How to Serve Your Clients, Whilst Building a Business That Runs Without You

“How do you plan your day-to-day tasks to get paid for coaching / consulting AND grow a good business that gives you free time?”
Just helped a coach with this a question like this. Here’s was my answer:
When I deliver operations consulting to coaching / expert service companies I break it down like this (in a nutshell)…

STEP #1: See the 30,000Ft View

It starts with identifying all the job roles in the company that need to be done, whether its done by you or not.
These would be, for example:
▸ CEO (the vision, brainstorming, important meetings)
▸ COO (Operations, tracking all marketing, sales, fulfilment results)
▸ Marketing & Sales Department Manager (tracking all lead generation and sales metrics)
▸ Client Fulfilment & Experience Department (tracking the results and happiness of the clients and community)
▸ Team Development Department (building steps to train other junior / senior coaches, or at least begin the process of recruiting them)
Then, choose the TOP 3 daily / weekly tasks that would be of highest benefit, for EACH of these roles.

STEP #2: Discover How Many Jobs You’re Doing…

Identify which of these roles YOU are doing still. Write your name next to all the roles you are still occupying.
Woah… looks like you’re doing at least 90% of them, right?
You’re working 10 jobs. No wonder you feel overworked and underpaid!
Lets get this mess sorted…

STEP #3: Priority Management

Starting at the TOP (CEO) – work through the top 3 tasks you identified for each job role.
Start with CEO – entrepreneurial work, the vision, etc.
Then move down to organising that vision into weekly / monthly targets.
Then move down into technical work – helping clients, creating content, managing your community, closing sales, etc.
Most struggling coaches attempt to start from the bottom (technical tasks) and work UP.
This doesn’t work because you’re burned out after doing technical work and don’t have the mental energy to focus on management or visionary tasks.
This keeps you stuck in a rut and never outsourcing, nor escaping the repetitive tasks IN your business. (when you should be moving to work ON it)

STEP #4: Do – Document – Delegate

Begin documenting all the technical tasks you do each day. The marketing, sales calls, coaching work, community building etc.
Document each task by recording it as either:
✓ a Checklist (i.e.- A list of things to carry out a session)
✓ a template (i.e. – a Facebook post template)
✓ a Script (i.e phone script)
✓ or an audio/video walkthrough (i.e. – screenflow video of you logging into Aweber and checking emails)
By documenting just one task per day, within 60 days you should have most technical tasks sorted into a basic ‘operations manual’ that COULD be outsourced when ready.

STEP #5: Systemize your Intellectual Property

The best step toward freedom for most coaches is to start by packaging your information into a digital, automated format that can be sold.
This gives you a scalable income stream. Think about it – with reach and endorsement, you COULD sell hundreds of copies by this time next month. Its a virtual possibility now – this definitely changes your mindset from now on.
It also allows you to serve more prospects that can’t / wont afford to work with you at coaching prices.
The BEST part is,
=> Its far EASIER, FASTER and CHEAPER to create a digital product and start selling it than you’ve been told…
Here’s how:
Start creating your digital product by outlining your signature steps.
There are 3-7 steps / principles you probably take a client through to get results.
Write those principles down.
Next, write 3-5 sub-lessons for each of those principle milestones.
Principle / Module 1 – Goal Setting
Lesson 1 – Identifying your problem
Lesson 2 – SMART Goal Setting Formula
Lesson 3 – Changing Your Environment
Principle / Module 2 – etc… ]
When you complete this outline, create a 5-10 minute video / audio for each of your lessons.
Go to Rev. com and get the transcriptions made for $1/minute.
So a program with 5 modules with 5 videos, at 10 minutes each would cost only $250!
Strip out the audio with a free website such as Vidtomp3. com
Now you have a multi-media product, with video, audio and written text documents.
Get some graphics done on (or ask in a Facebook group of designers) and you have some cool info to sell.
Get it online and decide a starting fee. Doesn’t have to be high
But you’ve now created a freedom-based scalable element to your business!
These are the primary steps to start creating freedom and scalability. There are a lot more… but this is the start

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