How to Ethically Steal The Secrets of 7- and 8-Figure Coaching Businesses

[Blatant sales pitch – that you’re gonna love – coming up…]

Did you know…?

There’s a way for you to get:

✪ A 1-1 personal call with me, to lay out a specific ACTION plan for you to get more clients and scale your business?

✪ A weekly live mastermind session (with other ambitious, successful entrepreneurs) to ask ANY question and overcome ANY challenge – so you experience rapid momentum?

✪ A private support group to ask me anything and have me personally review your copy and materials whenever you wish?

✪ Access to sales funnel BLUEPRINTS and templates that have made millions of dollars for my 6, 7 and 8-FIGURE clients?

✪ Monthly CHALLENGES to focus on blowing up one part of your business each month (this month I’m helping them scale a membership site to generate a few extra thousand bucks per month, if you’re into that kinda thing)

✪ Exclusive access to my online program, “The Expert Authority Blueprint” – which teaches you the most powerful secrets of tribe building, lead generation (paid and organic), closing sales and scaling your income?

…and you can get ALL of that ^^^^^

For only $799?

(or, if you break it down its only $2.18 per day!)

It’s true.

All inside my Expert Authority ACADEMY.

Why such a stupidly low investment?

Two reasons:

1) I want to be known as having THE most powerful and applicable program online for coaches, experts and consultants – at the lowest investment.

2) Scalable income is a priority for me

I do masterminds, high-end retreats and private consulting, even revenue shares and equity deals in some of my clients companies…

But ultimately, its about the scalable, low stress business for me.

Not out there to ‘change the world’.

Just wana change someone’s world.

Yours, maybe?

Enrol now if you’re ready to make things happen in the next 12 months.

Only $799.

Me and you will be one the phone 1-1 within the next 7 days mapping out your action plan.


Justin Devonshire​


The program comes with a 60-day UNCONDITIONAL money-back guarantee as well.

So you COULD –

– do the 1-1 session with me,

– Get your individual and specific action plan to get more clients

– download all the content from my $997-value course

– Use the live weekly masterminds to pick my brains for 60 days

– Model all the sales funnel, Facebook add and salescopy blueprints I have for you

And take massive advantage of me

And then get a refund – and KEEP IT ALL ANYWAY.

Its a “Love it or its free – and keep it anyway” guarantee

But I have to admit something –

This guarantee is NOT my idea

But, it happens that Clickbank (the online merchant that I take payments through) puts this automatic guarantee in place to protect its users.

Fair, I suppose. There’s a lot of shit out there.

But you know this is the real deal.

In fact, that’s the nick name (“The Real Deal”) that people use most to describe me.


Because I tell you as it is.

Inside my academy, I’m not there to make you ‘feel good’

I’m not gonna pump your fists like Tony Robbins

I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that your idea is amazing

I will rip you to shreds, and build you back up again – out of pure love and respect for you.

So, if you don’t like the cold, hard truth ….. being held accountable to the plan we create together… or you want a coach you can ‘hide from’ – this is NOT for you.

But if you do want the fast track to:

✓ Scalable income (with both low AND high-ticket services, if you wish)

✓ More freedom, automation and time to enjoy life (guilt free)

✓ Powerful mindset strategies that will transform how you see yourself, your life and your business

✓ Personal guidance and support from me and my expert agency team (again, experts I’ve trained to make millions for 7 and 8-figure coaches and speakers)

And step by step tutorials to get more clients with Facebook ads, organic marketing, email marketing, sales copy, and closing from seminars and webinars…

This is specifically for YOU.

Enrol here <<


The $799 investment covers you for an entire 1-YEAR program, including

– A 1-1 session with Justin Devonshire,
– A personal action plan to get more clients this month
– A copy of the Expert Authority Blueprint online course (sold for $997 right now)
– 12-months of weekly live mastermind sessions (group coaching and time to get on the call and chat to me WEEKLY for 52 weeks)
– Access to the private support group where my FB ads manager, funnel and sales copy experts are waiting to answer your questions and share our blueprints and swipe templates
– and first notification and DISCOUNTS on any of my in-person masterminds and events (90% of mastermind and retreat tickets sell out to my Academy members, and the public often go without)

^^^ One easy payment of $799



If that wasn’t enough,

I just invested $5000 to learn branding secrets behind a multi-millionaire enterpreneur. Guess who I’m gonna be sharing those secrets onto?

That’s right – YOU.

…IF you’re inside the Expert Authority Academy.

Lets start. Today.

Click here.

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