10 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Group (And Generate Cash From It)

If your free Facebook group is as dead as a graveyard at 3am…

and you want to know how I consistently generate over $5000/month in revenue from my Facebook group – even with a small number of members…

Then this post is for you.

Here are 10 tips to grow your Facebook community, boost engagement and make more sales…

#1: Require people to answer questions before they’re allowed in

Doesn’t matter who you are – you need to answer my little questionnaire before you enter. There are far too many ‘group hoppers’ who join and don’t engage.

The more people who don’t engage inside your group, the worse your ‘Facebook rankings’ are. Start by qualifying new members. If they won’t answer 3 questions before joining, they won’t engage when they’re inside.

#2: Don’t try to get new members (…instead, do this first)

Thats what everyone tries to do. But if you can’t engage and convert the members you have, you’re going to waste time pouring more water into a bucket with holes.

Instead, start by engaging your current group (I’ve done 5-figure product launches with group of under 250 people, within 30 days of opening, so this is real)

#3: Know your end result

What is the ultimate objective of your group? What product or service do you want your members to ascend to?

Until you know this, you can’t know if your group is ‘working’ or not.

#4: Track some key metrics

Use the ‘Group Insights’ feature (if you have it) to see whats working in your group.

If you don’t have it yet, you can use www.grytics.com for free.

This allows you to see WHO is most engaged, who is LEAST engaged, WHAT posts they like and WHEN your most popular times are.

This data is free and available. Ignore it at your own cost.

#5: Calculate what your group member is worth on average

Take the number of total sales generated thanks to the group last month, and divide by number of members you had at that time.

this gives you an estimated “Earning Per Member” value.

My current EPM is just over $7. So I know my group is making me money – AND I know how much I can afford to spend to acquire a new group member.

#6: Optimize your group to make sales – on autopilot!

Most people work too hard on their groups. Systems will be your best friend!

Here are some simple optimization tips so your group becomes a sales machine even when you’re not around:

  • Put a link to your consultation, webinar or sales page in your Group Cover Photo
  • Put a link to your consultation, webinar or sales page in your pinned post.
  • Record a video for your pinned post offering new members the same next step
  • Put a link to your consultation, webinar or sales page in your sidebar description
  • Hold a livestream at least once a week on the same day / roughly same time where you give value for 15 minutes and then make your irresistible offer

(your engagement data tells you what time is best, don’t ask ME!)

#7: Create 3 communication levels for a group that runs itself

For a thriving group that works without you, create 3 levels of communication:

Level 1 – Leader to tribe (post content)

Level 2 – Tribe to leader (ask questions / polls / encourage questions to be posted)

Level 3 – Tribe to tribe

^^^ Level 3 is the one nobody teaches you.

But its the key to success here.

As an example, Facebook itself is a community. But Mark Zucks doesn’t make all the posts…

No, its us (the users) that do.

Empower other people to post in your group on your behalf. Invite other experts who compliment your offer to come in and share.

Get your users helping each other. Thats a real community.

#8: Leaders always go first

Coaches hate to post in their group because they’re scared it’ll get no engagement, and they’ll be embarrased.

So they ask me the crazy question of: “How do I make sure my group will engage before I post anything?”

Thats not what a group leader does, or how she thinks.

YOU need to go first and post your thoughts, opinions or beliefs with NO expectation of a ‘good’ outcome.

People want to follow people who share themselves authentically and expressively. They won’t share someone whose timid, and re-active, seeking validation.

Stop seeking validation, and soon you’ll actually start getting it.

#9: Grow your group residually

Here’s a cool way I use to add people to my group effortlessly (whilst increasing the value of that prospect):

After you’ve collected an email subscriber in return for giving your lead magnet, invite that lead to join your group too.

When someone enters my funnel, they opt in for a PDF guide. They then get an invite to join this group.

This invite is given via email, on Messenger Bot, AND via FB retargeting ads.

So I get a LOT of my email subscribers joining me here too.

This grows the group automatically, based on the efforts of my FB ad campaigns.

But there’s another benefit, that marketing coaches don’t tell you about:

And that is the more communication channels you engage your prospect with, the higher chance they’ll engage, consume your content and become a customer.

‼️ I teach you how my Multiple Communication Channel Funnel works in this video – check it out: http://bit.ly/2gROkkN ‼️

#10: Actually give shit about your group

This is one I really understood from my friend, and serial entrepreneur Dan Meredith.

He is a guy that CARES – like, really CARES about every person in his group.

He shows up daily (more consistently than I do)

He gives INSANE value in his group for free.

He brings all his friends / guest experts to give content.

When you really want your group to STAND for something and to help people with it, you’ll see it flourish.

Here’s my final advice:

Someone once asked me,

Justin, I have a group of only 50 people. How do I get it to 5000?

My answer surprised him. I said,

Treat your group as if it WAS 5000-strong. If you treat it that way now, it’ll get to that point very soon.”



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