How to Create & Sell an AWESOME Online Zoom Fitness Program for Your Community – in 10 Steps

Maybe your gym has already had to close. Or maybe you’re open, yet some clients are choosing to stay at home (fair enough).

We’ve set up an online Zoom-based program to continue serving our clients, and offer a new service for people in our area who want to keep in shape whilst in quarantine.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown guide of how we’re doing it:

1. Package Creation:

First, do NOT become an “infoproduct” creator. Nobody wants a PDF, or a library of 59 videos.

People at home want ACCOUNTABILITY, and they want COMMUNITY. They want to have fun with others and a coach online to make sure they turn up to get it done.

People do not want to be given an app or workout library and told “Go do that and come back next month”.

2. What to Include:

Some ideas include:

  • A number of live interactive workout sessions on Zoom (with rest of the participants) each week (we’re offering 2/day currently)
  • Some basic nutrition support / recipe books etc (here’s where some PDFs / info is appropriate)
  • A weekly coaching-based QnA Zoom call to answer questions
  • A free pass to get 2-3 weeks at your facility / to your PT sessions when you re-open

3. Set Up / Tech:

We recommend a Zoom Pro account – its £11.99/month for up to 100 participants on the call.

4. Duration:

We don’t know how long this situation will last, so 6-month packages are out.

Instead, I suggest just offering 4-week blocks. Sell the first 4-weeks, to start on a specific date – maybe in a week or so. Then see how the situation plays out before we commit to selling another block afterwards.

5. Pricing:

My general rule for an FEO (Front End Offer) is that it should be at least 10-20% more expensive than what your clients pay for that same relative time period.

For example, if a typical month of your bootcamp is £100/month, then a 4-Week Online FEO could be priced at £110-£120 (or even the same rate of £100 is ok).

This also depends on IF you are changing the pricing for your current clients in this period. If you are going to charge your clients less to come online temporarily, you could then charge less for the FEO for new people.

6. Promotion:

We’ve modified our already-successful FEO ads funnel to simply offer this new 4-week package.

Ad goes to opt-in page. Then a short application form. Then we call the applicants and close over the phone.

(Right now we’re getting leads for this offer on FB for just over £1 each)

7. Target a WIDER Audience Than Usual:

A lot of gyms may be closing (or already closed), so you don’t need to only target your own prospects.

What about offering help to all the people who’ve had their commercial gym memberships closed?

You can take this opportunity to experiment with a wider radius on your advertising, as people from any where in your region can get involved in this package.

Sure, many of these people won’t convert into long-term clients when you re-open… but its worth it for the short-term cash if your ad costs remain low.

8. Upsell:

Consider creating an advanced level of your home / bodyweight workout that includes an equipment stack. Maybe a kettlebell, a resistance band and an ab-roller for example.

Partner with an equipment supplier to provide this stack to you for a discount because you’ll be making several orders.

If you can secure such a stack for around £30 per unit, you can then offer this equipment bundle as an upsell to the people you close for £40 (and you net £10 profit)

9. Delivery:

Got a great tip from Sam Opie: PRE-RECORD your workout. Make it super visual and easy to follow, as if it was a Youtube video.

Then, when your Zoom session goes live, you use the “Screen Share” function to show this video playing.

People on the call will follow that workout video, whilst you (still being live on the call) will be able to observe, coach and inspire your clients through the workout.

If you try to bounce around doing a home workout at the same time as them, you won’t be able to coach effectively or get as involved.

10. Make More CONTENT

Especially around terms like “Home workout” because people will be searching for this like crazy right now.

You could get some better Google / Youtube SEO rankings now by making a bunch of videos referencing these keyword terms.

11. BONUS Tip: Have FUN…

And feel free to take the piss out of how crazy this situation is.

Doing workouts at home, on Zoom is going to feel a little cheesy, a bit cringy… but LEAN INTO it.

This is NOT about the home workouts or even about fitness.

At this time, this online alternative offers the value of community, fun, and an escape from watching the negative news on TV.

This is the real value for your online clients. Its about how you make them FEEL.

Making them feel positive, certain, and safe, is what you’re doing here.

A few handstand push ups help too.

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