5 Steps to Become An Influencer to Your Prospects

There are 5 foundational steps to create Expert Authority positioning, and be seen as an influencer by your market. Apply the following steps, in order, and you’ll attract more clients.

Step #1: Identify & Locate Buyers

Have you wondered why you keep attracting ‘dead-beat’ leads who don’t buy anything? Or perhaps you’re not attracting any leads? Nobody responds to your social media posts?

What we need to do is identify the people most likely to purchase. Then, we discover where they are.

We do this by identifying your market’s ‘buying triggers’ – these are actions your market make – in public – that we can use in our marketing messages to attract the most qualified leads.

Once you know who the best leads are, it becomes easy to find out where they are.

Step #2: List-Building on Autopilot

Isn’t marketing overwhelming? It feels like you’re doing a hundred things to get leads.

Rather than spend all day on marketing, the key is to automate this process as soon as possible. The coaches who are struggling for clients are spending all day making Facebook posts, making advert campaigns, writing emails, and doing dozens of other things to attract leads each day.

But the most successful coaches spend less than 5% of their time doing this.

That’s because they put their list-building on autopilot.

You can do this by collecting your audience into a database where you can communicate and engage with them.

I suggest at the least having an email list, with a service such as Aweber or Active Campaign.

You could also create a more advanced tribe such as a free Facebook or LinkedIn group where you nurture this tribe on social media. You may be wondering…

How do you get someone to join your database?

Your market are always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

You answer that by understanding the 3 phases of prospect readiness a person goes through before they buy from you.

In the buyer’s journey there are 3 distinct phases. The first is known as the Awareness Phase. 

This is where your prospects first come across you, and they are starting to understand (or finally admit) they have a problem that needs solving.

However, in this phase, they are not too sure on why they are struggling, They’re not aware of the mistakes they keep making.

They’re unaware of the myths they are believing.

And many of the prospects here are almost ready to give up. They often don’t see a way out of their struggle.

That’s where you step in.

Your role here is to show them the possibility that exists for them.

What opportunity for change do they have?

What transformation could they make? Haven’t you helped people who were similar to them make such a transformation?

You can entice your prospect to join your list (or ‘tribe’) by offering them something that will give them the “A-HA!” moment they so desperately need.

Show them a new perspective. Show them proof that other people – just like them – have found a solution to their problem.

Remember – show them the possibility that exists for them. Educate them on why they’re struggling, so they gain clarity.

This is the beginning of a relationship with a new prospect.

Step #3: Turn Leads into Fans

A big mistake experts are making is to bombard their new leads with heavy sales messages – before they’ve built any relationship first.

Think of it like dating – you wouldn’t ask someone you just met to marry you (well, some of you might).

Instead, you’d first have a light-hearted conversation. Get to know each other. Go on a date or two.

Then you start getting more intimate.

I’m not saying to shy away from offering services altogether. There should be an option for any prospect to buy, incase they’re ready to make a change in their life.

But if you start giving value upfront you’ll immediately stand out as an expert and authority on your subject.

Here’s a critical lesson that a mentor taught me:

The goal of marketing isn’t to “close a sale”. Its to “open a relationship”.

Making profit and cashflow is critical, of course. But if you see your prospects as nothing more than ‘walking dollar signs’ you’re going to struggle.

Real marketing is about demonstrating your expertise by offering valuable content. Helping your market with frequent tips, blogs, articles, and tools that help them in their journey. Then when are ready to finally get professional guidance, they are far more likely to come to you.

It’s playing the long game, sure. But this is how every successful coach or consultant has made it.

Here’s another important statistic to consider:

Its said that only 3% of your market are in the ‘Decision’, or ‘Action’ Phase.

That means only a tiny amount of your audience are ready to purchase. However,

97% of your market are in the phases of learning about their problems, or contemplating solving it.

Your competitors are only trying to grab the 3% – with their sales-heavy, pushy marketing messages.

But the 97% is where the real money is.

Sure, we’ll build strategies to enrol the prospects who’re ready to buy today… but the Expert Authority doesn’t stop there.

Your marketing messages can be tailored for the bigger 97% of the market too. You’ll become seen as a trusted advisor, and influencer to them.

