Your Marketing Funnel Needs These FOUR Things to Convert Leads into Customers

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard all the rage about ‘sales funnels’.

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by it all? So many bells and whistles!

So this article breaks it down for you. I love to keep things simple, because

Simplicity is the key to success

There are only 4 things that an online marketing system needs to do for it to qualify as a ‘funnel’. These four things are:

  1. CAPTURE: Capture interested prospects onto a database of some sort. This could be an email list, a Facebook group, or even a Messenger Bot list.
  2. NURTURE: Send additional communications that educate, engage, and even segment the prospects you have. The more data we collect about each prospect the more we can send them helpful content and keep them engaged.
  3. CONVERT: Invite the warmest, most engaged prospects to our ‘conversion mechanism’ – a presentation or meeting that demonstrates the benefits and features of our program and asks them to pay.
  4. FOLLOW UP: It’s a fact that most of your leads will say NO the first time they are presented with your offer. That’s okay, because ‘no’ can actually mean ‘not yet’. Its what we do next that makes or breaks your funnel success. We need a follow-up sequence that overcomes objections, gives more certainty and asks our prospect in what other ways might we be able to help them.

That’s it – Capture, Nurture, Convert, Follow Up.

If a funnel doesn’t have ALL of those components, it won’t go far.

(Yes, you do also need TRAFFIC to the funnel, but that’s a separate conversion. Lets get your funnel working well a well-oiled machine first, shall we?)

So, here’s a walkthrough of my entire funnel for the Expert Authority Academy program.

IMPORTANT: Do not blindly ‘copy’ this funnel strategy. This is NOT a ‘prescription’. You have a different market, different products, services, price points, marketing budget and back-end goals than I do. Its therefore impossible for someone to say “use THIS funnel”.

However, what I can do is show you the universal principles that this funnel is based on. I can show you how I’m applying the 4 critical elements discussed above. The tactical execution will be a different from funnel to funnel, market to market. But the principles are what give you 95% of your success.

Here’s a bonus video walkthrough I made, incase you’re a more visual learner:

Alright, here we go:

It starts with this blog / Authority Home site at (see screenshot, below)

You’ll notice that this entire website is designed to do ONE thing only –


More specifically, you can either opt-in for my lead magnet (6 step PDF guide) OR you can opt-in for my extended video tutorial (6 step Video presentation that leads into a pitch – this is my main Conversion Mechanism).

Even the ‘About’ page is simple an extended landing page disguised as a bio.

Before we move on a quick question:

Would You Like an Expert Authority Conversion Website Made FOR YOU by My Specialist Team?

In our basic Expert Authority Blog package you’re getting:

  • A fully functional BLOG designed around your branding
  • Sidebar images that link to your capture pages
  • Our master copywriters will create your ‘About’ page (which is a sales page about YOU!)
  • Plus we’ll give you THREE blog post templates that you can use to start creating awesome content and sharing online

This DFY blog-creation package is only $997 for a limited time (going up to $1,997 soon).

So, if you want to save a thousand dollars and get your home site made for you – tell me right away.

Anyway, back to the walkthrough…

You may be wondering, why do we offer both the lead magnet AND the conversion mechanism on the home page?

Here’s why:

Most visitors to your site will only be seeking information. They will be more attracted to get the lead magnet for now, and get to know you a bit better first.

However, there are always 3% of visitors who ARE looking to go deeper and perhaps even buy right away. So our blog is specifically designed with this in mind.

We allocate only 10% or less of the blog space to offering the Conversion Mechanism opt-in. Most of the blog is designed to promote your simple lead magnet and capture the email address.

Let’s take a look at the lead magnet capture page:

Again, you can see that simplicity is the key.

The amazing thing is, this landing page converts over 70% of visitors – from COLD traffic.

(The industry average is around 5%, to give you an idea).

Now, listen up – here’s some important prospect psychology to be aware of.

My funnel is all about segmenting each prospect based on where they are in the ‘Buyers Journey’.

I’m not sure who came up with the concept of the buyer’s journey but its been around marketing psychology circles for decades.

It’s the 3-stages a person comes through before they make a decision to buy.

I call the phases – Awareness, Information and Action.

Or you could also say, Cold, Warm or Hot.

More recently, my friend Scott Oldford has refers to it as “Sidewalk”, “Slowlane” and “Fast Lane”.

Whatever terminology you want to use, its all the same thing. What matters is that you DO it!

So, your marketing funnel works when you first identify WHERE your prospect is in the relationship / journey.

And secondly, when you move them to the next stage.

We want to move people from Cold, to Warm, to Hot, to BUYER.

That begs the question,

How do we know where in the journey each prospect is?

I have a method of identifying where each prospect is on the path, and how ‘warm’ they are. This affect the type of messages I will send them. You might have noticed, for example, that even though I work with several elite 1-1 clients at high-ticket fees. . . I NEVER offer 1-1 consulting on Facebook. I have no ‘pages’ for it (that you know of).

