Daily Deal Sites Can STILL Work For Your Fitness Business! Here’s How

Daily Deal sites worked like gangbusters about 5 years ago… but they can STILL work great if you know the game.
The big mistake trainers make is just giving a regular month of bootcamp away and slashing 90% of the price.
That’s no good. It attracts very low investment prospects.
But we DO want to offer a high discounted rate on the deal site, because thats what sells.
So how do we make an awesome offer and STILL make money with the best prospects?
Here’s how:
The trick is to create a specific Front End Offer package that the deal site can give away. You “value-stack” this package with multiple bonuses that raise the price way above normal – and THEN you slash the discount.
Here’s a real example of a daily deal offer I made before:
Offer: 21-Day Belly Blast Program
What they get:
• Private consult with head coach to establish goals & sticking points – Value £65
• 9 workout sessions over 21 day period – Value: £240 (£20/session)
• £50 Gift Card to give to a friend – Value: £50
• Access to Facebook support group for 21 days – Value: £29
• Nutrition guide – Value: £19
• Workout log book and journal – Value: £27
• VIP Pass to 1x Semi-Private Session (to be redeemed within 90 days) – Value: £45
Now, with these bonuses, the total value of the 21-Day Offer is £475.
When we add a huge 80% discount for the daily deal site, they can then sell it for...only £95.
Not too shabby eh?
This method does 3 super valuable things for you:
1. You sell the FEO for a good market price so you attract more qualified prospects
2. You NEVER actually discounted your price – you just added value!
3. The bonuses include a trial of your semi-private offer AND a gift card. This allows that one prospect to potentially upgrade to higher priced coaching and also bring a referral! Always turn one lead into two!

How to create a never ending flow of Daily Deal leads flooding your business:

Contact the top 3 Daily Deal sites in your area.
Ask them how often you’re able to run the same offer. Many will require you wait a month or so before running it with them again.
Schedule it so that Deal Site A sends out your offer on Month 1.
Deal Site B sends it out on Month 2
Deal Site C sends it out on Month 3.
Then on Month 4 go back to Deal Site A.
Keep repeating as long as necessary 🙂
Make sure that your monthly option is a relatively better value option than the 21 days. That way it discourages people from buying the front end offer multiple times.
For example, if your monthly rate is £69, then your 21-day would be priced around £59. This means they may as well convert to monthly after the first time.
* you might be able to specify on the offer thats for first time customers only, however not all Daily Deal sites will allow this.
You gotta be tricky with these sites to get the game in your favour. But if you do, it creates a massive windfall of clients for you.
Whose committing to trying this out? It works especially well for fitness trainers in the July / August months which tend to be slower.

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