How To Get a Clearer Vision

When you’ve invested thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours into courses, books, coaches, seminars… and it HASN’T worked…

… or worse, you’re left in more debt and still your business isn’t growing like you were promised…

It leaves most coaches overwhelmed, doing dozens of things.

And leaves you confused as to which are the “best” tactics to use.

Do you write FB posts? Or start a group?

Post on your page or your profile?

What about Instagram?

Should you be doing YouTube videos? Or podcasting?

What about those Facebook ads? And how the heck do I even get stared with them?

What funnel do you need?

What do you charge for your service? Are you charging what you’re worth? Or is it too much?

So. Many. Questions.

This is the result when you buy marketing courses, sales trainings, and a mound of other programs.

Nothing “wrong” with any of those tactics,

But what most coaches really need to start succeeding?

Is Focus.

But focus won’t come from knowing “which is the best tactic”, when you don’t even know where you’re going.

No. Focus comes from having a clear Vision… and being flexible in the tactics to get there.

When you are desperately seeking “the one” funnel, or the “perfect webinar script” or the “magic FB ad” you are disempowering yourself.

It comes from a place of fear and internally screaming, “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!!”

Yet that’s not how successful coaching business owners did it.

They created a strong vision that inspired them. This vision gave them FOCUS on which direction to move in.

And they were so emotionally resilient and dedicated to the vision that the strategies and tactics became interchangeable.

In fact, when the pull of your vision is so strong and you radiate that energy, you’ll attract people, resources and support to help you that you never imagined.

If you want more focus then get a clearer vision. And start moving forward.


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