I give select messages to select prospects at the select time.

So, I know where each prospect is and what messages I can send them based on what I call:

Behavioural Indicators

Based on the actions the prospect takes in my funnel, she is segmented and ‘tagged’ as being in a particular stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

Here’s how I define the characteristics of a person at each stage AND the behavioural indicators:


  • Person is a “Follower
  • They read blogs, short content or social media posts but have NOT subscribed or give you any info
  • Will consume content that’s 5-minutes or under, because they don’t know, like or trust you that much
  • We collect these people onto our Facebook Pixel Audience (Facebook gives us a code that captures people that land on our website and watch our FB videos onto a list. We can’t see who the people are, but FB does let us target them later).
  • Any person that engages with you OUTSIDE your website funnel (so they could be blog readers or social media followers).


  • Person becomes a ‘Subscriber” either to an email list, Facebook group (member) or a Messenger Bot subscriber.
  • They have ASKED for you to send them more information on the topic. They have asked to follow you and be kept in the loop. This is the behavioural indicator.
  • Will consume content generally 10 – 20 minutes maximum in length, as they are slightly more invested in learning.


  • Person books an appointment or sets aside more than 20 minutes to learn more content and to see your offers.
  • They register for a webinar or seminar, or apply for a consult – knowing there is an opportunity to buy at the end.
  • Will consume content over 20 minutes as they are looking to perhaps buy and solve this problem.

So now that you understand that, the funnel layout makes more functional sense.

Once they opted in for that PDF guide, they left the cold, Awareness Phase, and entered the Information Phase.

They’re on my list!

Therefore my next goal is to send them follow ups, that nurture and build a relationship with them.

Inside the Expert Authority Academy I give students a DFY template email sequence you can swipe and deploy immediately.

But if you don’t have access to that, let me explain how it works. Your email follow up sequence has three objectives:

  • To give them VALUE and content
  • To ENGAGE with them and discover more about what they want
  • To ASCEND them to your ‘Action Phase’ so they register for your webinar, VSL, consult etc.

Contained in those emails is your link to register for the Conversion Mechanism. Your entry point to the Action Phase.

My conversion mechanism is a 20 minute tutorial video, that leads into a presentation for the Expert Authority Academy program at the end. That page is at:

Here’s a screenshot of that landing page. Yes, we have the prospect opt in AGAIN, so that they move to a new list (your ‘Action Phase’ list).

We keep the design the same – because it works! In fact this page is currently getting a 54% opt-in rate.

Our aim is to convert a minimum of 25% of Information Phase subscribers into Action Phase subscribers.

In other words, if 100 people opt in for my lead magnet PDF this month, I want at least 25 of them to ascend by opting in for my Video Sales Tutorial.

Once they opt in for the Conversion Mechanism, the current email sequence is TERMINATED. That’s so we don’t keep bothering them with the same thing. For instance, if they already watched your webinar, we don’t want to keep sending them reminders about watching the webinar!

Which leads us onto the next critical step…

What Do We Do With The People That Don’t Buy From Your Conversion Mechanism?

Chances are, most people won’t buy the first time. Its just human nature.

That’s why you need the fourth step in this funnel system: a Follow Up.

This is the sequence of communications you’ll send to all the people that saw your Conversion Mechanism but didn’t buy.

That means, if they watched your webinar or VSL and didn’t buy… they get put onto this sequence.

If they attended your seminar and didn’t buy… they get put onto this sequence.

If they attended a consultation with you and didn’t buy… they get put onto this list.

If they read your sales page and didn’t buy…they get put onto this list.

Here’s a crazy statistic:

Up to 60% or more of your sales will come from the Follow Up sequence AFTER they said ‘No’ the first time

Read that again, and let it sink in.

Ever head that “The fortune is in the follow up”?

Well, they ain’t lying.

So stop pretending that fact isn’t true and start building a follow up system for the people that said “No” initially.

Its far easier to convert these prospects with a little more digging.

Here’s how to create a powerful follow up sequence (this can be written on emails, put into videos, it doesn’t matter).

The Follow Up Sequence

Lets start with the first thing we need to address:

Why didn’t they buy? I mean they came this far… they spent all that time on the phone, or watching a webinar… they must want it?

So they DO want the result. But something about the offer put them off.

I find that objections are really only one of two possible things:

  • They don’t believe in YOU
  • They don’t believe in THEMSELVES

If they don’t believe in you, or your systems, that’s why we have testimonials to show. But actually, not many people will lack trust in you…

Most coaches / experts spring to the conclusion that nobody trusts them.

That’s the natural low self-worth, ego mentality. YOU must have done something wrong!

In fact, most of the time, the objection to buying isn’t you. Its because the prospect doesn’t believe in themselves.

