101 Ways to Become The #1 Fitness Business In Your Area: #1: Charge for results, not time

#1: Charge for results, not time

Charging for individual sessions gives the client no long-term incentive. Its also unprofessional and not representative of your true skill and commitment.

Prospects used to ask, “Why can’t I buy one session?”

“Because I can’t get you into shape in one session”, I respond.

When you allow the pay-as-you-go method, you accept pay-when-they-can-be-bothered clients.

Instead, charge for results-based packages.

This is the difference between pitching… and *prescribing*.

If you believe the client needs at least 3 months to achieve a result, offer them a 90 day package.

Upon completion of that package, re-diagnose and prescribe again.

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