One Investment That Is Critical To Success In Business…

You invest energy (lots of energy) into your business.

You’re investing money, too.

You’re investing in yourself, your skills.

But there’s one investment that is critical to success in business…

And most entrepreneurs REFUSE to invest it.

Even though its essential.

And that’s TIME.

Think of watering a plant.

You can invest the effort to get the seeds, prop up the pot and keep it safe.

You can invest the money for the right seeds and the water to pour on it.

But the final element you MUST give it, is time.

You can’t rush some things.

And why would you want to?

I used to be so frustrated in business. I was so anxious. Compared myself to others. Imposter syndrome.

You name it, I experienced it.

Until, I came to the realization that I’m going to be here, doing this for a while (at least that’s my intention).

So whats the big rush?

Do we need multi-million dollar businesses in under a year?

Do you really need that sports car to impress your college mates this year?

Do you really need more than a £8k a month personal income for the time being?

Nothing wrong with having more of that. More income, more sports cars, bigger businesses.

Of course thats the destination.

But are you neglecting the journey?

Because that’s where growth happens.

Where maturity blossoms.

Where fulfilment lies.

If you’re only going to allow yourself happiness and a sense of achievement at the end of the race…

You’ll never put in the practice reps to get there.

You tell your clients this ALL THE TIME.

You tell them how unhealthy it is to only be happy with themselves WHEN they lose 20lbs.

You encourage them to be PRESENT to the journey – to feel the workouts on their body… to taste the healthy foods …

At our fitness facilities, we teach women that we want them to train hard & eat healthy because they LOVE themselves… not because they hate themselves.

What makes it different for you as a business owner?

You have TIME.

Invest it.

Water the seeds.

Do what you can, today.

But realize it won’t happen overnight.

It took Phillip Knight (of Nike) over 30 years to become the leader of industry they are today.

Not 3 months. Not 3 years.

Not even 10 years.

30 years. 3 decades.

That level of success is ONLY possible when you’re obsessed with the journey… yet detached from the outcome.


There is no ‘end of the race’.

So keeping your fulfilment there is futile & 100% going to end in failure.


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