most PTs absolutely suck at selling their programs?

It's because they attempt to sell their monthly memberships & long-term programs to a new prospect, and it rarely works.

That's because it's too much of a commitment for someone who just met you.

This isn't like buying a tube of toothpaste!

I changed that by instead NOT selling long-term programs upfront.

But by creating a "front end offer".

The front end offer is a compelling short-term program that eliminates the two most common objections from your audience - time and money.

The prospect is making a big commitment (to themselves) and to you.

So, the 'Front End Offer' (we call it "FEO" for short) eliminates these objections, by giving them a "test drive" of the results & experience you offer.

Since back in 2012 when I started using this system, I've been charging between £99 - £299 for my Front End Offers.

So your client gets a chance to get some initial results & experience what you do for lower commitment...

...and you get upfront cash, without having to pimp yourself out for free chasing dead-end leads.

Its a win-win for everyone!

This isn't complicated, as you can see.

A high-converting Sales System starts with offering huge value.

The next step is to create a Qualification System that filters out only the people most ready-to-buy.

Step#2: Qualify The Best Prospects - So Closing Becomes Easy

Here's where our process truly stands out and gets results.

The problem a lot of trainers have is that they used Facebook ads to get leads - but those leads weren't qualified.

Fitpros are making this big mistake in TWO main ways:

Mistake #1: Collecting email leads in exchange for "free challenges" or info/PDFs

This is a big error.

Because all you're doing is building a list of freebie-seekers.

Sure, the leads are dirt-cheap... but how many actually convert into buyers?

It's no use getting cheap email addresses if you don't make any money in return.

Mistake #2: Collecting phone numbers or free trial registrants with ZERO qualification 

This wastes your time even more.

Because its easy to get someone to give you a name, email and phone number...

BUT getting them to SHOW UP is a different challenge altogether.

As I found out the hard way years ago.

Back when I first started messing around with FB ads, and wasn't taking it seriously, I boosted an ad that promised a FREE 21-Day program.

Hang, think I have a screenshot of it here...

(thank you "Facebook Memories" for reminding me of my amateur-ness!)

This is when I first trialled the concept of the FEO... but made the mistake of giving it for free.

I had probably around 60 sign ups from this promotion.

60 people saying "YES" they'd do my free 21-day program.

But you can guess what happened next, can't you?

That's right...

Only 15 (out of 60) actually turned up...

And of those 15, only 3 actually made it through the whole 21 days.

The rest just weren't invested enough because they didn't pay for it.

So that was 3 whole weeks of work, serving 15 clients... for nothing.

This is what PTs are doing all the time - chasing people who aren't committed.

And then wondering why they're so "burned out" all the time.

Its because you're wasting your own time.

I never made that mistake ever again.

And have charged reasonable fees for our FEOs since then.

Today, we average about 70 new clients paying £159 for our FEO each month per location.

That means we make £11,000 on the front, and at least 50 of those become long term members at £100+ per month

(for at least £5,000 recurring monthly added, each month).

Now you can see how we've been able to scale to 7 locations in under 3 years, with ZERO outside investment.

This is also why I created the QUALIFICATION SYSTEM we still use today.

The qualification system filters the prospects to serve up only those most ready and willing to buy.

This will save you hours of wasted time and frustration.

Plus you're only letting qualified prospects into your facility with the highest chance of becoming 6-12 month clients.

In fact, we ascend a whopping 72% of FEO prospects into 12-month contract clients.

That success is largely due to our filtering system at the start.

Our qualification system means the prospect tells us why they need coaching, and why we should accept them onto our program.

This flips the dynamic on its head and is completely unique to what any other competitors are doing in our area.

While they pander to the prospect and come across as desperate... we know our value of our limited spaces.

We know this is an incredible offer, and we know we only work with the most dedicated and committed people.

The other great thing about this Qualification System is that its fully automated system.

It's easily set up in 30 minutes with some simple online tools.

Remember, I suck at tech and can barely use an iPhone so this was a big deal for me.

To this day we have 7 gyms and we still don't have a "website" lol.

No web developers or tech geniuses required. Just how I like it.

But of course there's one more key element to the Fitpro Growth Engine.

And that's getting the leads INTO our Qualification & Sales System...

Step #3: Fuel Interested Prospects Into Your Qualification System Using Facebook Ads

Most trainers burn money on Facebook ads, because they don't know the correct way to use them.

For years now Facebook ads are THE single cheapest & fastest way to generate leads on demand... Only IF you combine them with the system I'm revealing to you right now.

When you promote your Front-End Offer (FEO) - with a strong Qualification System - and send leads on autopilot all day through Facebook, you get a machine that grows your revenue non-stop.

Yet most PTs have a very different experience of Facebook Ads...

Some, like me years ago, pump money into low-quality leads that don't convert. Costing you not just money, but time & energy.

Other PTs pay huge sums of money to ads agencies, when they're barely paying themselves.

Now, look, there's nothing wrong with working with an ads manager per se...