You can lead them through the phases of awareness, contemplation, to finally action. So you don’t just sign up clients now, but you’re also ‘farming’ your next wave of customers for the future.

In this part of your marketing campaign, you can nurture your tribe by teaching them processes, systems and methods that help them get the results they seek. Marketing legend Frank Kern calls this “Results in Advance”.

Help your email list subscribers and Facebook group members get results in advance, and they’ll start to trust you and recognise you as the Expert Authority.

Real scalable wealth as an expert-entrepreneur comes from you building a marketing system that is automatically growing a list of interested prospects every day – and also sending them helpful content that turns them into raving fans over time.

Once you’ve done that, then we move our most interested & qualified prospects into a client-enrolment system, where they gain the opportunity to become your client, and start achieving rapid results under your guidance…

Step #4: Enrol High-Paying Clients

No matter how much you work on building an engaged tribe, you still have to ask for the sale at some point.

But there’s no need to be afraid of ‘selling’.

In fact, you can sell your services by serving, and giving even more value to your audience. 

What’s important is that you leverage your time by speaking to the most qualified prospects. If you jump on the phone with any single person who asks, you’ll experience very low sales conversion rates… but even worse, you’re wasting time that could be better invested elsewhere.

The great news is that you can create a fully automated Prospect Qualification System (PQS). We can take the leads from your tribe who are most interested in learning more, and enter them into a content sequence that automatically brings you only those most ready and willing to invest.

Another way to enrol more high-ticket clients is to use the methods most proven to convert bigger packages.

That would be consultations, seminars, and webinar presentations.

These 3 methods are strongest as they give the most value to the prospect, and require a bigger time commitment from them.

To learn how to fill your own seminars and sell from the stage, check out my resources over at www.SixFigureSpeakerSystem.com

At this point, you’ve identified your ideal prospects, and created a service that is based around their needs.

You’ve also built a marketing / sales funnel that captures leads onto a database, such as an email list or free Facebook group. You did that by showing them the new possibility that awaits them when they solve their problem.

Next, whilst in your tribe you demonstrated your process for getting results by giving quality content, consistently.

Then, you provided extra value, such as a consultation, seminar or webinar presentation that also offered your product.

That’s the system for attracting, nurturing and converting prospects into high-paying clients.

And when you put that on autopilot, thats even better!

But there’s a final step…

And that’s to now get in front of your prospects and lead them into your conversion system.

Step #5: Be Seen Everywhere

This is where you generate traffic towards your Expert Authority conversion system.

The goal is to get as many of the right people looking at your content as possible!

There are three types of traffic you can generate to get people to see your content: paid, organic, and endorsed.

Paid traffic is where a platform broadcasts your content to its database of users. This is often the fastest way to get shown to a massive number of people. Most paid advertising platforms also have advanced targeting options – which means you can instantly get the specific people you want to see your content.

Paid traffic platforms include Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Youtube ads. However, there are dozens more. For most coaches and consultants, Facebook Ads are generally the lowest cost, and most effective form of paid ads to begin testing with.

Organic traffic is where you manually distribute your content to websites and platforms that your target prospects are visiting.

You can generate organic traffic by posting your content to social media, on your blog, and any other platforms that require user-generated content.

Endorsed traffic is where your content is published and distributed by an organisation, or individual that has influence with your target market. Endorsed traffic is effective because the people that visit based on an endorsement from someone else is usually ‘warmer’. They trust the word of the person that referred them and so are more likely to be receptive to your content and follow up messages.

Examples of endorsed traffic would be if your content was published on someone’s blog, in the media, or if you did a joint webinar presentation, or interview, with another influencer in your niche.

Your Road to Expert Authority Status Begins Now:

When you follow these 5 steps consistently you’ll discover the power of Expert Authority positioning for yourself.

It all starts be helping people. Find out who is the person that you can help the most with your services.

Then start creating content for them. First by helping them see a new perspective, or possibility, so they join your list and give you permission for future updates.

You follow up with information-based content that shows them the process they need to follow to get best results. This further cements you as the expert and authority.

Finally, you offer even more valuable content – only for the most committed prospects – that also gives them an opportunity to invest in your paid products & services.

And once your system is set up and functional, you begin being seen everywhere – by using the three types of content distribution – paid, organic and endorsed.

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