How Stuart Made His Gym Profitable & Scalable

When Stuart came to me for help, he was caught in a trap.

The “time-for-money” trap.

He’d launched a local fitness coaching business. Leased a facility. Attracted a core group of loyal clients.

But something wasn’t right.

Stuart’s reason for doing all this was to enjoy more freedom. To have time with his kids. A flexible schedule. Freedom to travel and have the business make money for him.

The business should have been an asset.

Yet it felt more like a job.

In Only One Short Week Together, We Changed All That

When Stuart arrived for his intensive week of mentoring at my home in Cyprus, we got straight into it.

I asked him to list his top 3 challenges or frustrations with the business. They were:

  1. Spending all day ‘doing stuff’ with no real direction or clarity
  2. Afraid to hire a team or pay out for Facebook ads because sales were inconsistent each month
  3. Procrastination & lack of confidence as a leader

Knowing these challenges, our priorities were clear:

First, we had to make the business as profitable as possible, so we could afford to hire people & pay for advertising.

We would do this by inspecting for expense “leaks” (inefficient spending), and also by increasing Lifetime Client Value.

We created more referral systems, and boosted customer service in order to increase retention.

The next thing we did to widen profits at Evolve Fitness was make each square foot of space more profitable. When you’re renting real estate, your goal should be to maximize every square foot you’re paying for.

Little things like this add up.

So we built in a new coffee-lounge area that sells protein supplements & drinks. We offered workshops and seminars in the venue when sessions weren’t on. We made and sold customized t-shirts and Evolve merchandise.

And Stuart even found a local company that offered pre-prepped meals. He began offering them to his customers, making a small commission on each sale.

These steps quickly boosted weekly profits.

This in turn allowed us more resources to give Stuart his freedom.

Delegating & Automating – The Fast Path to Freedom

Stuart then used the additional profits to do two things:

  1. Automate his marketing, and
  2. Start growing a team

If he could automate the marketing and outsource the client-delivery, he’d get back at least 20 hours a week of freedom!

So we put some money into Facebook advertising to attract prospects in for a free consult. Now, his money was working for him.

At the same time, I showed Stuart how to find trainers with potential, who would be loyal, competent team members for the long-haul. We found a couple of promising trainers, who are still with the company today.

Stuarts business has come a long way since then, and I’m very proud and happy to say we’ve actually become business partners in the venture.

Now that the monthly revenue is shooting up each month and Stuart has more and more freedom back, we’re ready to scale things up.

We have a powerful vision in place over the next 5 years, that will see Evolve grow to multiple locations, and a turnover of at least £80,000 a month.

But it all starts from the basics.

And before that… the first step is being aware that you need help.

Then getting the proper mentoring and guidance to make it happen.

If you’re currently stuck in the “time-for-money” trap and not sure how to make your business wildly profitable. . . find out about our next Lead-Generation IMPLEMENTATION program for fitness business owners. We’ll help you uncover your blind spots, and get you on the fast track to seeing real results.

Recent Updates From Stuart & Evolve Fitness (April to June 2018)…

Stuart has returned to Cyprus to work with me a few times since then.

Now he’s hired a team and is able to take breaks away from the gym – at will – and it functions fully without him.

Just a few short weeks ago we were enjoying a steak dinner in Cyprus and discussing the new changes, the team, systems and marketing results.

Stuart has had huge interest from an investor who believes his company has scalability across the UK.

We’re also close to opening a second location.

Our Facebook ads have consistently proven profitable for us.

Here’s a Messenger update Stuart sent me about how the ads performed between April 20th to May 4th:

The FB Ads Funnel we set up for Stuart is making him thousands of pounds return each month.

£4.92 per qualified lead (full application form and prospect knows the price of program).

20 sales out of 56 leads, at average of £33 Cost Per Sale. Each client pays back £120 per MONTH and stays for at least 6-12 months (Stuart has great retention). That means for every £33 he’s paying, he’s making a return of at least £720 (often double when clients stay a year or longer).

But in his most recent update, this ROI increased even more!

As of June 12th, we’ve now increased our average Cost Per Sale down to only £20.

So Stuart is paying only £20 to buy a £120-per-month-paying client.

At a £40-50 daily spend on Facebook ads, you can easily see how the gym is scaling its revenue quickly and with huge profit margins.

To get the EXACT Facebook ads system Stuart is using (and a complete walkthrough of his funnel), go here.

But the best update as far I’m concerned was this message, about how his team are getting on:

This is pivotal.

Advertising that buys you customers DAILY with a huge ROI is awesome, sure.

But when you have a new team who are engaged, loyal & excited to help the company grow… that’s when you have something truly special on your hands.

This is what keeps clients coming back.

It’s what will attract big business partner and investors to work with you.

And its what allows you to take extended time away with peace of mind that the team have it handled.

Ironically, however… this exciting company culture and energy is also what keeps you wanting to come back to watch your business growth unfold… and bring the fulfilment back to your life. Knowing your making a true impact in your community and the lives of your clients and team.

In Summary…

If you want to escape the hustle as a freelancer and start growing a REAL business, you need to lock in 3 things:

  1. Create a consistent and predictable flow of new leads – daily, using Facebook or other paid ad sources
  2. Have a clear structure of what your company will look like in 6 months, and a financial forecast of how to get there
  3. The confidence & skills to lead a team & become a powerhouse in your community / niche

When you dial in these 3 areas you’ll experience bigger profits and more freedom.

I can travel the world, spend time with my family, and, yes, from time to time jump in and get my hands dirty with some work – because I choose to and still enjoy it!

But I choose to… I don’t have to. 

I help coaches and consultants create freedom of choice in their life. 

If you’d like a lead-generation system like this plugged into your fitness business, then

Here’s Some Great News…

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If that sounds interesting to you…

Here’s What To Do Next:

I’ve posted a short description of how this works & the schedule of the 28-day program here.

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Assuming you’re ready to handle an extra 5-10+ leads per day, you’ll want to move to the next step quickly.

But This Isn’t For Everyone.

First, we’re unable to offer this 28-day intensive to just any fitness trainer.

There are some criteria you’ll need to meet – the most important being that you’re actually able to get results for your clients, and you’re not selling any weird gimmicks or potions.

Second, this is a very time sensitive offer… for a reason.

We only accept 10 trainers onto this program each month.

That’s because of the amount of personal time & attention we put into mentoring each student to get the offer and ads right for their specific business.

This is no “cookie cutter” solution.

The 10 places are granted upon successful application & a quick call with our program director to ensure you have all your questions answered before we start.

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We can help you grow a thriving coaching business just like we’ve helped the coaches below:

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