Never Making Profit No Matter How Hard You Work?

Never making profit no matter how hard you work?

Fitpros get into this pickle because of TWO big mistakes:
1) Paying their coaches too much
2) Charging their clients too little

As I’ve mentioned before , the ONLY sustainable advantage your business can create is an ECONOMIC advantage.

This means that your business is strategically designed to generate the most profits from the least costs. Because the faster you get into profit, the more easy it becomes to:

– Pay for staff to help you
– Invest in FB ads to get triple the leads for 1/10th of the effort
– Expand into bigger spaces
– Or just keep money aside so you don’t panic & react when an unexpected bill comes in

Fitness business that are NOT in profit struggle with ALL of the above.

So get yourself into a wider profit by paying a reasonable amount for your coaches, and charging your clients more.

See, the issue is, if you are paying your coaches £30/hour then I could set up in your town and have an IMMEDIATE cost advantage over you…

Because our coaches get paid closer to £10/hour.

That means my costs are already 1/3rd lower.

Meaning my profits are potentially a lot higher.

To discover how to charge your trainers a more appropriate rate (and actually have them be MORE loyal and effective for you)… as well as finding out how to get the highest paid clients in your town… see if the Mastermind Mentorship is right for you.

We’ll work with you for 12 months to significantly grow your fitness business and give you the free time and profits you’ve been wanting.

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