How to Avoid Price Wars in Your Town & Stand Out as The PREMIUM Fitness Solution …

One of the biggest lies fitness professionals believe is that they must compete on price in their area.

This is categorically and 100% FALSE.

Dropping your prices is a savage race to the bottom where eventually all the people going for a price advantage price themselves OUT of the market.

Because they can’t continue to make profits, even IF they have more clients.

Especially with a fitness business that has limited space and times.

You only have a finite space to make your main revenue. If you underprice, you could end up full of clients… who are paying too little.

Then you have 10X the work to do in serving those clients… and you aren’t even making a profit.

And without that profit you can’t afford to hire coaches to help you either.

Lose / Lose.

In fact, when I started my first bootcamp I only charged £60/month.

This was in 2012 and I thought that was pricey at the time.

The nearest bootcamp to me charged only £30.

However, on the advice of my business mentor at the time, I put my rates up -overnight – to £99.

Only 3 clients had an issue with it. They left.

But an amazing thing happened after that –

The new clients I had coming in were higher quality…

Turned up more often…

Referred high paying friends…

Never complained…

Got AMAZING results…

Never haggled over stupid shit (like wanting money back because they missed a few workouts)

And YOU can attract and serve the highest quality clients in your town too.

Its NOT about how much experience you have, or how long you’ve been a trainer.

Its simply about making a Signature Offer so POWERFUL, VALUABLE and EXCITING for the market….
…that they can’t refuse it.

I did this with my initial 6-week “get your body back” challenge.

For £99 women in my town would get training, nutrition, mindset coaching, accountability, and the GUARANTEE of dropping a dress size in under 6 weeks.

The outcome?

I filled my studio the first time I offered it (I sold out 30 places over the phone within 7 days – and had to STOP accepting people as I had no room left)

And the money back results guarantee?

Nobody EVER claimed it.

(I did refund one person who I kicked out as her attitude wasn’t welcome in “my house”. )

You should command the fees that allow you to run at a great profit

That allows you to re-invest in your clients.

And run the house like you are the fucking boss – because you are
(even if you forget it sometimes and let the ‘inmates run the asylum!’)

Time to take your power back.

Don’t compete on price.

Compete on VALUE.

And show your town that nobody – NOBODY – will give more value, results, experience and community to the clients as much as you do.

Leave the price war to the amateurs.

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