3-Steps to Read Your Prospect’s Minds & Offer Them Exactly What They’re Looking For

“It’s like you read my mind! I had to sign up!”

  Numerous customers tell me this.

When you can enter your prospect’s mind & know exactly what they’re thinking, you’ll attract customers like moths to a flame.

In a previous post I taught you how to lock-down your target customer profile.

What I’m about to reveal today will put that on ‘steroids’.

I have 3 advanced (and very sneaky) methods of discovering even more about your ideal clients.

Once you apply these, don’t be surprised when prospects are attracted to you swiftly and easily.

By the way,
I’ve never shared these little tips outside of my private Inner Circle Mentoring Group.

So don’t take this for granted.

Apply it.

And keep this email to yourself, okay? 😉

So let me show you how to identify your customers’


Emotional Buying Triggers (EBT)

When you get this right, you’ll be using ‘stealth influence’ to draw people to you.

And they won’t even be able to explain WHY they want to pay you so much.

It’s powerful.

So use it responsibly.

Here we go:

EBT Method #1:

Search in FORUMS

Yes, forums!

Remember those things?

They were all the rage before Facebook invented ‘groups’

But your market still use them.

First, enter the word “forum” followed by a search term your customer would be using, such as “weight loss” or “marketing tips”.

Google will often bring up THOUSANDS of forums that your ideal prospects are hanging out in.

Next go into the top 3-5 forums and start browsing the general questions.

Look for the questions that people ask over and over again. 

That’s your HOOK. 

Go and create a ‘lead magnet’ based around that question.

For example, if the common question is

“I want to start losing weight but don’t know where to start. Which is the best diet out there??

Then that would make an awesome topic for a webinar, or at least an article, right?

And don’t you think that’s going to attract your ideal prospects?

Because its the question THEY asked.

You can’t get better market research than that.

EBT Method #2:

How powerful would it be to know exactly what your ideal prospects are ALREADY paying for – and what they like / dislike about it?

Well, you can.

We’re going to ‘borrow’ from the world’s best and biggest online shopping website – Amazon.com

Go to Amazon.com and look under the “How to and Advice” category.

Some of the categories on Amazon

Type your search term again, and filter the search to bring up “Best-selling items”

You’ll now get a list of the top-selling books, DVDs and CDs that YOUR customers are buying.

This tells you what people are paying for, and you can also swipe some great headline ideas.

The headlines of the best-selling books and DVDs are what people are PAYING for right now.

So once again, take those headlines & topics and turn them into lead magnets (such as webinars or seminar) that you give away for FREE.

People will love you.

Another tip: also look at the best and worst reviews – they’ll tell you EXACTLY what customers appreciated and didn’t like.

Great feedback, straight from the horses mouth, wouldn’t you agree?

EBT Method #3:

Here’s how you can legally ‘steal’ millions of dollars worth of copywriting secrets.

From magazine covers.

Go to Google and type in the name a popular magazine in your niche.

It could be Men’s Health




Psychologies magazine

Whatever YOUR ideal prospect is reading.

You see, these magazines have paid MILLIONS to research and test fast headlines that ‘hook’ their readers.

(And they have to hook within 3 seconds, being on a crowded shelf – so you know they work)

Bring up the covers on Google and you can scan away.

You’ll get HUNDREDS of ideas for headlines, hooks, and topics from this alone.

What all this research ultimately does is allows you to

Speak your clients’ language

When you do that you’ll create deep trust and desire to work with you, over all your competitors

(Who are all too busy talking about themselves in their adverts)

I know you’ll have fun with those 3 ‘ninja tips’

(Urgh, I hate that term)

Happy hunting!


P.S. Remember, I only give this stuff to my paying Inner Circle clients usually, so don’t take this lightly just because its ‘free’.

And my inner circle clients get gold like this – every single day.

for less than $2 per day.

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