The Truth About Overwhelm and Stress

Overwhelm and stress. 

Common symptoms when you’re busy growing your coaching business.

Something I’d constantly feel, daily, at one point.

Until I came to the realization that ‘overwhelm’ is a FEELING, not an actual circumstance. 

In other words, overwhelm doesn’t come from having too many things to do. It comes from having too few PRIORITIES. 

I know how it is… 

You’re desperate for answers, so we put our faith into the ‘tactics’. We collect hoards of information and attempt to deploy a thousand strategies at once. 

We hope to find the “one funnel” or the “magic Facebook ad”, or the perfect “sales script”.

We believe – we WANT to believe – that the “right” tactic, or offer, or plan will just work out for us. 

So, we give ourselves up to doing all these things. 

And we choose to feel overwhelm, knowing we can’t get it all done (and we’re still not entirely sure they’ll work anyway). 

You don’t have to live with overwhelm and stress in business. You can drop it at any moment you choose.

It starts with priority management (NOT time management).

Deeper, it starts with ENERGY management. 

Without a surplus of energy, you’re more likely to choose “overwhelm” and other negative thoughts when circumstances don’t appear to be going your way.

We find energy -and also our priorities – by doing one thing – following our excitement. 

Your ‘superpower’

Staying in ‘your lane’

Your Untouchable 

Its been called many things by many masters.

But we keep resisting the simplicity. We want to believe that complexity is the key, when it never is. 

Have the faith that you acting on the ONE THING that will move mountains is the instigator of transformation in your life and business. 

Whats that one action that you LOVE to do… it lights you up… and you know NOBODY else can do it like you?

That’s your escape from overwhelm… and your entry to fulfilment. 

Because you can be overwhelmed doing 5 hours of a task you hate…. 

…yet you can stay energized and buzzing after 10 HOURS of doing a task you love.

As I said, overwhelm isn’t a product of time or duration doing a task.

Its a product of doing the tasks you aren’t aligned with, even if for a small period of time. 

But what of the other important tasks, that you probably hate, yet have to be done? Like the books? Like admin? Like follow ups?

That’s where a team comes into play. Because whatever task you detest, someone else out there holds it as THEIR untouchable skill. 

Its a myth in business that the goal is to ‘duplicate’ ourselves. It really isn’t, because you won’t.

The goal is to find people who are different to you, who compliment you, who fill in your blanks. Who “love the jobs you hate” (as the old “Mr Muscle” ads would say!)

This is when a solopreneur becomes a business owner… and the team become a business.

And a small number of people – a team of less than 10 people – all acting on their excitement and skill – can produce significantly more than an office of 50 people all doing mundane factory work.

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