Steps To Hiring the Right Coaches For Your Bootcamp – That Are Loyal, Inspired and Competent

Hiring the wrong coaches into your business costs fitness trainers a TON of wasted time and money…

Here are a few uncommon steps to hiring the right coaches for your bootcamp- that are loyal, inspired and competent:

#1: Clear & Specific Job Role

Know the exact outcomes and daily tasks you want your new coach to achieve.

Without clear targets & daily tasks to get to them, your coaches will be lost and unproductive.

Yet when they know what they need to achieve, performance can be tracked. And promotion requests & termination converstaions can be handled without bias or emotion.

#2. Don’t Advertise for a ‘Coach’…. But a *Team Member*

Your coaches do more than just coach.

You want them to engage with clients outside of sessions, do some follow up tracking, keep the gym tidy.

Maybe even do some sales or content.

But when you pay a coach only for ‘coaching’, they become reluctant to do the other tasks, because they aren’t getting paid for it , technically.

We get around this by hiring a team member that is responsible for several tasks, INCLUDING, but not limited to, coaching sessions.

They are paid for the completion of all tasks required, not just turning up for sessions.

This agreement changes the expectation and perception of the role, so you get more productivity out of your team (and less whining).

#3: You Don’t Need to Hire PT’s — And You Don’t Need to Pay Their Hourly Rates

Bootcamp & facility owners have 3 major problems that mess up their business:

– First, their overheads are way too high (because they get equipment they don’t need and don’t negotiate hard enough on their location lease).

– Second, they pay their coaches WAYYYYY too much.

– Third, they undercharge clients.

All this added up, means atrocious profit margins (if any).

You can slash your expenses by NOT paying PT’s £20, 25 or even £30 an hour, which they routinely charge.

Instead, consider putting your coaches on a set monthly retainer that would be comparable to a full time or part time wage working at the local LA Fitness or Virgin Active.


Because fitness trainers in the area have the option of working at a commercial gym, wiping sweat of treadmills for years…

OR, instead for working for your dynamic, new company, where they’ll progress their skills quickly, get more responsibility and a better pathway to growth.

When your group trainers are on a more economically feasible £8–11/hour, rather than an overinflated £25/hour, your costs are instantly cut by a a third.

There are more steps to get the right team from day one. Inside the Fitness Business Blueprint mentorship program we go much more in-depth, and give fitpros access to our contract templates, job description templates, interview process and an entire training and development system for their staff.

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