How to Grow a Profitable Fitness Business That Gives You Freedom & Energy to Love Life

Myself and James Calderbank have been working this week to take the Transform Hub to a whole new level.

Here are some insights that might help your business too…

1. Set annual targets and priorities — then break them down into manageable chunks

2. Have clearly defined revenue, growth and profit targets — and work BACKWARDS from that to reveal your weekly and daily tasks

(Most fitness pros make it up as they go along and wonder why they’re stuck in the same place year after year…)

3. Hold a team meeting to get everyone excited about the future and to take ownership of their roles

4. Create & systemize an irresistible “signature program” that delivers results and experience better than your competitors — by a MILE!

5. Create a pathway to growth for the team members so they know they can enjoy a CAREER with you (not just a job)

6. Optimize your website and social media to generate a consistent and predictable flow of clients — DAILY.

7. Empower your people to close sales over the phone, to mange your client community and to lead sessions so you can enjoy time working ON the business (and on your tan 😉)

PS. Attention Fitness Business Owners: If you’re tired of worrying about getting more leads coming through the door, you MUST read this…

“I’ve Not Been On The Phone For Over A Year Now — Yet I Did 8 Sales In 3 Days…”

  • Discover how this gym ownerwas able to finally get peace of mind by creating a lead-gen system that gives him a consistent & predictable stream of new clients each month.

If you’d like a lead-generation system like this plugged into your fitness business, we’re about to take a group of just 10 fitness business owners and implement all of this with them.

Head here to find out:

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