101 Ways to Become The #1 Fitness Business In Your Area: #2: Don’t ever sell “memberships”

#2: Don’t ever sell “memberships”
The “M” word needs to be banished from your fitness business.
Because memberships are what crummy gyms offer.
And your prospects have a pre-conceived notion of how much a “membership” is worth.
For instance, if your bootcamp is a £100/m membership and the local gym is £50/m membership… why do you think most people choose the gym over you?
By positioning it as a membership you’ve allowed people to make that false comparison.
“But Justin, how will I take monthly payments if I don’t offer a month to month membership?”
Oh, I didn’t say not to offer a month-to-month service..
… in other words, don’t change your structure… only the POSITIONING (or perception) of it.
We prescribe our prospects a “12-month Lifestyle Transformation program”.
It’s £997 upfront … OR they can pay 12 monthly installments of only £97.
Get it?
This simple tweak transforms their perception of you.
It will increase retention, because now they don’t think about cancelling at the end of each month.
Instead, the client knows they are paying an installment towards an outstanding balance. Like paying a finance plan for a car. You don’t “think about canceling” because it’s a commitment you made.
More retention.
Better sales conversions.
Less comparisons to the gyms.
Eliminate the “M” word… today.

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