Mindset is the Most critical aspect of business. There’s no way around it.

Mindset is the most critical aspect of business. There’s no way around it.

Every decision you make comes from your dominant mindset, or worldview.

Your (perceived) success, as well as your (perceived) failure, are all down to your mindset.

You can invest in all the strategies, tools, tactics, mentors, programs, courses, books, seminars and products you like…

…but without an aligned mindset you won’t get results and you’ll say “it didn’t work for me” as your justification.

Your justifications are how you rationalize a failure, while hiding away from the true cause by blaming the external.

Rationalize = rational lies.

We use logical-sounding excuses to justify and excuse our emotional failure to align with a truth that would serve us in a more preferred way.

What narratives do YOU hold about yourself,
about the world,
About your prospects,
About “gurus”
About your successes and failures,
About why you haven’t got what you want yet,
About what you “need to know” to succeed,

What is the narrative playing out that you’ve allowed to keep you stuck, or even contracting in order to PREVENT the fear of taking the responsibility that would come with the success you’ve asked for?

Deep questions, that many of us never want to confront…

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