101 Ways to Become The #1 Fitness Business In Your Area: #7: Hire for Personality, Train for Skill

Hire for Personality, Train for Skill –

Ever wondered how you’ll find a coach whose good enough to replace you?

The trick is NOT to look for someone with the right ‘credentials’.

When I hire fitness coaches, their credentials mean nothing to me. If they have PhDs, Level 3 certs etc is a non issue.

Because when they work for our brand they’ll be executing OUR workout programs. I don’t need someone who can create great programming, because I’ve already created a great progam.

Just like Gordon Ramsey doesn’t need to hire the world’s best chef…

Because he needs some one with the ability to follow HIS recipe.

So its best to hire people with the basic level of certification required for legal purposes…

But more for their PERSONALITY .

Because someone who is






Is who you want.

You can teach a someone with great personality how to get the skills.

But its almost impossible to teach someone with skills how to get a personality.

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