With Growing a Business Comes Inevitable Challenges

With growing a business comes inevitable challenges.

One of the most common challenges YOU WILL face is when your company vision outgrows members of your team.

When you began your fitness business you would have had a particular level of standard. You likely didn’t have conscious, documented core values.

So, as a result, you will have accepted and tolerated trainers on your team – and clients in your gym – that were a ‘fit’ then, but not now.

Same as when were babies, we eat baby food. But once we grow, it doesn’t serve us any more.

Nothing wrong with baby food. It just ain’t a fit forever.
Your problem is, you’re not FACING those uncomfortable conversations.

You realize the company has grown and is growing fast. But you have collateral people, systems and ideas that have to be cut.

But when you keep tolerating those people…

…making excuses for them…

…and pandering to their demands to build your business around THEM…

You’re going to kill your business and your happiness. 

All in one fell swoop.

What are the uncomfortable conversations you KNOW you need to do, but have put off?

Because here’s a truth: you don’t have “Mindset blocks”.

You only have things (conversations & actions) that are actually most obvious, but you hide from to avoid rocking the boat.

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