Mostly, they don’t believe that they’ll IMPLEMENT what they buy from you.

Why would they believe that?

Because they’ve bought products before.

They’ve hired coaches before.

They’ve been the seminars before.

And they never follow through.

So… one of the most powerful ways to overcome objections to buying is to show or remind the prospect HOW you’ll help them implement it to get the result.

How will you give them guidance, accountability, support, or tools?

The easiest way to communicate this is to:

Make Your Implementation Tools Your BONUSES For Buying

The base program / product they’re buying is your Signature Steps, right? They’re buying the content to learn how to achieve a thing.

So make your bonuses the tools and techniques that help them implement those steps with more certainty.

The more certainty the prospect has that they’ll implement and get results, the faster they’ll buy. Simple as that.

Here’s an example: When I make an offer for my 12-Month Expert Authority Academy program, I offer the core 6 modules as the ‘product’.

But to help the customer IMPLEMENT it, I offer the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: A 1-1 call with me to lay out a specific plan

This overcomes the objection of “I need something more specific to my business / my situation”.

Bonus #2: Weekly Group Mentoring Calls

This overcomes the objection of: “What if I lose momentum after a few weeks and don’t know what to do…?”

Bonus #3: DFY Tools, Swipes and Templates

Overcomes the objection of: “I’m not good enough to write copy for ads, pages, emails or presentations.”

Bonus #4: Private Support Group with access to my tech-friends

Overcomes the objection of: “I won’t be able to do tech things like set up an autoresponder or a FB Ad campaign…”.

See what I’ve done with those 4 powerful bonuses?

The prospect can now see they’ll have a far higher chance of getting the desired results and puts their mind at ease.

The next thing I’ve done to make my offer “irresistible” is to use what are called “Boosters”.

Another cool thing I learned from Frank Kern: boosters are little things you can add that make it even easier for a prospect to see there’s no risk in buying today.

My boosters are:

Booster #1: Payment plan available

The prospect can even break the payments up into three instalments. This makes it even easier to get started.

Booster #2: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The prospect is protected for 60-days – they can ask for a refund if they sincerely tried applying it and it didn’t work for whatever reason.

Now the question is, how do we get all this information into a Follow Up sequence?

You have testimonials that give them trust in you, bonuses that give them more trust in themselves… and boosters that just get them to act right now!

Here’s how we can put them into a follow up sequence that delivers all this info without overwhelming the prospect:

NOTE: Remember the prospect has already SEEN all this info on the conversion mechanism. So we’re simply reminding them of these things here.


Follow Up Email #1: Testimonials / Social Proof

Send an email immediately after they ended the Conversion Mechanism without buying.

Out line some of your best testimonials and case studies. Teach them about clients that had the same big objections as them and still got results.

Give another link to the sign up form.


(1 Day Later) Follow Up Email #2: Recap Bonuses

If the prospect has still not bought, send another email outlining the bonuses, and how they will help them implement and get results.

Give another link to the sign up form.


(1 Day Later) Follow Up Email #3: Recap Boosters & Deadline (if applicable)

If the prospect has still not bought, send another email outlining the boosters you added to make a it a great deal.

Is there a payment plan?

Is there financing available?

Does their insurance cover the investment?

Do you take Paypal to make it easier?

Can they start with a trial?

Is there a no-risk guarantee?

 Is there a deadline before price goes up or bonuses go away?

Think of all the boosters you can add to make this the sweetest deal they ever saw!

Give another link to the sign up form.


(1 Day Later) Follow Up Email #4: FAQs

If the prospect has still not bought, send another email with a list of all potential F.A.Q.s and objections to buying you’ve thought of that still may be unanswered.

Just reel of every possible objection, scepticism, or misperception the prospect might have, and give a solid answer to each. You never know, this could help you gain a few more clients this year!


Because I cannot stress how critical the follow up sequence is for you to make more sales and money.. here’s a bonus tip:

Use MULTIPLE COMMUNICATION CHANNELS to send these follow up messages.

This means sending your prospects messages via multiple channels, including Messenger Bots, a free Facebook group or other social media platforms. Inside Module 3 of the program you get a full detailed walkthrough of how to set up your Messenger Bots and run a profitable Facebook group.

But it works amazingly well for a sales follow up sequence too.

So make sure that the prospect is on your Messenger Bot list, or maybe in your Facebook group and you can drip these messages out there too. The more qualified people who see this means more sales come your way. It really is as simple as that.

There you have it….

A top-to-toe look at a functional sales funnel that works mostly on autopilot.

We started with the blog and Authority home page, that acts as a giant capture site. You have a specific page dedicated to capturing people onto your lead magnet. Then you follow up with a nurture sequence that ascends people to your conversion mechanism. Finally, you follow up with the people that say ‘no’ the first time.

How many of these 4 elements are working in your funnel right now?

Which ones do you need to add?

What questions do you have?

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