How to Scale a Fitness Business to Multiple Locations [Video]

Most fitpros want to know how to scale a fitness business to multiple locations.

If you have a working model – clients are coming in, they’re getting results, and they’re telling their friends – then you may be ready to think about scaling.

However, most gym owners make some big mistakes that kill their progress and put the entire business in danger.

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking that Facebook ads are the key to scaling up. Just because you’re getting plenty of leads from your Facebook ads does NOT mean you should double your overheads by taking on a new location.

That’s why I created this video training – to explain the 3 things you must have in place before you ever sign a new lease. If you want to know how to scale your fitness business with the most profit, and the least risk, check out this video:

Here are the timestamps revealing what I talk about…

1:30 You’ve been misled by a booming economy

3:00 Are you suffering cognitive bias? This is the major risk that cripples fitpros…

4:08 Why so many FB ads managers fail to help you grow

5:15 If you make low 6-figures thanks to Facebook ads, WAIT before you scale!

6:00 What happens when you have multiple gyms and your account is disabled? (Real horror story…)

7:50 My BOLD prediction: the fitness industry will crash within 2 years – here’s WHY and HOW it will happen…

11:00 Why most marketers who talk about “ecosystems “ have NO clue what they’re talking about

12:00 How I built a sustainable business by doing TWO things differently to 99% of other coaches

17:20 When should you scale to a new location? Make sure you have these 3 assets in place before you sign any lease…

If you check out the video I’d love to know how it helps your business grow.

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