101 Ways to Become The #1 Fitness Business In Your Area: #4: Treat Prospects Like Clients… & Treat Clients Like Family

#4: Treat Prospects Like Clients… & Treat Clients Like Family

A great tip I picked up from the legend Pat Rigsby years ago.

Stop waiting for people to pay you money before you bring value into their life.

You have to give value to the market first… then they’ll respond in kind.

So start helping your prospects, your market. Create a free FB community to share tips & inspire them.

Organize local seminars that offer help to the public.

Create a newsletter or offer free talks for businesses and organisations in your area.

Have a ‘social impact’ goal to serve your community.

Treat those prospects as though they were clients who deserve your value.

As for your current paying clients?

Treat them like FAMILY.

Honour your core values with them.

Give them all your business can.

Always strive for new ways to give them the best value at the best price.

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