Fitness Business Growth – How to Recruit & Lead a Team of Trainers

When you’ve grown your fitness business to a point where its ready to scale BUT you’re doing all of the work….

…its time to start growing a team to move things forward. Leading your own team (even if its small) allows you to serve more clients, multiple your revenue AND work less hours than before.

You get to work ON your fitness business, as the Visionary and leader… whilst your team work IN the business delivering your methodology to clients en mass.

This is an exclusive training I gave to a group of coaches on a luxury business retreat in Thailand.

The coaches here were generating between $30k – $100k per month in their business, but hit that bottleneck of being overwhelmed by it all.

I teach them the 6-step process to recruit, lead and develop your team so you can scale your fitness business and create more freedom & wealth for yourself.

Scaling your business from low-6 up to 7-figures is down to having a loyal team & a powerful culture. Just implementing systems alone won’t do the job. Your people have to feel a sense of ownership & emotional connection to working with your company.

This training will walk you through the key stages of leading a team, including:

  • The most frustrating challenges when it comes to growing a team
  • The #1 thing coaches get WRONG about their employees or team members. . .
  • Are you delegating or abdicating (and what’s the difference?)
  • How to get maximum efficiency in your business (get the best results with the fewest resources)
  • The 6 steps to build a loyal, competent, inspired team (overview)
  • An incredible tip I stole from Starbucks (this will save you a ton of money AND build a stronger, more loyal team…)
  • What key roles should your team member be doing for you?
  • The maximum number of tasks you should give your team members to avoid them getting overwhelmed and sloppy
  • The TWO ways your team members can generate a return on investment for you
  • How to PUMP up your team every morning like the Wolf of Wall Street (…but without the cocaine and hookers…)
  • How to choose & recruit the best team members
  • How to turn random tasks into quantifiable SYSTEMS
  • How to AVOID hiring egotistical coaches that fight your systems and rules
  • Why you should pay your team based on results, not time (and the BEST type of coaches to hire)
  • The KEY to keeping happy & loyal team members for a long time (this will make your company ultra-special)
  • Why your company needs a Vision, Core Values & Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Why we hire (and fire) people based on Core Values
  • Hire for personality, train for skill
  • The interview process (…and why I don’t care what their resume says)
  • How do you spot POTENTIAL in people?
  • Analysing body language and NON-verbal signs in the interview
  • How to know if they’ll have the right skills to serve your clients (The “Three I’s” I use to quickly evaluate potential skill level)
  • Why the best team members aren’t found… they’re created
  • The second interview / trial process for potential candidates
  • How to ONBOARD your new team member (and the biggest mindset shift you must make as an employer)
  • The FIRST thing to do when a new team member comes on board
  • The 30-day phase-in method we use to integrate new coaches into our culture and systems
  • Creating training portals for your team members (and helping them develop their own)
  • How to create a developmental program to make your team members the best around
  • How to carry out 1-1 personal reviews with your team members (how often, what to say etc.)
  • What to do when a team member is NOT achieving their targets? (its the OPPOSITE of what most employers do…)
  • Holding team RETREATS (what, where, when, why etc.)
  • How to ASCEND and promote your team members (so they never get bored or under-appreciated)
  • Getting the balance right between company growth and team growth (front-end vs. back-end scale)
  • CRITICAL differences that happen after you reach 7-figures (and why you can’t keep repeating the same things that got you there)
  • The LONG-game. Why thinking like an Investor (not an entrepreneur) will help you create more freedom and wealth for you and your family long into the future

If you check out the video I’d love to know how it helps your business grow.

Send me a message on WhatsApp – my personal cell is 00357 9680 6626.

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