Here’s Why a Lot Of Fitpros Are Running In Circles, Investing In “Course” After “Course” With No Results…

Here’s why a lot of fitpros are running in circles, investing in “course” after “course” with no results…

Problem #1:

Most “business” coaches out there don’t teach you how to grow & run a business.

…they teach you Facebook ads. That’s it.So you end up getting sales from FB, sure… but then you’re left now knowing what to DO with all those clients. You end up getting busy, and burned out.

These programs are only “front-end” based… showing you to increase clients… but not build a back end system that can scale and give you freedom.

That’s why the fitpros working with us experience massive shifts quickly… they are realizing that there’s a lot more to running a business.

Things we show them including:

– managing finances and a profit-plan- recruiting and leading a team- operations to run a smooth gym & hold staff accountable- a culture that breeds good energy & inspired team- …as well as lead generation and local branding.

That’s why our program is 12 months… because we’re about building you a real business… not setting up an ads funnel (we can do THAT in 4 days or less with you).But there’s another reason fitpros have lost money…

Problem #2:

Its all information… no ACTIONWe don’t sell “information”.
We give you all of that, sure.

But our 12-month mentorship is all created around IMPLEMENTATION & ACCOUNTABILITY

That’s why you get 8 (EIGHT) Mastermind Meet Ups live each year (not 2, or 3)

PLUS 2X Three-Day IMMERSION events … where you learn concepts about running big business, thinking bigger, and implementing before you leave.
The truth is… business success is all about having UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS …

Conversations with yourself… and why you’re playing small…

Conversations with those toxic clients its time to get rid of, but you’ve held onto …

And conversations with the staff members who are holding you hostage because they feel entitled…

And to have those uncomfortable conversations and to implement new things requires SUPPORT and GUIDANCE.

That’s why our fitpros also get 1-1 mentoring every month.

Group accountability calls WEEKLYAnd a lot more in between.
And for the rate of under £350 a month…Its a no brainer.

Content and info alone won’t help you. Stats show that.In fact, I’m upping my content game this year.

More fitpros need to know the invaluable stuff we teach inside the Fitness Business Blueprint

– about leadership and management skills- about business operations- about financial planning and cashflow management- about local branding and creating compelling offers- about growing a loyal, inspired team
And about the REALITY of running a successful business that is sustainable, profitable and works FOR YOU

If you’ve been hopping around the “fitpro marketing” bandwagon… paid thousands and got nowhere…

Its time for you to make a change.

Let us work with you to build a real business.

That gives you freedom, wealth and makes an impact in your community.
Its no fluff, no theory.

Its based on what we’re doing TODAY to build multiple locations.

Me and my entire operations & strategy team are behind you inside our Mentorship.

That’s why the results are pouring out daily…

Hit me up to chat if you’re ready for more.

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