If You’re a GREAT Personal Trainer… Whose Struggling to Grow a Great Income From Your Business –

This post is worth Saving. 

I want to talk about the most impactful “A-ha” moments that helped me go from a burned out, broke trainer… to becoming a business owner, and investor in other fitness companies. 

There are 3 major ‘pillars’ of business that I had to learn about through trial and error… 

#1. Leadership & Mindset 
#2. Systems & Hiring 
#3. Marketing & Sales 

Let’s start with marketing & sales. Here are some takeaways to help you in 2019:

• Stop taking advice from “internet marketing” experts… you don’t need complicated funnels, or ‘sales pages’ to sell your bootcamp or PT programs. 

• Don’t attempt to sell 12-month packages in the first conversation with a prospect. Instead, create a “Front End Offer” – a short-term program that lasts only a few weeks. This is for the prospect to experience the results and culture they’ll get working with you. 

• “Content Marketing” for a local fitness pro is NOT what you see online. Don’t bother posting on FB or Instagram multiple times a day. Do NOT bother with a ‘podcast’. Forget webinars and long videos. 

Instead, content marketing for your bootcamp, box or studio should consist of: 

– Media exposure and press releases around town 

– Radio & TV spots showing you’re the local expert 

– Seminars, workshops and short-courses to help people in person 

– Providing education to authorities, schools, and institutions that also work with your target audience 

• Learn your marketing metrics. Understand what you can afford to ‘buy a client’ with your FB Ads. If you don’t know your marketing metrics you’ll prematurely terminate your ads or change your offer without need. 

• QUALIFY your prospects by requiring them to complete an application form before speaking to them. This tells you who are those wanting to take action vs. those just seeking information (who aren’t ready to transform yet) 


When you have a consistent flow of quality leads coming through the door, and you’re using a Front End Offer to demonstrate your value… 

Its time to get your business systems locked in. 

• Systems are your ticket to FREEDOM 

Systems & process are recorded instructions of “how things are done” in your company. 

When you document your tasks into processes, you’re then able to start outsourcing those tasks to other people and free up your time. 

• Your intention is to perform only the tasks that are most exciting to you, and that you’re strongest at. 

For many fitness pros that could be working with elite clients, creating content, speaking locally, or even doing the consultations. 

• Start by listing all the tasks that must be done for each ‘department’ of the business – from Marketing, Sales, Operations, Staff (Human Resources) and Finance. 

Then begin to systemize and outsource the tasks that are important – but you HATE to do… (like admin or cleaning!) 

• Make a simple checklist of what needs to be done for the task to be completed at a great standard. For example, you could make a ‘gym cleaning’ checklist, with 10 areas that need to be cleaned & tidied. 

Now you can bring someone in to perform that task according to your checklist. Very simple – but devastatingly effective in helping your staff perform better! 

• Start managing your finances. 

Aim to keep your total payroll expenses BELOW 33-40% of the total monthly revenue amount. 

Aim to keep your costs & overheads below 33-40% of the total revenue amount. 

And then aim to keep 33-40% of total revenue as net profit. 

Meaning, if your fitness business is turning over £7000 revenue per month, total payroll should be £2500, total expenses should be no more than £2500 and there should also be around £2500 left in profit for the company. 


And finally, 

Leadership Mindset.

This is #1. 

I spent a few days in Montreal Canada recently, teaching coaches the power of Mindset with my friends Brian Grasso and Carrie Campbell. . . 

The STORIES in your head are controlling your actions (or lack of them) more than you think. 

You must spend time each day to identify what stories are you telling that are holding you stuck in place. 

Do you find yourself ever thinking or saying things like: 

“People won’t pay that much in my town”. 

“There’s too mcuh competition” 

“Facebook ads don’t work for me”

“I’ve tried everything to get more clients” ?

If so, then you these narratives are controlling your results. 

You’ll find that upon further inspection, most of them are not true. 

But we think these thoughts so much, that they become automatic, default reactions. 

When you learn to see through them you regain power. 

Start telling yourself more empowering stories, such as:

“I’m a fantastic trainer and coach, worth every penny I charge” 

“I transform people’s lives, you can’t put a price on that”

“There’s enough clients here for many gyms to succeed at the same time”. 

“I WILL give more value to the local area than anyone else. I’ll be IMPOSSIBLE to ignore!”

These stories give you a better feeling, and inspire you to take actions. 

And if you can inspire yourself to take the necessary actions, day by day, consistently, you become unstoppable. 

Take these tips into 2019 and see how your fitness business grows.

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