“…And I told my parents I wanted to grow a £10k/m Business.”

I remember the evening, over 10 years ago when I was new to the fitness industry …

And I told my parents I wanted to grow a £10k/m business

…and my excitement was diffused when they said, “that’s impossible, it can’t be done. Get a good job instead.”

I don’t blame my parents. They don’t have the education nor awareness to know what’s possible in the world of entrepreneurship (there are no entrepreneurs in my family).

But I will admit,

It felt SO GOOD when I came back to them a couple of years later after starting my own business and making my first month of £10k+ recurring revenue.

Not good in “proved you wrong” kind of way…

But more to share my excitement again, because the reason it took me that long to achieve it was that I took their words onboard and don’t believe it was possible for me

That’s why I can’t blame them, or anybody else who doubted me.

Because it’s just as much my responsibility for ACCEPTING their opinions, and holding that belief for so long.

What changed over the next 24 months?

I simply changed my beliefs (narrative) by instead accepting different influences.

Positive influences.

The opinions of people who HAD achieved what I wanted.

And inspired me to find me way, instead of shooting it down.

That’s why a Mastermind and Mentoring is so powerful.

Not only for the custom strategy and individual guidance you get…

But for the positive proof and influences that nurture the beliefs that SERVE you.

Once you believe you’ll make £10k/m you will get there rapidly.

But if you’re NOT at the goal you set… it’s likely not because you don’t desire it…

…it’s because part of you doesn’t believe it’s possible, or doesn’t believe it’s beneficial to you.

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