Ever Feel like You’re putting out so many fires that there’s No time to Focus on the Future of your Business?

Ever feel like you’re putting out so many fires that there’s no time to focus on the future of your business?

My first few years as a fitness entrepreneur were all over the place, with no focus.

That’s because at first all I cared about was getting sales so I neglected delivery & retention…

… then, once I had enough clients I’d focus so much on delivery that I’d neglect sales and lose sight of cashflow!

The key is to instead find BALANCE in your company.

There are 5 pillars of a successful fitness business, and the sooner you do the most productive tasks in each of them, the faster you’ll see more cashflow, less stress and bigger growth:

Pillar #1: Identity

Watch where your ego is running the show. Learn to think like a business owner, not a personal trainer.

Trainers that neglect this step stay small & scarcity minded.

Pillar #2: Vision & Core Values

Know the values & beliefs behind your service. What do you stand for, and against?

Create a bigger vision to become the leading fitness brand in your town. Think bigger.

Trainers that neglect this step don’t create anything special and have no differentiation in the market.

Pillar #3: Systems & Finance

Plan ahead for the systems that will make your business run smoother without you.

Understand how to manage your finances & set proper goals for your business so you are always cash positive.

Trainers that neglect this step keep relying on hustle, and get burned out, and lose their passion quickly.

Pillar #4: Team Development & Leadership

Learn early how to recruit the right people, when you need them, why you need them and the right amount to pay them.

Most coaches pay way too much to their staff, and fail to make an ROI because there are no expectations in place.

Instead having a ROCKSTAR team & learning how to be an aspirational leader (and not a micro-managing boss) will give you more freedom and fulfillment.

Neglect this and you’ll be forever frustrated dealing with team members who are entitled, unproductive and a pain in your ass.

Pillar #5: Marketing & Sales

Build a solid local brand to be the #1 trusted fitness solution. Be seen everywhere your prospects look.

At the same time, deploy an automated lead generation system that delivers qualified applicants who want to enroll into your programs every single day.

Then, save time by closing sales over the phone, then outsource it quickly.

Neglect this step and you’ll be the best trainer in your area… that nobody ever knows about.

^^ These are the critical 5 pillars on which the Fitness Business Blueprint is based on.

Mentorship is open and we’re open for enrollments.

2019 could be the greatest year of your business life so far.

Or, it could be exactly the same as the last few years.

With me in your corner, it’s going to be the former.

Keep struggling alone, and there’s a higher chance it’ll be the latter.

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