BUT - and this is a huge business lesson for you... 

Facebook ads are so SIMPLE and EASY (when you have this FEO system behind it) that you don't need an ads manager to get started.

In fact, I built my first two 6-figure bootcamps using ads - on my own.

And today, in 2021, I have dozens and dozens of PTs who are mentored by me to set up the ads themselves and be generating cash sales within hours of launch.

These PTs thought it would be too hard.

Too complicated.

Too expensive.

But this is just what the ads agency industry has made you believe, in order to justify charging you crazy high monthly retainers.

But advertising on Facebook is actually a damn simple skill.

And I show fitpros all the basics (which is more than enough for you to generate 5-10 sales per DAY).

Because the key is this:

The Facebook ad is the EASIEST part of all this.

The real "heavy lifting" is done by your Irresistible Signature Offer, and the Qualification / Sales Process.

The Facebook ad is literally just a social media post that sends people into your system.

In fact, I'd bet that the reason you've never made FB ads profitable is precisely because you've made them too complicated. 

You've put them on a glorified pedestal - thanks to the agencies and gurus telling you that you need them.

All bullshit, my friend.

And I'm not just saying this.

Again, I have the overwhelming proof.

Brand new PTs who never ran an ad before in their life... and only could afford £5-10 per day... making INSTANT ROI on Facebook with my guidance.

Like these guys, below.

These are the results they're getting in March 2021 (as of writing this).

Halfway through the month and these fitpros have signed up between 5 to 34 new clients, in the past two weeks alone.

This process is surprisingly simple, but don't let that fool you of its effectiveness.

I've been using this same set up every single day since 2012 to generate a consistent, reliable, systematic flow of leads & grow my fitness business.


It's time to stop believing the "organic marketing" lie.

Organic posting is lovely, and it helps the few people who see it.

BUT it does not - and never has - grow your fitness business systematically and scalably.

And the people who tell you to grow your biz using organic only tell you that because they don't know how to use the leverage of paid ads with a proven sales process.

Don't work harder just because they tell you its impossible not to.

Once again, I'm not one of these "fitness marketing gurus".

I am growing gyms - and an online PT business - like you, every single day.

And as far as I can see... I'm the only person in this industry with the track record of building successful gyms and bootcamps whose still teaching what works.

The reason is because fitpros are WINNING fast with my systems.

The Crux of The Issue:

When it comes down to it, there are just 3 simple questions you need to answer, to reveal the truth about why your fitness income isn't where it could be...

1.Do you have a proven Signature Offer that gets people results and is "famous" around your town?

2.Do you have an automated system that gives you 3-10 qualified prospects to call every single day - for a very low ad spend?

3. Are you taking payments for at least 2-5 new clients every day, without fail, to make at least £200-500 per day extra cash?

I created the Fitpro Growth Engine to do exactly this for you.

...and the results speak for themselves.

This gym owner was using free trials until we crossed over to the Fitpro Growth Engine system.

Now he's having a far easier time converting the PAYING clients than the freebie seekers, because they're so much more qualified.

Then there's Ben...

22 new sales at £158 for a 21 day FEO. Tough to argue with that.

And if you're not getting at least a 5-10X return quickly on your Facebook ad spend, there's something not right in your current process.

We can fix that for you, though.

Let's Look At Our Numbers Using The Fitpro Growth Engine System:

For our own gyms, our average Cost Per Lead (CPL) is around £3.  (industry standard £10-£15)

Our average Cost Per Sale is £15-25 (thats how much we spend, on average to make £159 in return)

We close 60% of leads over the phone (industry average 20% or less)

75% of the FEO clients sign with us long term (most fitpros struggle to keep more than 40%)

And these aren't fluke numbers.

These numbers have been stable for more than 5 years.


Because this isn't a short-term system.

It's not something you use to get a windfall of clients... before you seek the next "Shiny toy".

No... this is IT.

It's the only system you're going to need.

Its THE only system I've used for near 8 years.

After this... you don't need any more "fitness marketing coaches".... no new "softwares".

you don't have to worry about "algorithm changes".

"Flavour of the month" distractions like Clubhouse, TikTok, Instagram Reels etc. are IRRELEVANT to us.

We just focus on THE SYSTEM.

And in under 3 years we've scaled our women's and men's gym chains to 7 locations.

And I've used to it scale an online PT business to over 1000 clients and 18 staff (during 2020, the global pandemic).

Now... I get it... if you're used to "organic" marketing, and the "free challenges" that the gurus teach... .you'll think my results are CRAZY.

But here's the thing,

My results are typical within the Fitpro Growth Engine framework.

It's normal to have reasonable lead costs, high closing rates, and 5-10X return on ad spend.

It's normal to gain 2-5 new clients each and every day into your bootcamp or online PT (yes, even if you only started yesterday and make less than £2k/month right now.)

It's normal to generate qualified leads on autopilot & close effortlessly... so you can get back to doing what you love - coaching people to transformations, and spending free time with your family!

Are you ready for a new normal?