*6 Steps* I Guide Fitness Professionals Through to Help Them Grow Their Business To £20 – 50k a Month

If you’re making over £5k a month from personal training or bootcamps. . .

. . . but you’re not sure where to go next. And you’re burned out & overwhelmed as it is. . .

– then here are *6 steps* I guide fitness professionals through to help them grow their business to £20 – 50k a month – profitably and sustainably.

– while getting their time & energy back:

(Scroll to the bottom of this article for a bonus infographic you can swipe!)

Step 1] Transition from ‘Solopreneur’ to EntrepreneurFirst you must shift your mindset from business operator to a business OWNER. This has a tactical element but its far more about your inner perception.Solopreneur mindset thinks only short term. It acts based on what it can GET. Its scarcity based, driven by ego.

On the other hand, when you bring out the entrepreneur in you, you’ll begin planning more long term, with vision and foresight. You’ll think about what you value your business can GIVE to others.

This is the first step to work on daily – if you ever want to break past £300k a year revenue.

Step 2] A NEW Set of Objectives

To the solopreneur making under £5k a month the only objective is usually “make more money”.

But if you want to expand the business beyond yourself and have it soon work for you, you’ll now need to think about:

– Revenue goals based on covering your operating costs, additional payroll, tax contributions & making a profit.

– Process goals that tell you that your systems are effective – for example a goal or retaining a % of clients every month.

– Financial projections to know when and how you’ll be able to afford growth in the business over the next 12 months.

Step 3] Operations & Finance Management

Now you understand the mindset required & you know what the business needs to look like. . .

. . . that journey begins with operations & finance systems.

Organize your business into tasks and key performance indicators to tell you that you’re on track.

Have your finances monitored so you know the company is growing sustainably and in a healthy way.

Otherwise, your business will become a cash-eating monster that you have no escape from.

Step 4] Build a ROCKSTAR Team

If you don’t need a team then your vision isn’t big enough.

You’ll want the best systems to find, recruit, & develop the top talent – trainers, admin staff, community managers and sales people.

At this point your team become your NEW CLIENTS.

Your business is a product giving value to them. You need to attract, serve and retain team members just as much as you do for clients.

You can then begin the process of mentoring your team to take over the technical roles of the business so you can focus on your “critical 5%” – the small handful of roles you’re most excited about, that bring profit windfalls almost effortlessly for you.

Step 5] Lead Generation & Sales|

To scale to £20k+ a month you’ll need an automated lead generation system using paid traffic.

This will be the backbone of your marketing strategy – paid, direct-response traffic such as:

– Facebook ads- Google ads – Instagram ads- Print ads in local publications – Direct mail campaigns throughout the year

The key thing is that you can easily track how much you invest into a campaign vs. how many leads & sales you generate directly in return.
Once this is in place, you’ll back this up by stacking additional lead generation strategies. These will include:

>> Organic means of local branding, including:

– Social media posting & engagement – SEO and Youtube – Guest talks & seminars for the public – Publishing content in local media, TV and radioAnd also with:>> Joint Venture Alliances, with:- Other businesses that serve your market (like hair salons or dance schools)- Schools & colleges – Charities & fundraisers – Sports teams

When you eventually stack these systems you’ll be driving leads from multiple sources AND be seen as the #1 authority on body transformation in your town.

Finally, you’ll need to enrol all these leads with a Front End Offer system -a trail offer where they can get a taste of the results & experience with your bootcamp, without a big upfront commitment.

If – IF – your service is as awesome as I hope it is, then you’ll have no problem ascending at least 50% of these FEO prospects into your long-term memberships.

Step 6] Scaling Sustainably

Moving to a second location is the kiss of death for most trainers.
That’s because they attempt to scale too fast.The foundational mistake is thinking that revenue growth leads to profit. So trainers will take out loans and make risky sacrifices to open a second place with an obsession on increasing top line revenue.

But this drains their business of profit even more than it already is, and leaves you vulnerable to just one bad month knocking you out completely.

Instead, reverse the equation to get the real secret of business success:

Profit leads to growth.

Make your first location as efficient, effective and profitable FIRST.

Build your capital reserves, train your team and generate a target audience BEFORE you attempt to move to a second location – and you’ll be able to expand smoothly, with far, far less risk.

These are the 6 steps.

Not gonna lie and tell you they’re ‘easy’.

They’re fucking not.

Making half a million quid a year in a local fitness business isn’t as easy and clean-cut as the “6-figure online gurus” living in Bali prey you believe it is.

But I know what its like first hand in the trenches of a local fitness business.
Because I started from absolutely nothing – training a handful of people in a playground without a license…

… and went on to launch successful (profitable and time-giving) facilities that generate tens of thousands a month.

And I’m STILL involved in the day to day of operations (hey, I even hop in to coach the workouts and show the young-bucks how its done sometimes! 😀

So if you’re ready to do this, and willing to learn every step of business, management and marketing,And get my help every step of the way.

I’m here.

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P.P.S. Here’s that infographic of the 6 steps I promised…

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